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Feb 01, 2021
Apr 27, 2018
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About Program

Nepal is a must visit country for all inspired travelers. From its bustling city centers to its peaceful undiscovered mountain range, the unique cultural and religious heritage, you really will fall in love with it. Join our project in stunning Pokhara, the lakeside city.

Join our unforgettable teaching project and teach children English in rural schools. English is incredibly important to the local community and this is a fantastic way to make an impact. Children love meeting new volunteers and it is an amazing opportunity to integrate into Nepali life as a local.

Absorb yourself in the incredibly friendly local community by living with other volunteers in shared accommodation with a Nepali family who will cook authentic meals for you.

You will have your afternoons and your weekends to explore your beautiful surrounding. You will also be provided with plenty of training and help by your coordinator who will help you get the most out of you teaching experience.

This program is currently not being promoted on Go Overseas by its provider. Check with Oyster Worldwide for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of this program.

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Program Highlights

  • Live with a friendly host family and get involved with Nepal's many festivals.
  • Teach in a local school and make a real contribution to the children who attend.
  • Meet like-minded volunteers.
  • Add highly recommended trips to your volunteering experience.
  • Explore a country famous for the iconic Himalayan mountains.

Program Impact

Learning English can really help young people in rural Nepali communities to gain greater job opportunities. Many rural schools are under-resourced and this means that volunteers can really help to make a difference. Work 1-1 or in small groups to help children to develop their language, to play games and to help them to improve their confidence.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing 4 months teaching and living in the Kathmandu Valley

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to Nepal and spend four months teaching kids in a village in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. This was my first time travelling alone and Oyster made my trip amazing with their unwavering support from day one. Not only did I receive a highly detailed pre-departure briefing in the Oyster office but also received advice and support whenever I needed throughout my travel. Oyster also organised a representative in Nepal to aid me with any issues I may have had in the country. Not only was this representative, Basant, highly helpful he was also extremely friendly and made me feel at home straight away. This was the best trip of my life as a result of the fantastic personal support and planning I received from Oyster Worldwide. I highly recommend doing any of the Oyster Worldwide programmes as the level of care and interest they invest into each volunteer/ participant is fantastic!

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Response from Oyster Worldwide

Thanks for your review Finola!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The most amazing four months of my life!!

I participated in this programme from January-May 2014. Oyster did an amazing job selecting the group for the programme and I knew we would all become a tight-knit group from the outset (even the surprise addition of another volunteer before the mid-month break did nothing to break up the dynamic!). The first few days orientation were very welcome and well set out, especially the Neapli lessons! The local rep, Basant, was incredible and was always there to answer any questions along with the rest of his team. His offer to keep all of our valuables (passports, extra cash etc) in his safe deposit box was a very helpful weight off our shoulders.

The first few days at our village placement were difficult but luckily our host families were very welcoming and friendly as were the teachers and kids at the school (having my fellow volunteer Rebecca just down the hill was a great help aswell). Living in the village with a local family was an incredible experience. We got fully involved with the family and they treated us as part of their family. I got invited to a number of parties throughout my time and one evening I even had dinner with the local chief of police! On public holidays in the village I'd often head down to Rebecca's house and play cards although we'd mostly end up making Momos with her host family!

Conditions in my house were basic (I lived in a traditional house with a seperate shower and toilet "hut" outside) and this was difficult at times (especially when you I got up in the morning having only a cold shower to look forward to) but I got used to it after a few weeks.

For the first week at the school Rebecca and I taught our lessons together to get used to it as we'd both never taught before. After this we got assigned seperate classes to teach on our own. Our coordinator teacher helped us set out our timetables and would regularly check to make sure we were coping and the kids were behaving. I loved teaching at the school and trying out new things with the kids. The younger ones loved being read to whilst the older ones enjoyed toned down versions of TV quiz shows from back home. It was difficult at times to come up with new ideas for teaching but it was all part of the challenge. We had plenty of fun with the kids aswell, a particularly memorable moment was when a goat decided to walk into my class in the middle of a lesson and me and the class had to chase it out the building!

I can definately say that if you want a complete cultural immersion then this is the programme for you. Living for a long period with a local family in a different culture was the perfect way to get to know the "real" Nepal. From going to local weddings through to experiencing Holi (the festival of colour) in our village with our students and friends, I can truly say I got a truly unique cultural experience.

Life in the village did get boring sometimes, especially in the evenings when lessons were planned and books are read. Luckily we were allowed to head back to Kathmandu on the weekends to have a break from the village and teaching. We'd meet up with the rest of the Oyster group and share our weeks stories. Some weekends we'd head out of Kathmandu to see some sights. The medieval city of Bhaktapur was a favourite (especially the yoghurt the city is famous for!).

After the first two months were over we had a month of travel and activities lined up for us as part of the programme. Firstly was a 7 day trek along the Langtang Valley. The bus journey to the start was scary but the trek and scenery was amazingly something most breathtaking I've ever seen. And to share it with my amazing friends was something I'll never forget. After a day's rest in Kathmandu we took the bus to start two days white water rafting. This was an amazing trip and the rapids were awesome! Our overnight camp was comfortable and we had a great evening dancing and relaxing as a group. Straight after the rafting we headed to Chitwan National Park for a few days seeing the amazing wildlife. On our elephant back safari we saw a rhino whilst our river trip got us close to some crocodiles and another rhino!

After Chitwan we had a few days to kill before our next organised trip. So we organised to spend a few days in the lakeside town of Pokhara in Western Nepal. We had a great few days relaxing and seeing the sights, including a visit to the Gurkha museum and an afternoon's kayaking on the lake. Back in Kathmandu a few days later we headed off for an eight day cultural tour of Tibet. This was a truly once in a lifetime trip that included a visit to Everest Base Camp. We learnt so much about Tibetan culture and I'll admit the scenery was simply spectacular!

At the end of the whole four month placement we were all sad to leave our host families, schools and the country we had all come to love so much. But it is an experience I will never forget and would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone. The Oyster Worldwide programme was incredible, from the interviews and pre-departure preparation through to the support of the rep in Nepal and the truly incredible programme and placements. This is a programme were you can truly make a difference and truly immerse yourself in a beutiful country and it's culture. I made friends I'll keep for the rest of my life and had the best four months of my life!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Friends, family and a lot of dal bhat

I had the most amazing time ever in Nepal. Staying with a local host family really gave me an insight into Nepalese culture and way of life. It's incredible how quickly you adapt to living with just a few hours of electricity a day, no shower and a simple diet of dal bhat (rice and lentils) for breakfast and dinner. The trips were fantastic - trekking through the Himalayas is something I'll never forget, and visiting Tibet was the most awe-inspiring and humbling experience of my life. But I have to say, the highlight for me was teaching. Where else would you get a roomful of children literally cheering as you enter the classroom, and kids running up to talk to you at break time? It was really moving to realise that many of these children had never been praised by a teacher before, and were completely bewildered by things we take for granted, like drama, games and storywriting. Even now, more than three years since my trip, I still think about my pupils and the smiles they gave me every single day. I would recommend this trip to anyone.

What would you improve about this program?
I would really recommend putting volunteers in a village together. Because I was a long way from any other volunteers, I was quite isolated during the week. I also think it's helpful to have host families with children or young people in, as this enables you to better integrate into the family, rather than just being with a married couple.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The trip that changed my life..........

It is great to see this company on here. It has been quite a while since I made the plunge and traveled to Nepal with Oyster Worldwide; 6 and a half years, in fact. I went back in 2008 and since then it has utterly and completely changed my life. Along with finishing my degree, I have not stopped travelling since. I am now an English teacher in Kyrgyzstan which would have been an inconceivable notion to me back in 2007. I have lived in countries as far reaching and varied as Australia, Korea, Georgia, India and Spain. And none of this would have been at all possible without the care, support and great time that was offered to me by Oyster Worldwide.

Nepal still ranks as one of the most awe-inspiring, shocking, beautiful and, most importantly, damn good fun places I have been to. However, it is the village that will melt your heart. It won't be the bustle of Kathmandu or the peaks of the Himalayas-although, these are some of the best sites you will see, anywhere- it will be the family you stay with, the kids you teach and the village you eventually call home.

This experience will offer you the adventure and adrenaline you have been looking for while providing an incredible safety net that will always be there.

Miss this opportunity at your peril!


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Yes, I recommend this program

The best thing I have ever done!

I can honestly say that the three months I spent in Nepal were some of the best months of my life.

Firstly, the support from Oyster Worldwide was incredible - right from my first email enquiring about the trip 'til weeks after I returned home, the staff were clearly dedicated to ensuring that I was always safe and happy. They are a small company but this adds to their charm, as they know each of their volunteers individually and remain in contact with you throughout your trip. Whilst you are in Nepal your independence is promoted as you are living in a village with a Nepali family - however Oyster's in country representative (a man named Basant, who was absolutely wonderful) is based in the capital city of Kathmandu, which is a brilliant 'Safety Net' if ever you have a problem. Basant is contactable basically 24/7, which keeps you feeling safe at all times. Furthermore, Basant (who has his own company based in Kathmandu) and his staff are incredibly welcoming, and I considered them friends by the time I left.

Secondly, living with my host family was such a wonderful experience. They welcomed me into their life in every way and treated my as if I was really their daughter - I would consider them a second family now! They cook an amazing breakfast and dinner for you each day (our Nepali mother actually brought us tea in bed each morning!), and are eager to make you feel at home. Joining in with family traditions such as the twice-annual potato harvest, or gathering around the fire in the evenings, preparing dinner, or even watching Nepali TV is an unbeatable way to get the most out of the experience. This also extends to spending time in the rest of the village - going for walks allowed us to make some great friends in other parts of our village (Godawari), and allowed us to enjoy events such as Holi (the festival of colour) as much as possible.

What makes this trip really stand out is the trips that are included in the main price. Whilst in Nepal I took part in a seven-day trek in the Himalayas (something I thought I would never be able to do but ended up being one of the most incredible things I have ever done - and I am so proud of myself for doing it!), a jungle Safari (in which I found myself stood two metres from a wild rhino, whilst feeling completely safe), white-water rafting, and an eight day tour of Tibet (which was truly fascinating). The trip to Tibet even included a day spent visiting Mt. Everest Base Camp! These trips are incredible for so many reasons, and allow you to spent a lot of time with the other volunteers completing the same project.

Finally, the teaching was really the heart and soul of the time I spent in Nepal. The children you are teaching are wonderful - so polite and so eager to be friends with you, it's nothing but a pleasure to be teaching them each day. Before arriving in Nepal I wondered how I would teach English to children who didn't speak the language at all - how very wrong I was to worry! The children's english is, for the most part, very, very good. I found that their vocabulary was excellent - however, it was teaching them to use it properly that was the challenge. It was incredible to see the children slowly adopting the things I was teaching them, and I left at the end of my three months feeling like I had really made a difference.

Now that I have returned home from my trip I find myself wishing I was back there more frequently than I would have ever expected before I went away. I have promised my host family that I will be back to visit them in a few years, and I truly intend on keeping that promise!

To sum up, I honestly could not recommend this project enough; I had the absolute time of my life!

What would you improve about this program?
I don't actually know what to say here as I honestly can't think of anything! Oyster was incredibly flexible and allowed me to adjust the trip to suit my needs (eg. travelling alongside a friend, and being away for three months instead of the suggested four) and I really can't think of a single thing I would change.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Amazing Experience

Nepal was one of the best experiences of my life. The country itself is just so diverse and the people you will meet are absolutely lovely. There is so much to do and to experience so living in the country for a couple of months really lets you soak up the culture... fabulous.

I cannot praise the Oyster programme enough. They placed me with a local family in one of the outlying villages of Kathmandu Valley, which wasn't nearly as daunting as it seemed. The family were lovely and had numerous kids who spoke English, and there was another volunteer placed with me which was really nice. Living with a Nepali family provided me with thousands of memories that I'll treasure forever: eating Daal Bhat with my fingers whilst sitting on the floor of the kitchen; chasing the family cow through the village when it had gone walkabout; collecting wood with the women of the family and carrying it on our heads back to the house; participating in loads of Hindu festivals, involving flower garlands and tikka on our heads; washing in the freezing cold water under the light of the moon. It was an amazing experience that you won't get anywhere else.

Teaching English was also fabulous. Having had no particular training in how to teach, I was pretty nervous when arriving to be told that I would just be handed a number of classes but I shouldn't have worried. The kids were enthusiastic and just wanted to speak English to you and I had great fun selecting things that I wanted to teach to them. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up doing a PGCE when I got home and have been happily teaching English in a high school in the North of England for the past 5 years!

The social side of the programme was also really good. There were 7 Oyster volunteers in Kathmandu Valley so each weekend we used to get the bus back into the city and meet up. Kathmandu has a great nightlife scene and we soon met other travellers who were completing similar projects. The treks that we completed were also really great (Tibet was closed during the year that we went due to political upheaval... typical) and one of the best things that we did was the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. I'll never forget watching the sun set whilst surrounded by 8000m high mountains. Chitwan National Park was brilliant: where else can you see white rhino from the back of an elephant? We also spent some time in a women's shelter, painting murals and exploring the Buddhist area of Kathmandu. Trips to Pokhara, joining in with the festival of Holi and watching the bodies be burned in Pashnupathinath were also some of the highlights.

I felt so supported when in Nepal. The local representative, Basant, was just so friendly and he treated us so well. His door was always open and he was always there to offer help and advice; be it ideas on where to go or even assistance in getting an Indian visa (a farse in Kathmandu!), he was always there. When my boyfriend flew in after our 4 months and we went travelling through India, Singapore and Malaysia, Basant let me leave a load of stuff in his office to pick up at a later date... what a legend.

I cannot recommend this programme enough. Having completed Camp America and going Interrailing during my university years, I thought that I was fairly well travelled however this trip was like no other. Actually living in the country, with a family, was such an amazing experience I would recommend it to anyone... just go for it!

What would you improve about this program?
I don't think that I could. Perhaps having a few more volunteers would have been good as there was such a small number of us but that's not necessarily something that you can control!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic memories and a great life experience!

My experience in Nepal was amazing. I started out a shy and very nervous girl with little life experience and 4 months later I came back to the UK very confident, with heaps of great teaching experience, unbeatable memories and lifelong friendships.

For me, Oyster offered an unbeatable programme of cultural immersion, voluntary experience and organised treks and excursions all added to a comprehensive timetable. As I had never been away without family before, having a fairly organised structure really helped. I was able to explore Nepal during activities pre-arranged by Oyster, but along with my group we also arranged our own trips, such as watching the sunrise over Nagarkot, and bungy jumping, on top of socialising every weekend!

Being a volunteer teacher was by no means easy, and I am incredibly proud of myself for overcoming initial nerves to teach classes of around 40 children. I learned an incredible amount as a teacher and (hopefully!) imparted some knowledge too! In fact I was so inspired by teaching in Nepal that I completed 2 years as a Teaching Assistant back in the UK and this September I start my PGCE at Cambridge in order to become a qualified teacher. In Nepal I found the one major thing which was lacking in the curriculum was creativity. All teaching was done using set text books. Therefore I decided, with permission from the headteacher, to focus on creative writing with the children. I felt well prepared for teaching, as we had some detailed training delivered during the pre-departure course.

A highlight for me, as well as the awesome treks and safari, was living in the village with a traditional Nepali family. This experience was like none other I have had or ever will have again. I learned so much about Nepali culture, eating the staple 'dal bhat' twice a day, going to weddings at least once a week and waking up to my Nepali brothers turkey squawking at 5am every morning are just a few memories I will never forget!

Thank you Oyster for a FANTASTIC 4 months. 6 years, 2 universities, and countless residences later... Nepal still tops all my experiences!

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Yes, I recommend this program

All-round fantastic trip

The program focus is very much on teaching. However, it is very much up to you to make sure you have a positive impact at the schools at which you are teaching. In your (relatively short) time there, make sure to quickly identify what problems your pupils are having in their understanding of the English language, and then identify which one's you can make a real difference on in your short time there.
Outside of school, there are plenty of things to do, as well. The school day is relatively short, so make sure you make the most of your free time. You'll be living with a working family so you'll definitely get a 'real' experience, but make sure to explore the local area to get a good sense of what its like to actually live in Nepal (rather than just holiday there).
I did lots of longs walks, and took trips around the country on the weekend. I went to Pokhara (Nepal's second city), went paragliding, bungee jumping, and hill walking. I also went on safari in Chitwan National Park, seeing elephants, rhino and monkeys. At one point, when I got a bit longer time off (during a school holiday), my group and I even went to Tibet! The Tibet trip is fantastic and really worth doing.
The support from the Oyster contacts in Kathmandu is fantastic. Basant's main business is as a travel agent, so he can actually help you out a lot in terms of organising things to do in your free time.

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