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Volunteers with children in Palestine
Volunteers with children in Palestine
Streets of Palestine
Streets of Palestine
Streets of Palestine
Streets of Palestine
Volunteer with children in Palestine
Volunteer with children in Palestine
Volunteers in Palestine
Volunteers in Palestine
Map of Palestine
Map of Palestine
Volunteers in Palestine
Volunteers in Palestine


Love Volunteers provides volunteers with many rewarding opportunities to participate in programs in the West Bank. Volunteering in Palestine provides volunteers the unique opportunity to learn more about one of the oldest civilizations in the world, home to a rich culture and history. Love volunteers provides a range of options for volunteering in Palestine. Browse through the list below and visit the Love Volunteers website for more information.

Current Love Volunteers Programs in Palestine:
Community Development
Education Support
Education Program


Volunteers are encouraged to take Arabic classes while they volunteer in Palestine.
Projects can be taken anywhere from 1 week to 6 months.
Volunteers live in apartments that are often shared with other volunteers.

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Yes, I recommend this program

What you make of it.

The West Bank is no place to be afraid of. As with everywhere there are considerations to be aware of. For example, falling in love with the Palestinian people. It is considerably dangerous business, the warmth, hospitality, patience and consideration is lethal.

The program itself is involved heavily in the local community, and well regarded. Time spent outside program activities can be spent on activities ranging from visiting historical and religious sites, braving tear gas, rubber bullets and arrest at protests, hiking the Judean Desert or Golan foothills, studying colloquial Arabic or agricultural permaculture methods. Planned wisely, visiting the West Bank and Israel will give you an unbiased, first hand insight into a conflict that has had a global impact for the past 60 years.

The food is fantastic, the dancing is manic, the hospitality and concern for every visitor's wellbeing is aggressive.

I can only advise going soon and for remaining as long as you can.

Response from Love Volunteers

Hi Max,
Wow, what a great insight into Palestinian hospitality!
We're so pleased to hear that the experience was rewarding both for yourself and for the local community - exactly what we intend for all our volunteers.
All the best for the future!
The Team @ Love Volunteers

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Yes, I recommend this program

hard work + great people + good place = best summer ever

As soon as I stepped foot into the volunteer house, I felt like a welcome part of the team, and that was something I never really thought was possible. It was impossible not to bond with the people I met from day 1. The entire month I spent there went by entirely too quickly.

During the time I was there, I may have done alot of "manual labour" but I had a blast knowing that when all the hard work was finished, there would be kids playing and learning on every inch of the land we worked on. Working there taught be alot about myself, what I thought I could do, and what I found out I could do. That trip actually did change my outlook on life. Changed what I want to study in graduate school, and my dream job.

I loved the food. I had never really had Middle Eastern food much before, and what I did have was the Westernized American version. I've never eaten so many felafels before, and I still like to have one now and then. The golden bread/hummus we had regularly for lunch was surprisingly filling.

The other volunteers and I found some great places to go and hang out, with locals, and with other internationals. It was absolutely amazing! That doesn't really even begin to cover it. Even now, almost a year later, I'm still telling people about my experiences, and constantly wishing I could go back. I still keep in contact with all of the amazing people I met and made friends with. I would highly recommend going and experiencing as much of Palestine as posisble!

Response from Love Volunteers

Dear Jen,
It made me smile reading your review and picturing you in Palestine, working hard but having a ball.
Volunteers go abroad to enrich the lives of those they help; the wonderful side-effect of this is the change in the volunteer themselves. You can't help but be inspired by the experience of helping others in an environment so different from your own.
May your wish of going back come true - we'd love to have on the team again.
The Team @ Love Volunteers


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Haifa-U. Michaeli
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Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion
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While traveling in the Palestine region, you will be confronted with their tumultuous history. The main pull for traveling in this region comes down to learning about the culture and breaking down unsubstantiated ideas. There is a lot to learn form the people, history, and political climate.


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