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- Leh Domestic Airport pickup and drop-off
- Full room and board with host family
- You will be met by our Volunteer Ladakh representative at the Leh airport, two days of orientation and acclimatization and then transported to your village where you will be introduced to your host family and coworker(s).
- Ladakh Volunteer Handbook (by email) which covers all pre, during, and post service information
- Use of a Teacher Resource Kit

Program fees cover toom and board, transportation to and from site, 5% for administrative expenses, and 12% goes towards urgently needed projects.
Oct 25, 2019
Oct 20, 2016
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About Program

Volunteer Ladakh, operating in the Himalayas of Northern India, is a grassroots non-profit voluntarily run organization, which works to meet the educational and environmental needs of Ladakh. Adventurous volunteers who seek to share their skills and compassion in this unique and remote region are greatly needed. Projects include English language instruction to young Buddhist monks and nuns, teacher training, building school libraries, fundraising and sponsorship to insure that all children have access to education and books, environmental education and sustainable environmental projects, and others. Started in 2013 at the request of several Buddhist monks, Volunteer Ladakh works diligently to match qualified volunteers with appropriate service placement within the magical region of Ladakh.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Extraordinary Experience

My time in Ladakh with Volunteer Ladakh was one I will never forget.

I spent my time teaching English at a Buddhist nunnery with girls aged 4 - 16 and at another Senior Buddhist School with girls aged 11 - 23. Like with most things, the more you put in, the more you get out. To volunteers I would say - invest time and energy into the students and the work you’re doing there. Take the time to learn some of the language - your efforts will go far. And try to help with the little or big daily tasks in and around your homestay or monastery.

For me Ladakh was so many things. It was a step out of the rat race. It gave me some perspective on my life and values. It was a gift to be a part of a community that’s not driven by consumerism but is rich in culture, meaning and respect. I don’t think you can get that from just passing through somewhere.

However what really made the experience was the people. I feel like I’ve got a second home and family in Ladakh. I can’t put into words how welcomed I felt. It was humbling.

It was a different, rewarding and extraordinary experience. I adore Ladakh and it’s people. It’s a special place.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering for Little Ladakhi Nuns

Being a Tibetan, born in India - Ladakh was a place i had always wanted since i had heard that it was the closest thing to Tibet. The time i spent there became even more precious after i got the opportunity to volunteer for the lovely nuns in Ladakh. My experience was even more fruitful because i got a chance to stay at the Nunnery itself and spend time with them 24/7.

The children were a delightful bunch and were always eager to learn new things. I taught them English, and a little bit of geography and computers. Being a nurse, we had classes on personal hygiene, first aid and a few other essential topics that the adolescents nuns were interested in.

There was never a dull day. Food was healthy and delicious. The caretaker nuns were always helpful and ready to help in any way. The other tutors were also kind and guided me whenever i felt a bit lost. Although we all were away from our families and loved ones, i realized that the atmosphere was such that we never really missed them. This was a family in itself - a home away from home.

Volunteering here was a lucky streak for me and i am extremely grateful for the program to have given me the chance. Not only was i helpful to the kids but i learnt a lot little things from them and it has made me a better person today. Truthfully, i have not had any difficulties because of all the support and guidance i received from them. The people of Ladakh are wonderful and extremely kind. Being a 31 year old women - i traveled on my own many times when i was free on Sundays and i never once encountered any trouble.

What would you improve about this program?
Any program that is meant for kids will always need constant change, spontaneity and it needs to be updated with the current world. Ladakh is a place that is slowly waking up to the world so i guess - we need some kind of a guide book or a reference material that volunteers can use each time. So that the children are not subjected to the same topics and there can be continuity in their education. This will keep their interests high and also improve their knowledge on various areas.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteer Ladakh- Great Opportunity

I spent five months in India, two of them in Ladakh, a region bordering Tibet high in the Himalayas. I went there as a volunteer teacher. The experiences I had in Ladakh, and the knowledge and wisdom of life I gained there, gave me a new understanding of who I am and who I can be--it was a kind of renewal that I really needed. Let me talk a bit about the experience.

I contacted the organization Volunteer Ladakh (VL) in February/March 2014; a few weeks later, after Skype interviews and submitting the application, I was approved to teach for two months at the Likir Monastery in Ladakh. I must say that the application process should not be taken lightly: VL is looking for qualified and committed applicants who demonstrate cultural sensitivity and a willingness to both teach and learn from the community. I arrived at Ladakh and was greeted by one of the program directors, a man named Lobzang, who coordinated my transfer to the Likir Monastery. At Likir, I was provided with a room of my own and three meals daily, which I would eat with the young monks (who were also my students). In terms of the work I did, it was teaching basic, conversational English for two hours a day, Monday through Saturday. The young monks were a joy to teach. (I can also say that in my experience of Ladakh, ALL the young monks are a joy to be with...they are respectful, cooperative, kind, loving children who want to give and receive love and friendship).

When I wasn't teaching, I had a lot of free time. The landscape of Ladakh entices you to take walks, treks, to climb hills, and admire the views of the nearby Himalaya mountains. Many times I would take long walks, bring a book with me, read, or simply sit and meditate. When I wasn't taking walks, I would spend time with the children. Being around those kids made me a happier, more peaceful person. There were also many opportunities to interact with the locals and take day trips to Leh, Ladakh's largest city, which is only an hour and a half drive.

I could go on and on about what it was like to be there, but let me finish by saying this: if you're looking to volunteer in a meaningful way (that is, a way in which both YOU and THE COMMUNITY benefit from your assistance, and in which you make connections that you'll never forget), Volunteer Ladakh may be the program for you. We will uncover new parts of yourself that you never knew existed. You will make awesome connections with locals, and feel like you've passed a lifetime with them, when in reality it was only a few short months. You will return home transformed from the experience (and honestly, you may feel like you've left home when you leave Ladakh). But you need to be serious about the commitment. You need to examine your motivations and really ask yourself, "Can I benefit this community?"

I wish you the best. Julley!

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