Volunteer Lemur Monitoring & Reforestation in Madagascar

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During a 12-week tenure, volunteer cohorts will spend half their time monitoring lemurs and half their time participating in the community-based reforestation effort. Lemur Monitoring (5 weeks): Volunteers will follow social groups of either the greater bamboo lemur (Prolemur simus) or the black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) within the mountainous terrain of the Kianjavato-Vatovavy landscape. The longterm goal of this project is to offer protection for these two Critically Endangered species while gathering information on habitat usage, population dynamics, and territory. Reforestation Project (5 weeks): This grassroots reforestation effort reconnects and expands natural habitats over the mountainous terrain around Kianjavato while sustainably benefiting the 14,000 area residents. Through this project we have planted over 1.8 million trees in Madagascar. The overall goal of this project is to restore habitats for wildlife and alternative resources for the local community.

  • Monitoring critically endangered lemurs in the wild
  • Helping us reach our next millionth tree planted
  • Community outreach through language and computer skill classes
  • Direct impacts on conservation in Madagascar


We are an on-the-ground conservation organization planting 50,000+ trees a month, providing over 150 local jobs, and running one of the longest lemur monitoring programs in the wild. You have the opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the community, our ongoing research, and the reforestation and habitat creation for critically endangered species.

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