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You're needed for one to three weeks as a volunteer to teach in rural school classrooms in the Siedlce region, east of Warsaw, and at English language camps in the Tatra mountain village of Zakopane - teachers and non-teachers alike are helpful! The primary objectives are to intensify the young students' desire to learn English and to enhance the adults' ability to communicate in English. Summer teams are a fun family Adventure in Service! Volunteers and Polish school students take trips together and play American games.

Through these important volunteer assignments and cultural activities, you'll learn about Poland and feel forever invested.

During the summer months, volunteers to Siedlce teach Polish youth in an informal “camp” atmosphere at Reymontowka Manor House. The summer camp schedule calls for English classes in the morning to the early afternoon and optional organized activities with students in the later afternoons.

  • Immerse yourself in Polish culture.
  • Work with Polish children to help them gain confidence in the English language.
  • All logistics (except for international airfare) arranged by our staff, so you can focus on volunteering.
  • Global Volunteers' policy: safety trumps everything. Volunteers are well taken care of by their Team Leader while on a service program.
  • Discover beautiful architecture and the hospitable culture of Poland.


Since 1990, Global Volunteers has been playing a small but vital role in Poland’s progress by sending volunteers from all walks of life to teach conversational English – the language of the world’s marketplace – to youth and adults in classrooms and informal group settings. Volunteers teach English conversational skills in classrooms and summer camps in Siedlce, an historical city in east-central Poland, and in the picturesque alpine community of Zakopane, located in the Tatra Mountains along Poland’s southern edge. While volunteering in Poland, you will be an active participant of the community you serve, much more than an observer. The Polish people are very patriotic – they love their country and have a great sense of pride. The Poles are known for their hospitality – they always take care of their guests. They like to say: “Guest in the house – God in the house.” They are also very sociable and love to sing and dance. No teaching experience is necessary, as exposure to the language through native speakers is extremely helpful to the students. You can make a difference teaching English in Poland!

Questions & Answers

Here's the website that spells out the Poland program in detail: https://globalvolunteers.org/poland/

You don't need much spending money. All of your meals at the camp are paid for. You will need to spend your own money if you go into town and buy various items, like soft drinks, ice cream, souvenirs and things like that. You should purchase a health insurance plan for overseas travelers. Many American insurance companies (and Medicare) do not cover travel to overseas. You can get a cheap policy...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at Reymontowka...a Great Experience

Having communicated with Global Volunteers for many years, I finally decided to "do it!!" I hosted a couple from Krakow through couchsurfing in late 2018; as we exchanged travel stories, they said, "You must come to Poland!!" I decided to visit them and also volunteer for two weeks with Global Volunteers in the Warsaw area. I traveled by train from Krakow to Warsaw and stayed over in a hotel near the airport. Global Volunteers picked me (and other volunteers) up the next morning (Saturday) and took us to Reymontowka, a lovely country estate. Dorota checked us in; we were given a key to our private room with private bath.
The students arrived the following day; we were introduced to them and later we were introduced to those whom would be our students! I was assigned 9 students ages 12-14. Monday morning we began our routine of four 45 minute sessions with conversational English. Most of my students had attended the "camp" for several summers so I spent time finding/developing activities to challenge them with vocabulary and speaking ability. Because I had worked as a teacher, I focused on their reactions to the activities. Some students lingered between sessions to converse about the activity or just to have a personal conversation.
The students were very responsive and let me know what they really enjoyed. The more experienced students assisted others. All were quite serious about completing their part of the activity.
This setting had not had a volunteer from New Mexico so I was privileged to show all camp participants and staff a 45 minute powerpoint of photos from throughout the state...and videos of ski areas, Balloon Fiesta, the tram ride to the top of the Sandia Mountains, etc.
Dorota and the counseling staff were great to work with. The experience of working with six other talented volunteers was memorable. The volunteers were taken to area cities/towns for personal shopping and other activities. It was great to get to know the region.
The meals served were wonderful! We were served wonderful meals in a lovely dining room with special table settings...really quite elegant!
I do hope to return again...but cannot do it in 2020 due to other commitments. I encourage others to "do it!!" It will be an experience that you will NEVER FORGET!

What was your funniest moment?
The day after arrival and the Sunday between the two weeks, we were taken to a nearby church, if we chose to attend. The second Sunday we were taken to a larger church than the first Sunday....only to find that the pastor had changed the service time and had not changed it on the website!! So, we (students and volunteers) were taken back to the church we had attended the previous Sunday!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering in Poland ,the country, the people, and the culture.....simply awesome!

Poland has to be one of the best kept secrets that I never knew about. While volunteering in Poland ,I was also able to participate in cultural activities like playing some soccer and mushroom hunting. I’m so grateful for the support of the teachers and in country representatives. Guidance and flexibility were always available on assignments. The relationships with the teachers and staff could be summed up in a phrase, “ family of partners”.It was a working and rewarding event. Our daily schedule consisted of planning the lessons, presenting them in class and reviewing in the evening. After a couple of days , you get a feel for what is effective and what is not. I learned from this and then focused on improving each class. After about a couple classes I developed a “connection” with them.
Teachers were very supportive and gave good feedback..ex. One of the teachers asked me to slow down and speak a little clearer. When I did this, the connection with the students improved.

What would you improve about this program?
I spent 3 weeks in my assignment. I could have easily spent a few months in the country .I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new folks and trying to learn customs and other cultural traditions. Global Volunteers did an excellent job of introducing me to the country and the expectations. Support staff did a very thorough job assisting volunteers. Other than offering longer assignments, the only thing to improve on would be a better understanding of specific learning needs of the different grades taught. I will work on learning this on my next assignment
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Poland

Volunteering in PoIand was extraordinary. I wanted to have a meaningful life after retirement. To me, life without giving is meaningless. Volunteering in Poland provided an opportunity to truly learn about the culture of the Polish people. Each and every day I was able to enjoy typical, fabulous Polish cuisine prepared by the wonderful staff at the manor house. I was able to meet the locals of the community and learn about their lives. As a tourist, the experience would have been very different, more like a check list, seeing all the attractions, rather than truly experiencing. My responsibility was to teach conversational English to preschool and elementary school children. I learned that I did not have to be a professional English teacher to be successful. I arrived each day with a positive attitude, showing interest in the children's lives and just being engaged. They learned from me, but I learned from them. I received true appreciation and respect from the students, teachers, all the staff from the schools, and everyone from Global Volunteers. When it comes to other cultures, although we may eat different foods, we may respond to things a little differently, we learn from service that we all share basic needs. People want to live with dignity, in safety, and with love.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Go with an open mind and an open heart. The children will sincerely appreciate your kindness and respect.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My summer camps have been life changing.

In 2016 I completed my first GV trip to Poland. I do not have any children, nor do I have a teaching background. Walking out to teach my first day was very frightening, but very quickly my fear subsided and my heart was instantly won over by my students. I will return to Poland for the 5th time this year. I have come to love the Polish people, the country, and most of all, the students. The GV Country Manager (Dorota) is excellent. We are well cared for (and well fed) by the staff. Everyone makes us feel valued and appreciated. I have made life long friends with other volunteers, camp staff and the students. Thanks to social media, it is easy to stay in touch with everyone. I can without hesitation recommended GV and specifically the Poland program.

What would you improve about this program?
I cannot think of anything. It is a wonderful program.
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Yes, I recommend this program


I am going to be doing my 4th stint in Poland this July. I first went with my daughter, then I took my niece, then I went with a friend I met the year before in Poland and this time I will be going by myself but know two volunteers who will be there. The children are amazing. They are so eager to learn and use the English language. Lessons are taught through song, games, books and general conversation. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. I seriously need more space to explain the impact this program has had on me, my daughter and my niece. I have done other programs with global that I have loved, but something special keeps me coming back to Poland.

What would you improve about this program?
I can honestly say that there is nothing I could say to improve this program. More than enough resources for teaching, wonderful food, free time , access to learn about the country and history of program and people always willing to help out.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A unique and rewarding way to immerse yourself in Polish culture

I have been to Poland three times with Global Volunteers. Each time I spent two weeks at the Reymontówka summer camp. I had a great experience each time and would like to return next summer.

The camp is unique. You get to know Polish middle school and high school students by teaching them and interacting with them. They are eager to learn English and you can get really creative in the camp. The emphasis is on oral English so you by no means have to have an English or ESL teaching background.

Anyone can succeed in this program. The team leader, Dorota, is wonderful and you can talk to her about any concerns. The staff is also great and will help you with feedback and teaching ideas. The library in the teachers' room is huge and has so many activities and resources you can use.

You have a change to go into town several times during the two week stay. You will visit places that other travelers in Poland don't even know about. You have the chance to enrich your stay in Poland by spending the weekend in Warsaw or Kraków, both of which are very much first-rate, modern European cities.

The setting is also unique. The camp is located in a beautiful forest. You will have a room in the beautiful manor house and eat delicious homemade meals in the dining room. It is fun to talk to other volunteers and get ideas from them.

This is your chance to meet Polish people and have Polish experiences that you wouldn't have as just a traveler in this beautiful and welcoming country. You won't regret coming here!

What would you improve about this program?
Really, the program is great just the way it is. I won't change anything!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Zakopane was my first experience with Global Volunteers, and they exceeded my expectations and beyond. From start to finish, the GV staff helped me in every way possible to prepare for the trip and have an outstanding two weeks.

Only being seventeen at the time I thought it would be weird teaching students so close in age as me, but it made the trip all the more special because my students and I had many of the same interests that made my teaching and their learning more fun and interesting.

Going with the kids on their after lesson activities like hiking and occasionally soccer, was definitely the highlight since you got to know the kids, as well as the other volunteers, on a more personal level. Making sure there was never a dull moment, volunteers and the kids participated in off key sing-a-longs and the kids teaching the volunteers some Polish along the way on the hikes.

It was hard to leave after the two weeks had finished, but I knew that I would definitely be returning to have the same amazing experience with the wonderful staff and the sweetest students sometime in the near future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

We learnt skills we never knew we had.

I wanted my twin 17 year old daughters to do some voluntary work during their summer holidays. Teaching English at Reymontowka in Poland was something that I thought would be challenging yet achievable given their ages.

From the minute of arriving we were made to feel appreciated, like honoured guests. During our time there we were treated to performances, by the children, showcasing Polish culture through song and dance. I would say we learnt as much about the Polish culture as they did English.

We were part of a group of five non-native speaking volunteers (we are British and our two co-volunteers were American). None of us had any previous teaching experience. However, there was a resource room full of learning material, games, books etc which made the lesson planning easy. We were left to ourselves to decide what to teach our groups relevant to their ages and abilities. The afternoons we were free to explore, lesson plan or watch the activities laid on for the youngsters.

The children gravitated towards my daughters (being closer in age to them) and, of course, my girls knew all the words and dance moves to current pop songs which helps. It made my daughters feel very special. The age range of the children was 8-11 years. The majority of them really wanted to improve their speaking ability though I was surprised how much English they already knew. They were definitely not beginners.

We were genuinely sad to leave at the end of our two weeks. Not only did we learn about a country I had never thought to visit before but we were shown huge respect and friendship from all whom we encountered. We had the opportunity to visit Warsaw during our weekend off and flew to Krakow at the end of our volunteering for an extra few days of sightseeing.

On a personal note I was delighted to accompany my daughters (in fact I needed to as they were under 18 years old). I could see by the end of the two weeks how they had grown in confidence and belief in themselves. We left with many happy memories.

What would you improve about this program?
Before arrival I thought the children would come from disadvantaged backgrounds. A lot of the children came from, what appeared to be, quite affluent families. If they had come from a lower social/economic background this would have made the voluntary experience more rewarding for me.