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India is often referred to as a beautiful chaos with lots of different cultures, religions. beliefs etc. Social Travel: North India, has been curated by The Tarzan Way Team to make sure that the volunteer is able to indulge in the diverse culture of India.

With travel to 16+ cities in various corners of North India, you will be exploring everything from the bustling capital of India, to the sleepy towns of lower Himalayas and the royal cities of Rajasthan which seem to be stuck back in the times of kings and queens.

Do something meaningful while you travel by engaging in volunteering activities in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Teach underprivileged children or talk to women about the problem they face due to their social-economic conditions.

Make you travel meaningful by joining this project and gaining a whole new perspective about India and the world around you.

  • Explore different cities in North India through our unique program, which is a combination of volunteering and travel!
  • Receive assistance from Experience Coordinators who are available throughout the project.
  • Participate in cultural excursions, yoga retreat, walks, and other activities included in each project phase.
  • Enjoy comfortable and high-quality accommodations and transfers.
  • Gain experience and deeper understanding of social work within an international setting.

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Opening up

I loved my experience of volunteering with The Tarzan Way. I am not much of a traveler but I for the first time travelled to so many different cities in a new country with so many new people. This experience really changed me as a person. I think I would like to travel more and more now. Travelling really open a persons horizon and changes the way the person perceives the world around him. Volunteering with The Tarzan Way is a perfect opportunity for a person like me to out of her shell.

How can this program be improved?
India is a difficult country to adjust to. Although program coordinators from TTW really did help me adjusting, they shouldn't stop improving and keep improving the experience they give.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer in India

I had an amazing time with The Tarzan Way in there Explore North India project. It helped reduce my travel cost significantly and was also much cheaper than other projects available. Although the price was much cheaper, the experience they delivered was still amazing. The 6 weeks I spend in India were some of the best days of my life. I am looking forward to there next project to South India and will definitely be coming again for it.

How can this program be improved?
It was a lot of fun, so I really can't think of anything. Although they should launch some projects for South India as well. They said they planned on doing so in 2019. Will definitely come for one of them.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My volunteer experience in India

I travelled to 2017 summers and joined The Tarzan Way in their summer volunteering project. I was surprised by the way they took care of all the participants. They ensured neat and tidy accommodation, making sure everyone had a comfortable stay. The social work was fun and got to interact with a lot of people as well. This was one of my most memorable travel experiences ever and I will always cherish these moments. India is a very beautiful country to travel to. <3

How can this program be improved?
I don't have any complaints from the project as such. Something that I can think of is that they should have an option of more hours of volunteer work. I generally worked for 6-7 hours a day but sometimes I didn't have any plans for the evening so I would ask to stay back at the office.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing experience

I came to India in my summer vacations, hoping to do something different from simplet touristy stuff. I came across The Tarzan Way through a friend and it was definitely the best experience possible.
They took really good care of me and all other volunteers. There was always someone to help us. At the same time there project itinerary was wonderful with a little bit og everything work, travel, activities. I am really glad I came

How can this program be improved?
Maybe by increasing there reach, they can get more international participants
Yes, I recommend this program

Mohamed from egypt

If you choice this program , that's mean you are in the right place
What are you searching for like developing or supporting
In the program you will find people who love you from so heart and will going to help you in any situation
It's literally change my personality and the way i'm thinking
You will going to enjoy more than you can imagine
I will never forger these days and i'm planning to join this program asap

Yes, I recommend this program
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Adventure of a lifetime

This journey has changed my life in all the positive ways possible. It made me grow and learn and absorb an amazing culture! Something I will never forget and definitely carry through out my life! I had the chance of learning so much about myself and discover that I could much more then I tought I could it made me feel unstoppable! Keep an open mind and your heart open to others! You'll make friends for life! Thank you for everything!

Yes, I recommend this program

Life-Changing Experience

I loved The Tarzan Way's social program last summer in 2017.
We traveled so many cities and the rafting, adventurous activities, excursions to Old Delhi, and all the other cultural excursions were mind-blowing.
The transportation and accommodation were very very comfortable.
The coordinators were awesome, they helped us throughout the program. We created a lot of impact working for many NGOs and schools.

Yes, I recommend this program

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