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Volunteer in Italy

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Italy is one of the most popular nations to visit in Europe, and it is rightly so. Italy is a nation full of amazing food, fashion, art and architecture. It is a nation with a rich history and unlimited attractions.

Though volunteer opportunities in Italy are little more sparse than tourist attractions, it's truly a unique and genuine way to experience Italian culture. If you want to volunteer in Italy on your next trip abroad, several programs offer placements with projects working in agriculture, education, and marine conservation.


Italy has extensive areas meant for farming. There are opportunities in Italy for volunteers to live on a farm with an Italian family. Volunteers help with harvesting, animal care, and selling produce in markets, among other tasks.

One of the best ways to look for volunteering opportunities with agriculture is through WWOOF or other work exchange websites like HelpStay.


There are many opportunities for teaching in Italy as there is a need for competent teachers. As a teacher, you will mostly be working with children in schools. You will teach students everything from American songs and games to written and conversational English.

Marine Conversation

Italy is located on the Mediterranean Sea, a sea which contributes to the beauty of the nation. The Mediterranean Sea is known for its dolphins. Unfortunately however, the dolphin population has been rapidly declining in the last several years. As a volunteer, you will help in dolphin research and learn about photo identification and remote tracking.


Italy, and its capital city of Rome in particular have a number of nonprofit organizations that work in diverse areas. They work in areas such as education, poverty, and human rights.

Best Places To Volunteer:
  • Rome: Italy’s capital and largest city, home to the most number of tourist attractions.
  • Sicily: largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, has a very rich and unique culture.
  • Puglia: region in Southern city, known for its archaeological regions.

No vaccinations are required for volunteers in Italy. However, if you plan on visiting the nation during November to April, you are recommended to be vaccinated for Influenza. For more information, visit MD Travel Health.

Italy is a safe nation and crime is rare. Whatever crime tourists will experience will be mostly limited to pickpocketing in large tourist attractions and big city centers.

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WEP International
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Global Nomadic
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Concordia International Volunteers
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AFSAI coordinates a nice project called A.P.E.-Crocevia dei Popoli which is a volunteering association based in Piombino, an...


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AIESEC Australia
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