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Italy is waiting for you for some amazing volunteering projects this year ! Renovating a cultural centre, working in National Parks and Reserves, helping set up a Fairtrade festival, you just have to pick one !

There is a wide range of options to choose from: generally projects fall into the following categories: environmental; construction; renovation; archaeology; agriculture; working with children or youth; social work; working with people with special needs; arts or culture; festival work; and teaching. If you want information about specific projects available now please contact us.

Contact us now to know more about what projects are available now, and as places are filling up fast, so don't wait to long to book your project.

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Concordia Volunteers in Rome

The program offered by Concordia Volunteers are amazing, I got the chance to discover an anarchic independent community in the periphery of Rome (an amazing city adding to that). The camp was based in the participation of all in the community activities, including cleaning and cooking. In addition we helped to organise a screen-printing and comics festival (which was the main goal of the camp at the beginning). I got to meet amazing and open-minded people, that welcomed our team in their fort for 2 weeks and learned very interesting story about the place and the people.The artists of the festival were amazing as well.
The fact that Concordia provides such opportunities is incredible, it pushes young people to open themselves to the world. This program taught me to be more independent, autonomous and understanding.

I would recommend this organisation to anyone willing to have an unique experience abroad.

How can this program be improved?
The only issue I had during those 2 weeks were the other volunteers on the team, most were amazing obviously and we had a lot of fun, including with the local people of the fort and the artists. However, some were just not motivated enough about the goal of the camp which was to discover an amazing community and help them set their festival up. I think Concordia should be more selective in the future.
Yes, I recommend this program

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