Volunteer at a Rural Community and Charity in South Africa

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Volunteering at a rural community is a great way to provide much needed support. Live and work as a member of the community and the charity that supports it, work on projects that uplift and invest in the community for a permanent, long term positive effect. Plus get to know a vibrant welcoming culture and South Africa long the way!

Projects such as:
- Teaching children both at creche schools and with after school homework.
- Promoting sustainability via engagement projects and developing eco-friendly facilities and living practices.
- Upcycling trash to treasure projects turning discarded items or waste into art.
- Building local infrastructure for economic growth and to help break the poverty cycle.
- Sustainable agricultural projects for food security.
- Local industry and artisan and cottage growth initiative teaching new skills to generate economic growth

During your time you can work on just one project or all of them depending on your interest.

Program Highlights
  • Be a force for good - The personal reward from working with a community and seeing your actions make a real difference is unbeatable.
  • Find the role for you - While volunteering at the charity you can put any skills or passions to work and help in your own unique way, be it teacher or farming expert.
  • New friends and family - As you live and work with the community, the charities staff and other volunteers united by your common interest and incredible experiences you'll form great friendships
  • Discover South Africa - The charity is based in a wildlife and nature haven, during off days you can take part in local activities such as safari drives or visit points of interest.

Program Impact

The charities goals are to invest and develop in the community. They do this by providing better education, economic development, infra structure projects, promote sustainability, cultural awareness encouraging tourism, empowering though teaching new skills, conservational work to reducing human-wildlife conflict and food security through farming practices.

The charity itself lives and works onsite with the community.
Working so closely together means that the community itself can better communicate needs, ideas and ways to improve their livelihood for more effective development.

As a volunteer you'll be playing a key role in helping with various projects ensuring that the people living at the community are given the opportunity to develop and grow!

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