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With rolling valleys, mountainous plains, and vein-like creeks coursing throughout, Peru's Manu National Park is the perfect place for countless plants and animals to thrive. With an area the size of Connecticut, the park has managed to thrive against all odds, with visitors flocking from around the globe to learn about biodiversity and conservation – and what better place to do that, than in an area flourishing with life?

As a volunteer, you will assist the team at the Manu Learning Centre in carrying out their research on Peru’s native animals, perhaps even having the opportunity (if you’re lucky enough!) to make new discoveries along the way. Explore the rainforest, carry out ecological surveys and collect data to be used in scientific publications; spend time supporting the local community, empowering local people by helping them improve their livelihoods and living standards; and witness some of the world's most iconic species (such as sloths and jaguars) on this amazing project!

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