EMT Volunteer Program - International EMT Certification (Optional)

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Learn First Responder Skills, Save lives and Experience Colombia. We are United Hatzalah Colombia, the fastest and free medical and emergency service for the people of Colombia.
Volunteering with us, you will get practical experience attending patients and solving real emergencies. You will also visit local homes, provide assistance at festivals, do search and rescue operations in the highlands.

While you train and gain an international first responder certification, you will be another member of our team. During the program you will:
- Attend emergencies in our ambulances,
-Patrol with us in our motorbike ambulances
-Help us with our health camps in local communities.
-In some cases, you will get some experience at local hospitals

You will not only learn how to save a life, but you will also get to save lives! We work 24 hours all year round to serve the Colombian people.

Minimum Qualifications?
-You will have a basic first aid course
-You want to help and serve

  • Gain an international certification
  • Have a real impact in the local community
  • Learn pre hospital emergency care skills
  • Learn Spanish while saving lives
  • Have the time of your life

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Yes, I recommend this program

From Norway to Colombia! My life saving mission

Honest just the break I needed and was looking for! In the middle of this Corona chaos, was just an amazing feeling to be able to go abroad, volunteer save lives, and help people in need!

I learned so much through this opportunity. I know the volunteer work I did saved lives and had a huge impact on the community and helped a lot of people in need.
I treated a total of 127 patients during the month I was in Colombia and worked alongside the most amazing group of Hatzalah volunteers. Daily work included but not limited to patrolling, treating patients, and a lot of learning. I came to the program with only very basic first aid training and left with the knowledge that I can and have saved lives. The patients we treated varied from taking basic vitals all the way to intense trauma cases that without us would not survive.
I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to do something to benefit their future and the world around them. Additionally, for anyone who wants to truly get to experience and be a part of another culture instead of just visiting Colombia.

What was your funniest moment?
When we had my graduation ceremony, that was such a fun night! with all the volunteers from Hatzalah.
Yes, I recommend this program

Dreams do come true! i am now a certified Advanced First responder :D

What a unique program! It's a beautiful mix of life-saving training and real-life emergency calls. I did not have any experience in first aid before arriving. If I can do it without prior experience, so can you! I myself self was a little skeptical first to book it, due to I don't have any experience. but after a video call with their course director, he assured me that if I wanted to put in the work, he assured me he could turn me into a professional EMT. They send me over the student material, and every Friday we arranged for me to get on a video call with them to go true the week of studying, and then when I arrived I would do my practical training. It worked spotlessly, the student materiel is well explained, and what I did not understand they would explain to me on the weekly virtual classroom session. the same day I arrived in Colombia I started my practical training, and what is so motivating is that you in the morning will do your practical training, and the same afternoon you will be out practicing attending real-life emergencies. During my stay, I attended everything from small injuries, to huge trauma calls. And what is so cool, is that I never thought any day was the same! of course, you would never know what emergencies you will attend, but I love how you work on their motorbike ambulances, fast response cars, and their ambulances, I even worked in their HEMS unit (helicopter) I never got the feeling that I would do the same every day. They even helped me take a motorbike license. Don't look at other places, do this course! you will not regret it.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would stay longer to be able to do their HEMS course.
Yes, I recommend this program

EMT and SAR rescue Urban

Hola Amigos. That is as much Spanish I could say before arrived in Colombia, but during my stay, I did manage to pick up a decent amount of Spanish! anyways let's get back to the review! I decided to join United hatzalah Colombia due to 3 factors. 1. I wanted to come to a place where they would let me get alt of practical experience and not a shadowing program! I can honestly say that was just what I got, during my stay we attended an average of 14 patients per day, and I was the one during everything of course with there professional people supervising me! 2. for me I wanted to do a SAR Rescue course Urban, I did not believe it when they told me they had a world class training facility for that, living up to the USA and European standards, but they truly had! I have attached some of the photos. I did the SAR course for 7 days, and after I earned my international SAR certificate. 3. I wanted a place where I could work in a foundation, I wanted to work in a place where the money doesn't go to like a private company, and I honestly say that my course free was spent helping the people with free emergency care. I can't thank you united hatzalah Colombia enough, and I will for sure be back next year!

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe for the SAR course would be a great idea to tell people to bring there own boots that they have had time to get used to. just a friendly suggestion :D
Yes, I recommend this program

So Much more than just an EMT program.

This Program is so freaking awesome!! Let me tell you why you should join this and not the other medical programs.

I last summer went to Africa , to work in a health camp, to get medical experience, it was all shadowing and did not really get to do anything with the patients. So honest i was bumped out, and did end up returning home with out any real life medical experience! Yeah life sucks right? not really because i ended up joining Hatzalah!! :D I found Hatzalah on GOOVERSEAS, and was right away sure this program sounded just like what i wanted! true hands on practical experience!! i did stay with them for 8 weeks, and honest wish i could stay longer! its a mix of Advanced EMT training, and real patients all everyday! that is what i really wanted! They also run a program call feed the barrioes, where they go every week and donate 65o hot meals to the homeless people. so amazing. i cant wait to be back next summer!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
i would stay longer, and do one of there advanced para medic courses, ore there helicopter medic course.
Yes, I recommend this program

best internship ever! so much action

if you want to get action, help people, and get out of your normal comfort zone I strongly recommend go stay with Hatzalah Colombia! these guys are not for the faith hearted, they work day and night to attend all the emergencies of the Colombian people. and one thing I tell you if I could do it so can you! I came with absolutely no EMT experience, and left after 6 weeks with an international EMT certificate so cool! it's for sure an intensive program, and you will get tested. but it's just an amazing experience and feeling to not only learn how to save a life but actually do it!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
when a big truck flipped over, and we had to. do triage, and treat more than 13 patients. That for sure was a nerve-racking moment
Yes, I recommend this program

saving lives with the team of hatzalah colombia!

Hola a todos! My name is Andreas, from Denmark. I joined Hatzalah Colombia to learn how to save a life! i work in a big telemarketing office, and many times someone get injured, sometimes bad, and i did never know how to respond! it was so frustrating becouse i realy wanted to help the person but i had no clue how to! and now i can call my selvf and international EMT, so amazing!! Honest the hatzalah team of colombia are so profesional, before i arrived they send me an online course, and when i arrived we did my practical course! now you are proberly asking how could you go there are Corona virus ? yes its true the corona are affecting the whole world. Hatzalah Colombia got me on a huminatarian flight to Colombia, they even for free helped me with a travel insurence, and a Corona test before i left Denmark! i was honest not scared of the Corona during my stay, Hatzalah dosent attend corona patients, they attend all the generel emergencies and we did have all the protective equipment just in case. During my stay i attended a total of 157 patients, and i did pass my international EMT exam! so stocked about it! who knows maybe in the future i drop my boring job at a call center, to become a EMT! i did stay in Manizales, and cartagena, but i know they also offer the course and internship in Medellin.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
first time i got on a real call! i cant describe how you feel when you deliver a schock to someones hearth to save there life! its not like in the movies!!
Yes, I recommend this program

Hatzalah Colombia

I wanted to be a nurse since I was a kid, did apply last year but had more than 2000 people applying and the school only accept 145 students, so unfortunately I did not get in. The student advise told me to go get experience, I looked everywhere in my home country Spain, but all I found was red cross, I joined them but did only last 2 weeks. all I was doing was shadowing I did not get to do anything my self regarding patients care etc. I, therefore, decided to look abroad! I looked at many health programs, but I found only hatzalah Colombia offering after the course an international EMT certificate, and for me, I needed something with an international certificate to have better odds of getting into nursing school. The course with hatzalah is absolutely great, it's so practical orientated, before I arrived hatzalah send me all the theory material, and when I arrived from day 1 everything was practical! I attended more than 20 patients or day, everything from small accidents to huge trauma calls with multiply injuries people. sometimes we even attended some animals. after I came home mike there course director called the nursing school in Spain and I now have an appointment for joining the course in Spain as an EMT skilled student!! Thanks so much to mike and the hatzalah team, and to gooverseas for helping me join this amazing program!!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
we got called to a fire in a house, when we arrived lucky there where no humans in the building. But there was a dog, after we rescue the dog out of the burning house, I treated the dog with oxygen and after 1 hour the dog was running around happy! that was such an amazing experience!!
Yes, I recommend this program

i saved the life of another person!

I would never ever had imagined that I would be saving someone's life! that someone I don't ever have met, but that what just what I did!
I'm Noah, A swiss guy! I am working in IT, so for me to become an EMT was just so far from what I am working with. But I wanted to learn something new, something useful and get to help people in need. I joined this program because I saw that they said you will not only learn how to save a life, you will be saving a life! for me, that was just the perfect motivation! and I can honestly say yes you will get to save many lives! I did the fully EMT course, plus there Search and rescue course with there helicopters, was a demanding education, but so freaking awesome!! I am now back working in IT and there is not a single day where I don't wish I would be back saving lives with Hatzalah Colombia!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
the first time I had to give CPR to a real person, that was a nerve moment! but it worked, and the patient gained vital signs!