Volunteering in Zanzibar

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Little Nadia
Break at Fuoni school
Volunteering in Zanzibar
Volunteering in Zanzibar


Zanzibar is famous for its pristine beaches and beautiful scenery and it is no surprise that more tourists are flocking to the island year on year. Unfortunately, the benefits of this are not shared with the majority of Zanzibari residents. Education is significantly underfunded and this results in huge overcrowding issues in schools. Many children's access to an education is literally halved due to schools not being able to accommodate the incredible number of students trying to fit into the small, and limited number of, classrooms. Schools are having to run a morning program and an afternoon program, a less than ideal solution. African Adventures is committed to build new classrooms to allow more children to attend school and receive a free and full-time education, which will vastly improve educational outcomes.

New volunteering trip for 16-19 year olds!

We are so excited to announce that we have recently launched our Youth Development Programme for young people aged 16-19. This programme gives you the chance to meet new people, discover a new country, and make a meaningful difference at our partner projects in Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar. Head to our profile to find out more!

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Making a difference!

This was my first experience of taking students to a developing country, and I wasn't sure how they would cope with the conditions and the poverty, but African Adventures helped them through the tears and range of emotions. It really was the most moving, inspiring, heartbreaking and worthwhile two weeks of my life, and one both I ,and my students, will never forget. It's very easy to 'give money to a charity' , but to actually be in a developing country, and to experience the inequality of life brings it home so much more. I was really proud of my students. If just one thing they did has inspired a Zanzibari child to finish education, to become a doctor, or an engineer, or go to college, the trip would have been worthwhile. They DID make a difference!

What would you improve about this program?
There needed to be more forward planning from the school we visited. If we had known what we were teaching in advance we could have brought extention materials to enrich the Zanzibari children's lives.