By INLEXCA   Reviews (2)   95% Rating

INLEXCA: Health, Medical & Physiotherapy Projects

By INLEXCA   Reviews (2)   95% Rating

Low income communities have very limited access to good health services, and this is where this project comes in. We partner with rural clinics that provide free or very accessible service where volunteers can work with local doctors and nurses.

Depending on the volunteer’s experience in the medicine and health field, the level of responsibility and involvement will vary.

What could I be doing?

Conducting health and hygiene workshops in rural schools.
Helping doctors by measuring patients vital signs.
Helping doctors and nurses with daily tasks at clinics.
Helping in state pharmacies to provide service.
Participating in medical outreach campaigns if one coincides with you service time.
Teaching indigenous families in rural areas about basic health measures and nutrition.

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Program Reviews (2)

35 years old

Health group experience

Overall 9

Im a physiotherapy professor. I work at Universidad Europea de Madrid, and 5 years ago, I have been living in Tecpan for 3 weeks, and working with spanish students (medicine, physiotherapy, and nursing). They changed a lot in this 21 days, and became adults because of the experiences lived.
We have been working empowerment women, talking about equality, doing courses about: posture good health habits, all about pregnancy and breastfeeding, disease prevention, hand washing, healthy teeth ...

It was great for all :)

28 years old
Pocatello, ID
Idaho State University

From start to finish, every step of the program was a success!

Overall 10

I went to Guatemala with INLEXCA which turned out to be a great experience. Our group consisted of physical therapists and students from Idaho State University! Diego and Alex were our main volunteer coordinators and they could not have been more helpful or more personable. I can say that I am now friends with both of them and I invited both of them that they would be welcome in my home if they ever came to the United States! They paired us wi a great clinic in Tecpan, Guatemala, the JT children's foundation. Our trip was only 16 days long, but it proved to be a wonderful and enriching experience for all of us involved. We all stayed with host families who all proved to be the nicest people in the world! The family that I stayed with was nothing short of a good time. My host mom even went out into the market place with me to help me find deals and pick out souvenirs for my family. It was a great way to immerse ourselves in the culture!

They facilitated and coordinated well with the clinic to make sure we had a good learning experience and that we could accomplish our goals in what we wanted to achieve in our volunteer trip! They also planned activities such as hiking volcan Acatenango, visiting the iximche ruins, exploring and taking a boat ride on lake Atitlan, and seeing the old city of Antigua.

I could not have better things to say about our experience!

How can this program be improved?
I would have liked a little bit more detailed information on the front end about which travel companies we would be hiking with, what the name was of the clinic we would be working with and a bit more planning as to the particular needs of the clinic staff so that we could come better prepared to know what to teach them.

About The Provider

INLEXCA offers volunteer programs , group volunteering and internships in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Our programs are customized to the participants to create great cultural experiences.

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