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Join People and Places as a volunteer at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC). This program supports an innovative initiative to bring world class education through digital technology to children and young adults in rural South Africa.

HDLC, and three other similar centres, was set up to address the growing disparity between urban and rural schools in South Africa. The founder of the learning centres states: 'We live in a digital age. Access to the world’s information now lies at our fingertips, whether we access it through our computer, our i-pad or our phone. In schools across the developed world it is becoming the main tool for learning, but in rural African schools, as in other developing countries, such technology is an impossible dream. How can overcrowded schools, with not enough teachers and few resources, be expected to build and maintain expensive media centres with the latest educational software and apps, let alone to have the digital expertise to make full use of them? So, more and more rural students are left behind because they cannot navigate the digital world, and the gap between the haves and the have-nots becomes wider and wider.' The learning centres were set up to address this problem.

At the centres, courses are offered to school children in English and Maths using the latest digital apps relevant to their school curriculum, and the school-leavers in digital literacy and vocational subjects.

Learn more about volunteer programs with People and Places in this part of South Africa from their website!

  • Work alongside local people to share your skills

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