Marine Mammal Survey of the North West Pacific

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Travel on board the 50 berth expedition ship, the Spirit of Enderby, as we explore the Russian Far East. This incredible part of the world is full of marine life and is a major feeding ground for a large number of migratory whale species and a permanent residence for many others. There is potential to see up to 14 species for cetaceans including the rare Nothern Right, Bowhead and Blue Whales. During the course of this 15 day expedition from Russia's Petropavlovsk- Kamchatskiy to Sakhalin Island, we will make an effort to collect valuable scientific data on marine mammals. The Spirit of Enderby has an open-bridge policy and our staff members will keep constant watch on board the ship, recording all marine mammal sightings and taking photos for identification. We will also collect some biopsy samples upon obtaining necessary permits. We plan to publish a paper at the end of the voyage. Your contribution to this research will be invaluable.

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