Uplift Humanity India Summer Volunteer Program
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Uplift Humanity India Summer Volunteer Program

Our mission is to empower juveniles in India to break the cycle of recidivism and achieve their full potential through education. The benefits of UHI's impact have an incredible ripple effect. In India, we touch children who are in tough situations and have little begin with. Volunteers full their life with education, love, and everlasting memories. For our volunteers, they have a unique opportunity to be an important stop along the journey for these children, learn about recidivism and bring that home to further spread awareness.

Our summer rehabilitation program remains the core of efforts; each year we take students from the United States over to one of our four rehabilitation facilities in India. Our volunteers teach orphans and juveniles life skills such as moral decision-making, self-esteem development, self–maintenance, daily etiquette, and public speaking. Spend 16 days in one of four locations: Gujarat, New Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad. Join our journey and leave your mark.

Starting Price
Price Details
Package A: $3000

Round trip Airfare*
3 meals per day + snacks**
Transportation within India****

Package B: $2000

Excludes airfare, students must arrange their own flight arrangements
3 meals per day + snacks**
Transportation within India****

*Airfare: Once our applicants have been accepted and register for our summer program, their flights will be booked through an Uplift Humanity travel service. All flights will leave from the New York greater region. Package B does not include airfare, so this arrangement is often preferred by volunteers who wish to stay in India after the program has finished, or by those volunteers who wish to travel in first or business class

**3 meals per day + snacks: Students will either be consuming their meals in the metropolitan restaurants designed for travelers and vacationers, or will be fed by the onsite chefs. The food and water provided will be ensured to be safe for foreigners. The price of food has already been incorporated into the fee for participation in our program.

***Housing accommodations: Uplift Humanity will provide housing facilities, which include apartment style rooming. Each student will be rooming with other Uplift Humanity volunteers. The apartments that we have rented are guarded by security and are extremely sanitary.

****Transportation within India: Uplift Humanity will provide vehicles for our student volunteers’ transportation within India. Our onsite curriculum advisors will ensure that the students are picked up every afternoon and are transported safely back into their apartment every evening.

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Truly Worth It!

I participated in the Uplift Humanity Summer 2014 Vadodara Program and I could not be more proud of my decision to enroll. I traveled to India after 14 years and not only did Uplift Humanity give me the chance to reconnect with my roots, but the program itself was extremely fulfilling. I made so many new friends whom I still keep in contact with and greatest of all, we were able to help children who needed it the most. They appreciated our efforts and meeting them had a lasting impact on each and everyone of us. We were there to teach them lessons that they could incorporate into their everyday lives. However, they taught us even more. In such a short amount of time, we built lasting relationships with our peers as well as the children. They welcomed us with open arms and gradually opened up to us about their own lives and aspirations. It was such a rewarding feeling when the kids thanked us, asked us to keep in touch, and promise to come back and visit them on the very last day. I am thankful I had this opportunity and if I ever had the chance, I would do it again.

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About Uplift Humanity India

Uplift Humanity India brings global volunteers from the US to India to work with children in orphanages and juvenile facilities with the goal of educating them, raising awareness of their situation, and ultimately reducing the rate of recidivism. Our...