Teaching English to Buddhist monks
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Teaching English to Buddhist monks

Volunteer to teach young monks with unique opportunity to learn about their life style in a fascinating monastery. You'll experience monastery life in one of the world’s most spiritual countries. Nepal has many spectacular Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries house hundreds of monks enrolled in this lifestyle from a young age. They study and live in the monastery. They mostly use Tibetan language only during their studies and their chances of learning English are very limited.

Teaching English to Buddhist monks is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism and culture. Volunteers will also have wonderful opportunity to learn the Vajrayana form of Buddhism and witness colorful rituals and prayers. As a volunteer you will work in the monastery where you will teach English to the monks. During the teaching you will be encouraged to converse with monks to improve their speech.

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As we are runing our program totally depending on our volunteers program fees all the support we have been providing to the orphanage homes sponsorship and our children resource center come from our volunteers program fees. we are trying very hard to keep our costs down because we realized volunteers are making a big sacrifice and have saved for a long time to come to Nepal. Still there are some expenses that we have to cover that is why we request to our volunteers to pay the program fees.

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20 years old

Go, go, go!


I have spent three exciting weeks of the summer 2017 volunteering in a Buddhist monastery near Kathmandu, Nepal organized by We Volunteer Nepal. From airport pickup and sightseeing of the city to helping me and other volunteers with our Nepalese SIM cards when they didn't work and spending a whole day trying to reach tech support of the SIM card company, We Volunteer Nepal was everything that I expected and more!
Even now, one month after my Nepal experience, it's very hard to put my feelings into words, but I can say without a doubt that I will come back. Maybe to teach little monks English and Math again or maybe to participate in some environmental volunteering and try to contribute to keeping this country as beautiful as it is today.
For all of you who are having second thoughts about volunteering in Nepal - don't! You are in for the rewarding experience, acceptance, kindness, and love, so much love. Safe travels!

23 years old
Bundaberg, Queensland

We Volunteer Nepal - Teaching English to Buddhist Nuns


I volunteered at the Hasante Buddhist monastery teaching English to the nuns in September, 2016 with We Volunteer Nepal. We Volunteer were a great organisation to help me have this experience in Nepal, and they were very helpful in getting me settled into Nepal. Firstly they put me into accommodation for my first night to recover from the flight, then they allowed a day for me to be shown around the city itself for a day of touring and sight seeing. Bhagawan was also helpful for two of the other volunteers with us when they became ill at one stage. The eating and sleeping conditions were very good at the monastery, with the food being cooked fresh for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and was absolutely delicious (obviously also all vegetarian to abide by Buddhist teachings). For sleeping conditions we had two people to a room, with an attached bathroom in each room, which was situated in a separate complex to the main monastery buildings which meant on our down time we had a private space to relax in. Obviously the bathrooms and beds aren't a five class hotel standard, but they are perfectly satisfactory for any volunteer. The nuns were a huge help throughout our time there and very helpful with any questions we had, while also being the kindest and most welcoming people.
I highly recommend this program with We Volunteer Nepal for those wanting an overseas volunteering experience to remember.

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We are a non-profit, non-religious, non-political, non-government organization who links international volunteers with Nepali people. We wish to enrich and improve the lives of both the local people and volunteers by providing new and memorable adventures and experiences. We are working for many different placement