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Travel to Nepal's beautiful city of Pokhara and volunteer alongside an international team in local schools, providing educational and personal development support to children. Nepal has the densest concentration of world heritage sites and promises you cultural exploration and personal development as you make a difference in local communities.

Top Volunteer Projects in Nepal:

  • Volunteer with Children in Nepal: Volunteer alongside an international team in a care center or children's home, providing educational and personal development support to children. Immerse yourself in the rich Nepalese culture amongst breathtaking Himalayan scenery.
  • Volunteer and Adventure Experience in Nepal: Volunteer on a childcare project, providing underprivileged children with better education opportunities before embarking on an adventure trek to the famous Mount Everest base camp.
  • Volunteer on Construction Projects in Nepal: Travel to Nepal to join an international team of volunteers working to improve the lives of the local communities by building and renovating basic infrastructure and educational facilities.
  • Childcare Expedition in South Asia: Discover Asia when you travel to Nepal, India and Laos on a world wind volunteer experience! Contribute to valuable childcare initiatives and help provide much needed educational and early development support to the underprivileged children of these regions.
  • Volunteer Healthcare Project in Nepal: Provide support for people with special needs by assisting in training teachers, healthcare workers and families. Discover the spectacular mountains and landscapes in your free time.

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Womens Empowerment in Nepal

I first heard about GVI through my daughter who attended an under 18s programme to Cape Town. I wondered if GVI offered programmes for adults so rang them and was delighted to hear that they did. In fact, they are actively seeking over 50s volunteers. I chose Women’s Empowerment as the project theme was where I felt my professional experience best lay. I chose Nepal as I had not visited that country before and wanted my GVI experience to be totally new.

Whilst I happened to be the oldest volunteer during the two weeks I was there this did not matter at all. Everyone there has chosen GVI for their volunteering experience and we all had lots in common. The GIV staff both managers of the hub and the local Nepali project co-ordinators were very welcoming and understood what volunteers needed to give them confidence before starting on projects. It was a friendly environment.

The main activities that I worked on were being paired with two local Nepali ladies who wanted to learn English. A few days a week I worked in a village in Pame, just outside Pokhara and there other days at a community centre in Male Patan with the city of Pokhara. Both of my ladies were at different stages in their learning, but you get a log book that previous volunteers had written up with gave me a good idea of what I needed to cover in our lessons. The lessons were usually 2 hours long and I used the grammar resources and reading books that were at the homestay to plan my lessons. I was a bit out of my comfort zone for the initial sessions but soon got a good idea of what would work, if all else failed I reverted to reading books with my ladies, so the English conversation and pronunciation flowed.

From the moment I first contacted GVI and the open day that I attended I felt in good hands. The staff were very helpful in helping me find the right program for me and all the pre-departure information was spot on. I was met at the other end and made welcome from the off. I would urge anyone who might be interested to pick up the phone and speak to GVI you will not regret it.

How can this program be improved?
Very happy the way it is
Yes, I recommend this program
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3 Weeks Volunteering In Pokhara, Nepal

I would like to start by saying that my time in Nepal was incredibly enjoyable, exciting and SO worth the money. As soon as I arrived in Pokhara and met a few of the other volunteers I knew I was in the right place for me. The volunteers new and old were all friendly and up for a laugh, the accommodation was not too glamorous but it did the job well, and the staff were helpful and welcoming. As for the project I was on construction so it was mostly lifting, painting, brick laying and making and laying concrete. While this can get repetitive at times, when you get to see the progress your making in the building and interact with the kids whose lives will be improved with the results of your hard work, it becomes a very satisfying and enjoyable project. What I think will be most memorable though is the people that made the trip so amazing; the other volunteers, GVI staff from abroad or who live in Pokhara, and the Nepali kids and workers that we met while working or playing football in the street. I made friends with other volunteers from Switzerland, America, Ireland, Australia and all over the UK that I will never forget. What is even better is that all this happened in what is maybe the most attractive country in the world in terms of landscapes and natural beauty. I remember catching just a glimpse of the mountain they call Fishtail and it made me want to stay in Nepal a lot longer. The town of Pokhara is also a great place to be; there are shops, bars, cafes and great views of the lake just a few minutes walk from the homestay, and trust me its far away from the chaos of Kathmandu.

The project and the whole experience definitely added to my personal development; travelling out there, being introduced to a population and a country so different to my own culturally, economically, and socially, expended my world view and helped me appreciate the level of comfort those of us in the Western world live in compared to those living in third world nations. With the project I felt we were able to at least make a slight difference in combatting the poor opportunities of children and people in Nepal, and more closely improving the local community and schooling system by improving infrastructure for education and learning. However, I felt personally that three weeks volunteering wasn't quite enough time to make a real difference; I would recommend staying for four weeks or more so you can get the most out of the place, the people and the project.

To conclude, I couldn't recommend more strongly the project and the country. It was one of the best life experiences I've had so far in so many ways and I strongly believe it will be for anyone who decides to sign up. Believe me, you won't regret it. #GVINepal

How can this program be improved?
Apart form small things like not so much variety of food and sometimes slow WiFi at the homestay I don't have any complaints. The operations were run well and there were very rarely problems with the project outside of what staff can control, i.e Nepali contruction workers not turning up on one day for work. Overall, no problems that would take away from the experience or enjoyment.
Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable Experience

My volunteering with GVI in Nepal was overall a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I did the adventure experience, trekking to Everest Base Camp before working in Pokhara on childcare and construction projects. The trekking was so much fun, it was challenging of course but very well organized and I received great support. Our guide was great! In Pokhara I worked with an amazing, dynamic and energetic team on some great projects for the local community. During my weeks there I got to contribute to a much-needed chicken coop/rabbit house for the boys' home, a temple for a local school and a new building for the childcare centre. I loved the diversity of tasks and flexibility in trying new things. Combined with the great and relaxed life on base and opportunity to travel and explore during weekends it was an ideal program. I really felt like I contributed to the local community whilst learning so much myself from being in a different culture and working with such a diverse team. I would recommend this to anyone!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Nurses Nepal Trip 2016

Arrived as part of a group of 12 healthcare volunteers ( 11 trained nurses and 1 medical representative), to work in Pokara. The trip was well organised and we had the support of GVI staff throughout. Would recommend visiting this beautiful country and helping where you can. We ran health check clinics, offered advice via translators on diet, exercise, lifestyle and child care. The clinics we ran were well attended by mainly adults. We were also given the opportunity to visit local health care services and saw how the earthquake had impacted on health particularly in one hospital in Bandepaur. Accommodation was basic but comfortable, food delicious as we ate in small local restaurants. We had minibus transport to rural villages and felt safe at all times. Our mini bus blew a tyre on the road from Kathmandu to Pokara and we survived to tell the tale, with the excellent reflexes and driving skills of our driver. We were working for 14 days and no-one missed a day due to ill health. We enjoyed our trip and GVI were a great support, offering valuable information and advice whilst in the country. I would definitely go back again .

Response from Global Vision International (GVI)

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your kind words about your time in Nepal, we always love hearing stories from our Alumni!

Do you know that we run an Ambassador program which allows you to stay connected with GVI from home, and earn points towards a future program? If you'd like to find out more, you can email me on [email protected] and I'll be able to give you more details!

All the best,

Jon, Alumni Engagement Manager

Yes, I recommend this program
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An experience I'll never forget

This was my first volunteer trip and it was incredible. I did the construction program with GVI for 3.5 weeks and it was hard work but left you feeling alive and so pumped you just wanted to keep going. It was great to see the improvement before my own eyes and know that I was involved in making that happen. It was an absolutely incredible experience working with local tradesmen and being shown how to build, tile, make cement etc the way that they do it, and without some of the western machinery we have at home. It was an eye opener and a mind opener and left me feeling sad when I left, like a was leaving a part of me behind. The people just made me feel so at home and took me in as one of their own it was hard saying good bye, both to the locals and the GVI staff who I came to be good friends with. I cannot wait to go back and see how everything I had a hand in has progressed!

How can this program be improved?
some of the packing prep provided was confusing as it mixed winter and summer gear together . two separate lists would be good
Yes, I recommend this program
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Chance of a Lifetime!

My husband and I are retired and love to travel. We also like to 'give back'; we are lucky to live in the US and have been able to take advantage of it's bounty. So GVI's volunteer/adventure opportunities suit us very well. We can combine our love for travel together with the chance to maybe help the local community in some way. Also when you travel this way, you can truly say - I know what it's like to live in such and such a country. The adventure projects are even better because they can involve somewhat of a challenge with your adventure. We had always wanted to get a glimpse of Mount Everest and this adventure trip offered us a chance to do just that, plus do some volunteer work with the wonderful Nepalese people. The trek to Everest Base Camp came at the beginning of our six-week project and included adventure at the very beginning - the plane ride from Kathmandu to the small airport at Lukla. The trek through the Himalayas was challenging but breathtaking and led by two exceptional guides who helped, encouraged and laughed with us. There were 7 of us in our little group, together with two guides and three porters. At the end we felt like family. Our arrival at Base Camp was exhilarating and joyful; better still was the view of Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse at sunrise the next morning from Kala Patthar. Our orientation week was comprehensive and unique - language lessons, stays at a farmhouse, a typical home and visits to heritage sites in and around Kathmandu. We completed our volunteer project in the mountain village of Bandipur - starting point for several treks, including the Annapurna tour. We worked with children ranging in age from preschoolers to ten and eleven years old in various childcare centers and schools throughout the day. We also completed a painting project and did some restoration work on a Newari architecture library. Our accommodations were basic, but the hot showers were luxurious. There wasn't too much variation in our food choices but it was plentiful and nutritious. Overall a great experience and we wouldn't hesitate to take another trip with Global Vision International (GVI).

Yes, I recommend this program


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