Volunteer in Laos: Most Affordable & Real Impact!
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Volunteer in Laos: Most Affordable & Real Impact!

UBELONG offers 1-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in Vang Vieng, Laos.

Volunteer in one of these world-class projects:

-->Teaching English

-->Assisting a social agri-business

-->Building, renovating and handywork

Visit ubelong.org for more detail - the journey of a lifetime starts there!

  • **24/7 in-country support
  • **Volunteer on projects that truly need you
  • **Live in the heart of Vang Vieng and enjoy delicious meals every day
  • **Go with a US based organization - legitimacy and peace of mind
  • **The #1 program in Laos and with the best reviews!
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Without compromising safety or impact, UBELONG aims to offer the world’s most affordable 1-week to 6-month international volunteering opportunities.

Fees include:
-->Extensive pre-departure mentorship and support
-->Volunteering alongside locals on projects that make a REAL impact
-->Airport pick-up
-->Housing and meals
-->24/7 in-country support
-->Peace of mind from joining UBELONG, a social organization headquartered in Washington, DC
-->Brand name and networking opportunities that comes from being part of the well-known UBELONG Community
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Vang Vieng

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  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.4
  • Value 9
  • Safety 9.4
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UBelong in Laos

I really enjoyed my experience in Laos volunteering to teach at the school. The children are great and eager to learn, they are kind and care deeply about each other and they value your time. I made the mistake of only going for a short amount of time and if you really want to get a lot out of the experience and if you want THEM to get a lot out of the experience, stay for a while and get to know these people! They're so kind and really good. The staff was extremely sweet and very encouraging. They are all so loving and kind and made sure you felt at home. Laos itself is becoming a big tourist hub and the social scene is what you won't expect, but if you do go, go for the volunteering aspect of the trip! Laos itself is beautiful and take a weekend trip to Luang Prabang and visit elephant sanctuaries and waterfalls! Overall, a wonderful cultural experience that I wouldn't have been able to fully achieve without volunteering! Thank you!

How can this program be improved?
I enjoyed the program to its fullest extent! Maybe recommendations of where to go on weekends as in Luang Prabang so that volunteers can see the whole of Laos.
Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Vang Vieng with UBELONG

I am more than happy that I chose UBELONG as the organization to volunteer abroad. I always felt secure, because I had contact persons of UBELONG and intense support by the people in Vang Vieng. I really hope that the teaching at the college is pursued, since the students there really need to speak to foreigners to improve their English.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing Experience that Helps Change Lives

UBELONG really is an amazing organisation that provides you with support from your point of inquiry to the end of your placement. The preparation materials are great and help clarify any confusion about the country you’re going into and the role you’re taking on. The in country support and relationships you build with other volunteers is unbeatable. Its great value for an experience you will never forget and the difference you can make to the lives of others.

Yes, I recommend
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You really do belong

If there was ever a perfect volunteering organization, UBELONG is certainly it. You have to look no further than the name to realize that their mission is all about you and how you can change the world one community at a time. Whether it be their diversity in program offerings or their highly informative support programs, UBELONG enables you to become a change agent and take on challenges in an inspiring manner. They provide you the tools and knowledge to become an effective volunteer, and impassion you to make the most out of your experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching English in Laos for UBELONG

I had a phenomenal experience and I've only spoken wonders to those that I encountered while backpacking and in the US. I love what UBELONG is doing and I think the onboarding and support functions were fantastic. I really appreciate the expedited application process- an experience I certainly won't forget!

How can this program be improved?
Better infrastructure/wifi would have helped supported teaching functions. However, the wifi in Laos is unpredictable so there probably isn't much than can be improved.
Yes, I recommend
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Vang Vieng, Laos with UBELONG

My experience as a UBELONG volunteer has been superior to any other experience I have had in the past I have volunteered through a lot of different programs, but UBELONG has been the only one where I felt I had the flexibility in my volunteer dates and locations; UBELONG caters to anyone who wants to have a wonderful experience and volunteer without having to make such a large financial commitment. Although these facts are not the only reasons why I would recommend UBELONG to anyone who wants to have the best volunteer experience! WIth the help of the UBELONG staff, in particular Barbara Barbosa, you are overly prepared for departure, which makes the transition from home and to your project locations seemingly flawless. Arguably you get as much or as little out of any experience and it is up to you, but UBELONG creates an encouraging environment for you to reach the full potential of your time as a volunteer.

How can this program be improved?
Suggest that people should stay longer, if you have the time available it is beneficial for the project and yourself to volunteer for a longer period of time. This is also a personal suggestion, instead of an improvement on the program.
Yes, I recommend
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My experience with UBELONG in Laos was great! They organize enough but not too much, leaving you some liberty to make your own experience. This also means taking initiative and asking the right questions to the local staff is important. I would without any doubt consider working with UBELONG again and recommend it to people who want to experience another culture first hand!

How can this program be improved?
Sometimes it feels like the project hasn't been completely thought through, this isn't the case (I think) it's just not always easy not get all the right information. As said in my review, this can be fixed by taking initiative but communication between the "people who know what's going on" and the volunteers could be improved.
Yes, I recommend
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Laos 2014

I volunteered with UBELONG to give my help to a local organisation in Laos with building a school in a rural village, but I got so much in return. The experience not only broadened my horizons, but also gave me a greater confidence in myself. The amazing people, beautiful culture, and not to mention the breath-taking scenery - unforgettable.

I googled "construction volunteering" on a whim and UBELONG was first up. Quite frankly, I would have been lost if not for UBELONG; their website offered so many opportunities to help with projects all over the world, and it showed me the dedication they have to make the world a better place. So I applied without hesitation. But the help available in the lead-up to going was even better. From my UBELONG mentor, others' testimonies, and social media, the whole process was made super easy and reassuring.

The experience was definitely the most rewarding of my life and I can't wait to volunteer with UBELONG again!

How can this program be improved?
The local organisation was not so organised; they lacked direction, but they were still getting off the ground and had recently run into an issue that affected their work. Also, I believe it may have also been a result of cultural differences.
Yes, I recommend
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Highly Recommended!

I volunteered through Ubelong for three weeks in January 2012 and it was a really unique experience. I choose Ubelong(After a lot of research) because of their professional appearance, affordability(most organizations charge 4 times more than Ubelong)and support I got from my mentor. I received so much support before, during and after my stay which I really appreciated. These guys know what they are doing and are very passionate about their job.

My three weeks went by so fast and I had such a good time in Laos. I helped around the farm, helped in the bar to raise money, went on excursions and helped develop new tourist attractions, took tourists on farm tours and taught the local children English in the afternoon. Laos is an amazing country and if you really want to get to know the people and the culture there is no better way than to volunteer to help them. The people are so nice and helpful. I really can't recommend it enough, and do make sure you choose Ubelong if you want the best there is!

Yes, I recommend
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Volunteering in Vang Vieng

After looking at many opportunities to volunteer abroad in South-East Asia, my search ended when I discovered UBELONG.

The clear and accessible website gave me an initial indication that the organisation was purposeful in its work, and showed me several other aspects which further captured my interest. Firstly, it was appealing to me that UBELONG was operating in only a small number of locations around the world, as I attributed this to that fact that the places had been carefully selected due to both their genuine need for development as well as their suitability for volunteer work. Reading further about the individual programs, as well as arriving in Vang Vieng, only enhanced this view.

I also felt that it was really important for volunteering opportunities to be affordable, as the enthusiasm and effort offered by volunteers should be valued more highly than their money. This was another reason why I chose UBELONG, as it allowed me to participate in an overseas project at a very reasonable price. Despite this, it was clear that nothing had been compromised in terms of the safety or living conditions put in place for volunteers. The mission and principles which are central to the organisation are not obscured by unnecessary structure in the programs, which may otherwise make them less affordable and flexible than they currently are. That is, I felt I had some control over the timing of my placement and the nature of the work I undertook once I’d arrived at the project.

From the moment my application to participate in the immersion program was accepted, my UBELONG mentor remained in close contact with me throughout my experience. With the uncertainty that comes with overseas opportunities such as this, it was great to be able to have queries answered so promptly, both via regular email correspondence and during a scheduled safety meeting, which addressed all of my pre-project questions. The support from my UBELONG mentor, whose expertise in the field of development was extremely valuable, continued whilst I was staying in Vang Vieng.

My experience in Vang Vieng was one from which I felt I was genuinely contributing to a valuable project in the local community. In the process I was able to challenge myself in new tasks from tending animals and construction to teaching English at the local school. One dimension of the placement which I particularly enjoyed was being able to work and socialise with locals and other volunteers from such a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Personally, I am grateful that through UBELONG I was able to gain real insight into the wider field of development work which I may choose to study in the near future. I am certainly interested in connecting with UBELONG again further down the track.

Yes, I recommend
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One of the best experience in my life!

The local team was perfect. I felt part of their family. The chance to project and work on a brand new building was thrilling.

The only advice to new volunteers could be: start learning Lao in advance so you can speak with the workers that you're about to working with.

Yes, I recommend
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Ubelong_My addiction

Among many options, I chose UBELONG mainly for its wide range of interesting programs. esp. business development and training programs. To me, these well selected programs can truly tackle the cause and provide a long-term and sustainable impact on people of a particular community. I placed my trust in UBELONG because of impressive experience and knowledge in the field as well as their deep dedication to international volunteering. The trip was beyond my expectations!!! I would not be this compassionate, independent and determined without my volunteer journey in Laos. Once again, thanks!!!

Yes, I recommend


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