Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Program in Belambangan Island, East Borneo

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Rangers rescue green sea turtle
Rangers rescue green sea turtle


Berau regency, East Borneo, has long been famous for its sea turtles. The offshore islands are visited by sea turtles to nest, all year. PROFAUNA Indonesia has been working with a local group, Yayasan Penyu Indonesia (YPI), to run sea turtle conservation program in Belambangan islands in Berau. It is estimated that in one year there are 2,500 - 3,000 female green turtles nesting in the island producing at least 1,500 nests or equivalent to 150,000 turtle eggs.

You can contribute to the conservation by joining our hands-on project as a volunteer. WE DO NOT RAISE SEA TURTLES. We believe that it is best to release sea turtle hatchlings (babies) immediately to the sea as they hatch, to maintain their survival ability.

  • Beach cleaning and patrol
  • Collecting data of the nests, eggs, and hatchlings
  • Sea turtle monitoring
  • Emergency aid for nesting sea turtles
  • Hatchling release

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