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Oct 28, 2022
Nov 17, 2022
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About Program

Join us and industry leading ecologists and wildlife experts.

A rare opportunity, play a key role in important wildlife behavioural research and ecological management. You'll gained a detailed and in-depth understanding of real world conservation techniques and methodologies as you master and implement them. Immerse yourself at a remote research and bushcamp to help monitor and safeguard a 35,000 hectare South African wildlife reserve.

An Ideal steppingstone placement for those looking to work professionally in the conservation industry or alternative travellers looking for a real adventure as you get mere meters away from animals like rhino, elephants or lions.

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Program Highlights

  • Protect endangered species - the projects you'll work on protect animals who’s populations are dwindling across Africa. Help give black and white rhino, cheetah, lion, hyena a future!
  • Get taught and trained - learn to monitor a rhino’s body condition, data capture during scientific surveys, read animal behaviour, use equipment from radio collar tracking to camera traps and more.
  • Wild experience - you’re not a visitor on the reserve, you're there to research and protect wildlife. The difference? You'll take the roads off limit to others, get closer to the animals to monitor them more accurately even support other reserve teams or
  • A diverse projects - Monitor predator mortality such as leopards and cheetah. Record data for scientific research. Monitor behaviour of rhino. Feed animals during droughts. Radio collar tracking. Camera trapping and even emergency vet work.
  • Life in the bush - Along with the skills and satisfaction of helping protect animals, you’ll experience a different world as you live in a remote area of the wilderness. Meet new people, share stories, experiences and get to know a different kind of life.

Program Impact

Play a lead role on a safari reserve, we'll be working to research wildlife, manage ecosystems and protect habitats.

Popular Programs

Radio collar tracking!

You'll track and monitor wildlife using radio collar antenna. Lions, Cheetah, Elephant and Buffalo are all monitored as part of reintroduction projects, predator mortality, to understand animal behaviour as part of ongoing research or even for emergency veterinary interventions!

Cheetah moving

Life in the bush is varied and exciting. During your placement, anything could happen. From rhinos fighting with each other needing emergency veterinary care to capturing reserve cheetah for relocation. You'll take part in all of it. We can't foresee the future exactly but we can foresee you'll get up close with iconic African animals!

The last image taken by a camera before it vanished!

Camera traps are valuable tool for any ecologist or animal behaviourist. You'll learn how to select sites for camera trap placement base on your understanding of the animals behaviour deploying and collecting the equipment routinely. These surveys are as part of long term research project on the reserve looking at animals like black rhino or leopard... that is if the reserve elephants don't remove the camera traps first!

Vegetation Surveys

What the most important part of animal ecosystem? Plants! Without healthy and biodiverse plants for herbivores to eat, the ecosystem would collapse. Although these might not be the most exciting, you'll quickly learn and understand this secret side of ecological management and help ensure the ecosystems health.

Lion Roarding

The reserve is home to predators including: Lions, Leopard, Hyena, Cheetah and more!

Monitor their behaviour, what their eating, when and where. Record this data as part of ongoing research and ecological management. You'll also get up close and personal with these animals for some incredible sightings.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

One in a lifetime experience! Met new people from different parts of the world, seen so much wildlife and learned about how reserves looks after them. So much to learn just amazing would definitely go back again. I have learned about elephant behaviour, they have books that you can borrow to read. Amazing photos taken. Great on CV. I travelled alone and met other volunteers for 5 weeks in SA.

They also show you documentaries on rhino poaching and lions and elephants. Honestly best experience and best choice I ever made. Thank you Hamba Africa!

  • Learning and gaining experience and knowledge
  • Seeing wildlife in front of you
  • Practical tasks
  • (July-August) winter so it's get very cold
  • The vehicle has no seat belts and no doors so felt unsafe
  • Lots of bugs (big ones)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

The experience as a whole was one of the best times I've had in my life. I would recommend this to anyone that has any interest in animals, conservation, or just generally travelling - it is well worth the cost. We did work with rhinos, cheetahs, lions, and most of the other wildlife the reserve had to offer; sometimes we were able to get really close to them, which is just a surreal experience.
The staff that work at the reserve are extremely friendly and you get to know them really well throughout your time there. The Hamba Africa staff are also extremely helpful and very likeable, all around making the travelling, social and cooking aspect of the trip very streamlined and enjoyable.

  • Amazing wildlife
  • Friendly staff
  • Easy to book
  • Literally nothing
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Default avatar
Yes, I recommend this program

Brilliant Trip!

This was my first trip out of the UK alone and I picked the right people to do it with.
Harry is so down to earth and is very passionate about what he does - we were treated to a range of information on wildlife, the geology of the area and a whole lot of humour, and that was just on the drive from the airport! He has a lot of knowledge and experience and puts in a lot of time for volunteers! You can really see how much dedication he has for the projects he hosts.

You can be meters away from iconic African wildlife while carrying out your monitoring tasks and even though you have plans for the day, a call might come through where you’re then needed somewhere else to assist with an intervention. Or maybe the call comes through that there’s a special sighting, and then you’re in for a treat!
We also had some educational talks which were really interesting regarding conservation, management of predators and the issues surrounding wildlife’s decline.

The guides were super friendly and were always happy to answer questions and pause at animals and birds people might want to get a better look at or find more information about.
They taught us a lot while we were out working and you get to see first hand how much data and monitoring is needed to make a game reserve exist in harmony.

Travel with Hamba Africa and you will come home with expanded or completely new knowledge and great memories!
3 months later I still have new stories to tell from my time there and can’t wait to return for a future trip!

  • Lovely group of fellow volunteers
  • Great guides
  • Learning and insight into conservation
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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing experience

I cannot recommend Hamba Africa enough. Harry was incredible and knowledgeable. Our guides were just as amazing and able to answer just about any question anyone had on almost any subject about the reserve, and always got us front row seats to things that ordinarily you cannot come close to; such as lion and rhino interventions, game releases and so much more. I had a tent to myself, and got to meet a dozen other like-minded volunteers from around the world. All in all, a truly incredible month.

  • Incredible views and animals
  • Great company
  • cool bug :)
  • Gets quite cold in the winter at night
2 people found this review helpful.

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