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Starting Price
Price Details
Program cost includes all food, accommodation, ground transport and activities.
Airport collection
All accommodation for your project and any extensions
All meals. (We cater for vegetarians and vegans. Other food allergies please contact us)
24/7 support from your ROV Team Leader who is first aid qualified.
All transport required for the project site.
All transport required to the elephant sanctuary
Contributions to the local community school
Contributions to the elephant sanctuary
Guide and entrance into the Angkor Wat temple complex
Khmer Language classes
Khmer history classes
A massage
Visiting a Ladyboy show
Transport out to the local carnival
Building materials for your work in the community
Food and building materials for the elephants
Contributions to local labourers from the community
A goodbye party for you in the community
Program costs do not include flights or travel insurance.
Nov 23, 2016
Sep 14, 2016
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About Program

The first week you will spend at an elephant sanctuary creating a home for displaced, mistreated and abandoned elephants. The sanctuary helps protect the jungle and as well as growing food for the elephants. You'll help to rehabilitate these magnificent creatures; walk them to local waterfalls and dams, bathe them, feed them vegetation and work on the plantation.
You will also spend a week working side by side with local villages and help build houses, vegetable gardens, provide access to fresh drinking water, and teach English to local children. You will explore the UNESCO listed Angkor Wat.
There are a number of great activities included in the price to ensure you don't waste your time working out what to do and how to pay for it when you arrive;
-ticket,transport and guide for Angkor Wat tour
-language and history lesson
-cooking class
-evening at the night carnival
-ticket and transport to the famous Phare circus
-transport to and on Tonli Sap

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Yes, I recommend this program

Arkoun Camboida

In the Khmer language lesson, I learned the word arkoun, meaning thank you. I didn't realize how important and constantly used this word would become.

In Cambodia the people are the sweetest and happiest I have ever met. The joy in their eyes from a simple high five is unbelievable. Even with so little they are willing to give so much. It's a kindness that makes my heart all warm and left me saying arkoun to everyone.

With only a couple nights left in the village, I got to spend the whole day fully immersing myself in the stories and culture of Cambodia. It was an experience that was at times hard to see but at the same time I was inspired by the strength and positivity of the people. Every minute of hard work was worth helping these amazing kids and beautiful elephants.

What would you improve about this program?
I think that offering a wider range of dates that are available to volunteer will open up this opportunity to more individuals and that will be incredible.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Hoot and a Half in Siem Reap

I loved teaching the children on the Wednesday at the Elephant Sanctuary, I was kind of thrown in the deep end, trying to teach a class English and there is a huge language barrier but once I got comfortable I was really into it.

I loved the night life and the fact the team leader came out with us to help us feel safe.

It was a good variety of activities, you were never bored and you felt like you were achieving something and having fun whilst doing it.

What would you improve about this program?
For the village immersion because they stay 2 weeks in Siem Reap City they should be able to do different nightly tasks in the same week then doing the same both weeks.
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Yes, I recommend this program

More than just the people

The school I was working at had a few dogs as well as a litter of puppies which needed some simple veterinary treatment. During one lunch break, a few friends and I decided to give the dogs a dirt scrub to get rid of the fleas, and also to remove all the ticks (many of which were on their faces). After cleaning up the first puppy we brought some of the local kids in and taught them how to use dirt as an exfoliant for the dogs coats. This was a great experience for the local kids and a really nice teaching moment for us!

What would you improve about this program?
Being given a photo of project we were working on once it was completed would be fantastic!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome Time

I can't say enough about ROV. Great people, great experience. Can't wait to do it again! I'm really looking forward to going to Africa with this organization.

What would you improve about this program?
The program isn't long enough :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Cambodian Experience

This program is amazing! While in the village, we became so close to everyone living and working there; it was hard to leave after just one week! While there, I worked on a school building and a pig pen in that village. One of the best and most rewarding feelings about the project was seeing how much the people needed what we helped to build, and how appreciative they were when we had finished.

The elephant refuge is almost indescribable. To be completely removed from all society and luxury is in itself amazing, and the landscape is out of this world! It was truly a remarkable experience to actually do hands on work with the elephants; they are remarkably kind and intelligent creatures thus it was a real privilege to spend so much time around them and get to know their personalities!

After this short two weeks program, I felt not only that I had made a real tangible difference in the lives of others, but that I had experienced more in two weeks than I have my entire life!! I would most highly recommend this or any other Reach Out program to anyone and everyone!

What would you improve about this program?
The programs are just not long enough!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life changing experience!

Words cannot describe how amazing this program actually was. Not only do you get to help one of the poorest communities in Cambodia but you get to have fun while you are doing it. Working with some of the most genuine, lovely people I have ever met was amazing. I can't wait to get out there and do it all over again.
I would highly recommend this program. Best experience ever, try and stay as long as you can because the time will fly by and you will want to go back straight away.

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly I wouldn't change a thing. In my eyes the program was perfect. The team leaders were brilliant as well.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure of a lifetime

I longed to do a volunteering program such as this, and the wait to find a good company and finally getting around to doing it, paid off a thousand times over. This was the best experience of my entire life, and not only would I definitely recommend it to friends, family and strangers, I would also do it again and again and again!!! Most amazing and rewarding adventure I have ever done.

What would you improve about this program?
The length that I did it for. I would have happily stayed longer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

dont live with regrets!

I strongly recommend this program or any other Reach out programs.
The staff are amazing - so supportive and down to earth, it made my experience even better and smoother. Everyday is exciting there is not a dull moment. It will be the most rewarding thing you do in your life.
I have made life long friends and would do it again in a heart beat!

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Questions & Answers

I’m not 100% sure what visa I had to get, but whatever it was they gave it to me at the airport! It cost about $40 USD and I had to take a hard copy passport photo with me, but it was very easy and lasted the entire length of my stay + some!

For the village development you stay in a hotel - we had no security incidents at all. The facilities are lovely, the staff are attentive and the place itself is tucked away down a lane out of the centre of town. In the elephant sanctuary the ROV group are basically the only people there. You stay in huts, in a gated area that is locked at night. In terms of gender, you can request friends to stay...

Absolutely. We have had parents and grandparents on our programs. We have had mum and dad and the children on many occasions. We welcome all who come with a good heart and willing hands.