Volunteer and stay for FREE at beautiful resorts

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Stay at beautiful countryside resorts with all expenses paid while helping someone improve their English? Hi, welcome to Angloville!

Angloville invites you to participate in a language immersion / cultural exchange program where you will meet successful professionals from Italy, try local cuisine and enjoy your stay at beautiful countryside venues... free of charge.

All of the above is guaranteed, as you help our students improve their English through a series of 1-on-1 conversations, group activities, outdoor activities and social time.

The program lasts for 6 action-packed days and there is a possibility to attend multiple programs in various locations.

What you get in return:
• Free accommodation in beautiful venues across Europe
• Full board during your stay
• Free city tours in multiple cities
• An opportunity to connect with people from 20+ countries
• An opportunity to become TEFL-Certified (if attending 3 weeks)

No participation fees.

  • Free board and lodging
  • A chance to receive a TEFL Scholarship
  • Make new international friendships

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About Angloville

Angloville is one of the biggest providers of free educational volunteering / cultural exchanges in Europe. We offer ESL-related volunteering experience during which students can discover 7 European countries for free, having their board and lodging...