Centro Infantil de los Angeles Community Center & Daycare in Mexico
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Centro Infantil de los Angeles Community Center & Daycare in Mexico

Centro Infantil de los Angeles is a community of caring people who gather to nurture children, serving the needs of the less fortunate, treating each person with dignity and respect as they work to make a better life for themselves. It began as a free daycare center in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato on September 18, 2000. It is a safe haven for the children of mothers who come from the outskirts of town to work or to sell their wares at the local mercado. Often these children were being left home alone before this center was established.

Centro Infantil de los Angeles has grown to be a community center in which mothers find the support they need to make a better life for their families. Besides help with their children, these families receive medical care, clothing distribution, scholarship opportunities, transitional housing, summer camp, food bank . . . all done in a relationship of mutuality that respects the dignity of each individual.

  • Working with young children
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Small Group (1-15)
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$180 USD per week ($550 USD per month) included housing, breakfast, and lunch. Transportation expenses are not covered by our program.
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San Miguel de Allende

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Yes, kids can volunteer. I think upper elementary school age (7+) would be best suited for the type of volunteer work at Centro Infantil de Los Angeles.

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Life Changing Experience!

I have had the pleasure of working with the kids at Casa de Los Angeles. Looking back on my experience at Casa de Los Angeles, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy. I knew that nursing was the profession my heart was set on but after my time at San Miguel de Allende, I realized that it truly is a pleasure to work alongside these little angels. My little angels actually helped me more than I helped them. The warm smiles and joyous embraces I was welcomed with every day by my little kids helped me realize that pediatric nursing is truly my calling. I remember a specific time when Rosa held my hand to go to the park. She went down each and every bush picking up small blue flowers on the way. As we reached the park, she turned towards me and gave me her tiny bouquet. This innocent gesture filled my heart with joy! I feel truly blessed because my kids at Casa de Los Angeles allowed me to enter their colorful and innocent world filled with play and laughter, and that is one experience that I will forever cherish!

It is so easy to fall in love with this place. Casa de Los Angeles is an incredibe and once of a lifetime experience. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience

I volunteered at Casa for 7 weeks and it was the most rewarding and exciting experience of my life. The joy that the kids brought to my day is unmeasurable and their smiles light up the room. Everyone at Casa is there for the right reasons and they have the biggest hearts. I would definitely recommend Casa to anyone, no matter your age or spanish level.

Yes, I recommend
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Absolutely fantastic...will surely go back!

Casa de los Angeles was the best possibly experience I could have wished for. I went alone as a 19 year old and never felt unsafe or unsure of what I was doing. I was so well cared for and spending all day with the babies was perfection. The town of San Miguel is so safe and beautiful...the people are kind and generous. The impact Casa de los Angeles has on this area is really remarkable...the women seem very grateful that some place like this exists. The house you stay at is awesome...cook dinners for yourself and safe a lot of money! I am definitely bringing my boyfriend back here sometime soon to spend some serious time with my [now grown up :( ] babies!

Yes, I recommend
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What a beautiful place.

Thankyou very much to Casa for providing such an amazing opportunity. Casa is an incredible place with a wonderful, friendly community. I am very glad to have been able to volunteer with Casa as it allowed me to learn a lot, to laugh, to value my work, to make friends, to help and to explore an interesting country.

The team are very honest, caring and very good at what they do. They truly inspired me. The application process was very smooth. The volunteer house is a good system and great way to share the experience with other international volunteers.

If I had the opportunity to return to Mexico and to Casa, I would be there in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend
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Casa de los Angeles

Volunteering at Casa was probably one of the best times of my life. The staff is always friendly, the children are adorable, and the city is beautiful. I always felt safe in San Miguel and I would recommend Casa to anyone looking to make an impact on a group of people who truly need and appreciate your help.

Yes, I recommend
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2006 Opened my eyes

I worked in Casa de los Angeles in 2006 it was truly life changing. In 2006 I was taken a year out from college I was doing hotel management. However, now in 2012 I am a Social Care Working in Ireland and I am about to move to NYC to become a SNT in Brooklyn. Casa de los Angeles changed my life in so many ways. Donna has set up a program that will give children the skills to make it in this world. As someone that was only there for a few months helping out she opened my eyes to a world I would not have known was out there was it not for her program. I wish them the best in all they do and some day I wish to return for a trip. Padraig Pearse Hegarty, Athlone, Ireland.

Yes, I recommend
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My internship at the Casa launched my career!

I could write a really sappy description of the Casa de los Angeles and the smiling faces and comfortable atmosphere but the bottom line is that my internship at the Casa de los Angeles launched my career.

At the age of twenty-one I taught ESL english classes, conducted research in Spanish for a thesis, worked with multiple aged groups in a preschool setting, organized fundraising projects and learned about non-profit management. The directors allowed me to operate way beyond my prior experiences and in so doing greatly increase my personal capital.

In large part of my experience at the Casa I was accepted to Teach for America, which in turn greatly strengthened my law school applications. In addition, I was hired on at the University of Oregon during a down economy BECAUSE of experiences interviewing client mothers and doing home visits.

The Casa is an excellent place to challenge yourself and grow. You have to be able to define your own experience, however. The directors are really busy and won't give you much oversight. I didn't even know where I would be staying until a week before I got to San Miguel. You have to be willing to solve your own problems in terms of living situation, transportation and supervision. The large network of former volunteers can help out with that. You just have to be proactive in planning your experience!

Yes, I recommend
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Quiero ser un angel

Casa de los Angeles...it really is a house of angels! I had the opportunity to spend 4 months with Casa and it's a 4 months I remember with great fondness. From the moment you arrive at the center(s) you become absorbed in the Casa family. Your days may be filled with work, but I'll be honest, I've never had so much fun working! The teachers do a wonderful job at providing lessons and activities. The kids do a great job at learning and having fun.

San Miguel de Allende (SMA) itself is a treasure. It's an old colonial town...cobblestone streets, beautiful/warm colored buildings, lively...so much character! If you haven't completely depleted your energy with all the buzz and excitement at Casa, you'll find plenty to do in SMA. Salsa dancing every night of the week, a variety of art classes or workshops, brush up on your Spanish with a class or private tutor, there's always something to find at the mercados. Don't forget to eat, every corner has a tasty treat or two! Not too far out of town are a variety of natural hot springs, a nice place to relax and unwind. You're also only a bus ride away from several other towns/cities that each offer their own character and charm.

Yes, I recommend
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Casa is a true blessing

The town of San Miguel is absolutely beautiful, as are the people, however there is certainly much to improve, and Donna is helping in a truly amazing way. As a volunteer, I helped teach the children and assist the teachers in making sure the young ones were happy, healthy, and always smiling. On an average day I would spend a small amount of time at the guest residence, about a 15 minute walk from the new center, and the majority of the day helping serve the kids food, play with the kids (they have endless energy), and help their teachers with the lessons of the day. It was a truly amazing experience, and left me with lasting memories of the benefits these children had over many others being able to grow up with a proper infant to elementary education.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettably rich experience!

I interned with Hogar de los Angeles for ten weeks in the summer of 2010 and it has been one of my favorite volunteer experiences of all time!

Why you should volunteer here:
1) The daycare structure is amazing.
As a (soon to be) graduate in social work I can't tell people enough how INCREDIBLE this daycare is. The mothers receive free childcare and in return volunteer one hour each day in the daycare center. It's truly an empowering model because the mothers build friendships with each other, get to know their child's teacher and meet volunteers! It's uplifting and inspiring to be there.

2) The staff is helpful and kind
No matter how elementary your Spanish skills may be, the staff at Hogar de los Angeles are patient and understanding. They're used to having volunteers around and know how to make you feel included and useful. I still keep in touch with the teacher I worked with and it's been almost two years! Also, Donna (the founder) and Miguel (the director) are great at getting volunteers oriented to the pace of life in San Miguel and have a genuine interest in you! They really care about you having a good experience.

3) San Miguel is beautiful
Enough said. As part of the "patrimonio de la humanidad" the buildings are impeccably preserved and distinctly colonial. Sometimes it feels like you're in Disneyland or something (visitors frequently draw similarities between la Parroquia and Cinderella's castle)! There is so much to explore and almost always something going on (whether it's a concert, crafts fair, horseback riding, outdoor zumba classes or conversation practice at the library). Just get a copy of Que Pasa? and you're set.

4) The kids. Oh, the kids!
This is the whole reason to come down, of course--the children! I had the privilege of working with a rambunctious class of two year-olds and they were hilarious, friendly and cheeky all at the same time. Like the teachers, the kids are also used to lots of volunteers coming in and out so they're always down to play, even if your Spanish isn't the best.

For detailed information about "what it's really like" to volunteer at Hogar de los Angeles, please check out my blog from 2010. This is seriously a special place.


Yes, I recommend
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An experience nobody can take from you

My stay at Casa, though it was short, had a big impact on me. It was a pleasure to wake up every day to go and spend time with these wonderful kids. Every smile, every kind gesture and every time you see them learning something new made me fill my heart with love. I just felt glad to be a part of their life at least for a short time and the only hard part of this stay was actually to leave. Even now, after a couple of months I think almost every day about these lovely kids and yearn for a return to see them again.
San Miguel, though you can see a lot of Americans on the streets, leaves a magical impression because you feel like in a typical colonial mexican town. For those of you who have also super worried parents and friends who heard about the dangers of Mexico, I've been traveling some through Mexico and San Miguel seems for me the safest place of all. All inhabitants are really friendly.
I definitely recommend a stay at Casa for everybody who wants to get captured by the life of little angels.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing Experience

My experience volunteering at Casa de los Angeles was AMAZING. It was a life changing experience, and I think about things in a very different way now. It has almost been a year since I volunteered at Casa, and I still think about the kids and my experience all the time. My heart is being called back to Casa, and I hope I get to back someday.

The staff is incredibly friendly and very helpful. My biggest challenge was that I am only a beginner Spanish speaker, so communicating at times was difficult. However, somehow we always understood each other, and it usually turned into a laughable situation! The kids were amazing and were by far my favorite part of the trip. You become very close to them very quickly. Volunteering at Casa de los Angeles makes you want to continue to do good and serve others wherever life takes you.

Yes, I recommend
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An unforgettable experience!

The first time I entered the door of Casa de los Angeles, I felt at home. The beautiful children, caring staff and teachers, and kind mothers made me feel a part of the family and community. Casa de los Angeles has a direct impact on the lives of the people it serves. I was so happy to be a part of this change and loved caring for the children daily.

Also, San Miguel de Allende is a hidden treasure. It's the most beautiful city I have ever visited and there are countless things to do during the evenings and weekends. It is fun to explore and enjoy the Mexican culture.

I highly recommend this volunteer experience to everyone!

Yes, I recommend
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Casa de los angeles

Everyone is super friendly, the teachers as well as the coordinators! The volunteer house is a great place to hang out with the other volunteers and san miguel de allende is a really beautiful mexican town with markets and small tiendas!

Yes, I recommend
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Go to Casa de los Angeles!

You will change lives . . . and YOURS will never be the same. The community of Casa de los Angeles is like a family, a family that includes the kids, moms, staff and volunteers. A great way to spend a week, a month or more. You won't be disappointed.

Yes, I recommend

About Centro Infantil de Los Angeles

Centro Infantil de los Angeles, in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, is a community of caring people who gather to nurture children, serving the needs of the less fortunate, treating each person with dignity and respect as they work to make...