350 USD a Week Marine Conservation Program

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Welcome to our Marine Conservation program. Here, what you will do will be REAL ! What we propose is to make you part of our team by building artificial reef and help us to create a unique marine sanctuary. This program is only for people who want to be really implicated. You will not do only survey or data collect for foreign countrys !

With us, you will learn about marine biology, how to build an artificial reef, do corals transplantation and maintenance it. At the end of your journey you did something real. You will understand how much your work been benefit for the marine life every time when you will receive upgrade from us. You can also do fun dives, excursions, trekking, quad and more on the island. This project is running from March to mid of December. But we don’t take more than 5 volunteers because we want to make in all the aspect of the project.

We believe that anybody can make a change and it’s what we do.

If you want to be part of the change, join us!

  • Marine Conservation
  • Divers Volunteers
  • Good Life in Madagascar Island
  • We Are Not a Business Company

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Nosy Be Conservation

I discovered Nosy Be Conservation and the marine conservation program for only one week. It was an awesome experience !
First of all, they really take care of me when I arrived. Everything was clean, the food was amasing and all the team was friendly.
During my stay, we been diving in the artificial dive spot, where I discovered all the work they done so far. There is 5 artificial reefs with plenty of corals transplanted on it. I was part of the team and learned how to maintenance artificial reef, why all of that was important and at the end I done myself some corals transplantation. My only regret is, I wasn't able to stay longer because of my work.
One day, promise I will come back. Again, thank you Etienne and all the team of Nosy Be Conservation.

Yes, I recommend this program

Marine Conservation Project

I worked on NGO Marine conservation projects at Scuba Nosy Be as an intern & researcher 📖
We built 6 artificial reefs and transplanted corals on to them and even have fish and invertebrates living inside and on them - I also completed my Rescue diver exam 🏆 🐠
I created Tammy's Point with the help and knowledge of Etienne (The most passionate marine conservationist I have ever met, I'd love to work with you again one day - I have so many plans!) 🐙
(S13° 22' 406" E48° 10' 882")
Our work is now a thriving habitat to many corals and marine life 🐡
Underwater photos never capture the true beauty of what is really down there 📸
I've had cocktails (Rum Cocos) on the most incredible beaches and eaten some amazing vegan food 🍹
I've met some lemurs, crocodiles, birds, dogs, zebu, iguanas, beetles, butterflies, spiders, panther chameleons, geckos, moths, frogs, fossa, snakes, and cats
I've dived in some incredible sites: Shark point, Nosy Tanikely, Area 51, Nosy Mangabe, Tammy's Point, Ship Wreck, Nosy Sakatia, Anjiamarango & many more 🌊
I got to swim along side giant sea turtles, lion fish, leopard sharks, moray eels, scorpion fish, angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, sea cucumbers, starfish, urchins, rays, giant clams & butterfly fish 🐢
I've cut fishing nets to free trapped turtles & rays ⚓️
I've sunk two cars to turn into reefs and almost achieved everything I wanted to do.
Etienne & Pat were incredibly accommodating, they went above and beyond to make sure I had a fantastic experience. They both organised excursions for me and catered for my special dietary requirements.
The local people as well as Eitenne's family are beautiful and friendly people. Everybody really helps make you feel relaxed and at home. Now I am continuing my journey else where, I still keep in contact with the people i shared my experience with for updates and to share photos.
I highly recommend this conservation project!

Yes, I recommend this program

A worthwhile and enjoyable experience in Madagascar

As a professional dive instructor I have been diving all over the world and have enjoyed and participated in many aspects of the underwater world. However, this was my first real opportunity to actively participate in a conservation project.
This project allowed me to participate and get involved in the practical aspects of the work rather than just doing data collection.
I was involved in the construction of artificial reefs, fabricating the metalic structure which would host the coral, placing it in the water and attaching the coral. The founders of this project, Etienne and Erwan are really knowledgeable, passionate and always willing to teach. Madagascar is an amazing dive destination.
The coral reefs are pristine, and there is a variety of interesting topography on the dive sites. In addition to the great diving, there is a great atmosphere around the dive center and (very important) the food was amazing. I plan to return next year to see the result of my contribution and to participate in future projects.

Response from Nosy Be Conservation

Dear Caroline,

Thanks you for your review. It was a real pleasure to have you helping us at the begining of the NGO.

Since you left, we done a lot more and I will send to you some updates, so you will be able to see the evolution of the work done.

Hope everything is going well for you, feel free to send us some news.

Kind regard

Etienne Wojcieckowski

Yes, I recommend this program

About Nosy Be Conservation

We are a marine conservation NGO based in Nosy Be Island, Madagascar.
Our work is to create artificial reef, repair damaged reef and scientist research.
We work closely with the scientist community and we are continuously searching for new ways to...