Volunteer Trips with the Savera Organization
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Volunteer Trips with the Savera Organization

Become a Savera intern and learn first-hand about the delights and challenges of a traditional way of life in rural India. Learn the difficulties and experience the successes of sustainable development work. Connect with local people and communities while exploring the colorful world around you. Relax and reflect on your discoveries while watching the vibrant Rajasthan sunset in our Bamora Haveli, surrounded by the beautiful golden hills of Rajasthan. This is your time to change the world.

Savera welcomes individuals from all backgrounds of studies and all communities around the world to work with bettering global communities. Through our internship program, students gain personal and professional needs to help them in their future while enjoying a transformative cultural experience. Our student internships are molded to accommodate the specific needs of each intern while incorporating interdisciplinary activities to ensure a well-rounded experience.

Price Details
Program Cost of $550USD/per month includes:
• Airport pick-up
• Accommodation (40 minutes from Udaipur’s main
• Weekend shuttle transportation to Udaipur
• 24/7 security guard
• All meals: Breakfast (hot meal), Lunch and Dinner (hot
meal) 7 days a week
• Transportation to and from work place
• Unlimited Wi-Fi
• Tour of Udaipur (includes 4 tourist attractions)
• Wildlife Safari AND Afternoon with Elephants
• Indian Cooking Class AND Yoga Class
• Basic Hindi Lessons
• Traditional Rajasthani Dinner and Show
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Savera Internship June- July 2016

I had a great time during my internship with Savera Organization. As soon as i arrived at the Udaipur Airport, I was nicely greeted by one of the staff members, and was brought to the Community centre, which was also where the accommodations were. The centre was beautiful and everyone was very friendly and made sure I had time to relax and settle in my room. The rooms were clean and comfortable. They had all modern convinces which I was not expecting but very happy about. The food was also very good, they had a good variety of Indian and non-Indian food. The village where the centre is based was very peaceful and relaxing and locals were very friendly.

As to the actual work, for the first week we had orientation which allowed us to see all the different projects and learned about the culture. It answered any and all questions that I had which made me very comfortable. I did most of my work in collecting data and creating reports, which gave me a lot of time to talk to the locals and really understand the issues and modes of development in progress. On the weekends I was able to go into the city and explore all the sights. through the organization we got to experience several different events, but my favourite was the dinner and dancing show. I was very cool to experience the traditional way of eating and entertainment, the food was delicious and the dancing was beautiful.

Being here for 2 months gave me a chance to really experience Indian culture, I was even able to learn the basics of Hindi. Overall I had an amazing experience and would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to help and experience a new culture.

How can this program be improved?
The accommodations were great although as it was the raining season the storms made the power go out for a couple of hours.
Response from Savera Organization

Thank you Amanda for your kind words, we are very happy you enjoyed your time with us, as we enjoyed having you. We wish you the best on all your future endeavours.

Katherine Santos
Chief Administrator

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Trip with Savera

I had such a great time on my trip. Everyone was super friendly and staff made sure I had everything I needed. My orientation week was very helpful, I got to learn basics of Hindi, and exactly what work I was going to do, which helped a lot for me to ease into my internship. I got to do so much different work but my favourite was working at the schools. The kids were always so sweet and polite, doing activities with them was so much fun. Overall this trip was eye opening and refreshing to experience a culture so exciting and unique. I'm so happy how welcomed I was by the staff and community. My sincere thanks to Savera Organization for such a great trip!

How can this program be improved?
Sometimes the wifi cut out but it was always fixed quickly.
Response from Savera Organization

Thank you Kate for all the work you did with us ! Your high energy and positivity will be greatly missed. Wishing you all the best in your future.

Katherine Santos
Chief Administrator

Yes, I recommend

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The Savera Organization was founded in 2010. Since its inception we have been dedicated to community development, and meeting the needs of those who are disadvantaged. We have been involved in the areas of health, education, employability, women's...