Join Community Organizations to Support Underserved Youth in Cartagena, Colombia

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Work alongside local social work professionals and educators to create fun and educational after-school activities for youth in Cartagena's underserved communities.

Despite Cartagena's rising popularity as an international tourist destination, with its crystal clear Caribbean waters and romantic colonial streets, the city continues to face immense levels of inequality and extreme poverty. Domino Volunteers seeks to address this persisting gap in resources by connecting the international community with impactful grassroots organizations. Our volunteers work with local professionals to provide creative, values-based after-school activities for underserved youth. These generally include: arts & crafts, English classes, homework help, music, dance, and sports activities. If you have a talent that can be shared with children, such as yoga, dance, photography, a musical instrument, or drawing, this is a great opportunity to share your skills with the youth as well.

  • Connect personally with local professionals at a community-based organization in Cartagena to participate hands-on in an impactful project that truly suits your skills and interests.
  • Gain Spanish proficiency with the city's best Spanish teachers, and a range of class options that best suit your needs and schedule.
  • Settle into life in Cartagena easily, thanks to our assistance with all aspects of your trip preparation to Colombia and continued, 24/7 local support throughout your volunteer experience.
  • Enjoy Cartagena's diverse range of fun activities with the local community, from movie clubs and zumba classes, to kitesurfing and scuba diving.
  • Bask in the vibrant culture and beautiful surroundings of Cartagena, a beautiful historic city by the Caribbean coast.


We strive toward positive social impact and mutual benefit for both the volunteers and partnering organizations benefiting from the exchange. We get to know our volunteers and connect them to organizations where their skills are most needed and they will thrive personally. The organizations benefit from much needed physical and intellectual resources and our volunteers grow in empathy and global citizenship. Our connections have a domino effect of positive impact: local organizations have the capacity to reach more people and our volunteers spread new found empathy and global perspectives to their home communities and workplaces.

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