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Known around the globe for their tireless conservation efforts, the International Animal Rescue (IAR) is a non-profit organisation which aims to rescue and protect vulnerable animals, ultimately re-introducing them back into the wild. IAR’s Ketapang centre opened its doors in 2010, going on to change the lives of countless orangutans by way of rescue, rehabilitation and release: hundreds of orangutans have transited through the centre, with 170 great apes being rescued to date, and a further 40 being released. As a volunteer, you can assist in IAR's incredible efforts, taking part in an array of vital activities such as enrichment and construction. Our volunteers have previously built feeding platforms for the great apes, erected enrichment installations, and even aided the preparation of pre-release islands for viable orangutan candidates, many of which now roam free in the wild - so why not become a part of the story? Join us as a volunteer today!

  • Help with construction at the new centre
  • Creating enrichment for the orangutans
  • Assisting with cage maintenance as well as farming and planting!
  • Enjoy your day off exploring the local area!

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Yes, I recommend this program

great impact on orangutan conservation

At this project i really felt like i did a lot to help the orangutans. However, this project is definitely only for people who are physically very fit and can stand the heat. And you should also keep in mind that you are not allowed at any time to touch one of the orangutans. What you will mainly do there is maintenance at the project site and a lot of construction work. Nevertheless the jungle itself is worth a trip there. Don't be disappointed when you can't interact with the orangutans there, you did a lot for the conservation of this species!