Volunteer Assignments in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Video and Photos

Camp at Nong Khai Training Centre
Mobile Camp at Umphang
Mobile Camp at Maesot
Nurses in Samrong Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani district.
Our volunteer team who started same time with us in January 2015. Primary school where we went to teach some basic english.
One more team of nurses but in Ubon Districts biggest Hospital where we had change to visit children department for few days.
A student and teacher interact at the blackboard in Thailand
A student and teacher interact at the blackboard in Thailand


Be the change. Be a real volunteer in a real and affordable grass roots project, offering relevant and qualifed support to overseas volunteers.
Get the opportunity to work with the local people, to experience their country, village, culture and nature through their eyes.

Depending on your skills you can:

* Teach English
* Computer skills
* Design websites, create databases or other qualified IT work
* Create information material in English
* Conduct tour guide training at national parks
* Conduct hospitality training for home stay families in villages.
* Make forest or marine wildlife surveys
* Child care
* Health care

Join the best 3 day Volunteer Training in SE Asia, intense learning by doing language, culture and teach training, lots of practical tasks, before you start.

The Training is open to other travelers too, who do not have the time to volunteer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A great, exhausting time gone all too fast...

The time spent teaching with OMP strongly impacted my thinking and plans. It was what made me decide that I wanted to be a teacher, and it really helped me to find a lot of confidence in communicating with members of other nations and cultures. The one major drawback: it didn't last long enough.

Before I go any further, I'll explain the last comment. We came on the program over our winter break, so we were trapped in a time that actually was rather inconvenient. Between touring and the school being closed for the kids' winter break, we only got to spend a few days teaching. Poor timing on our part was what cut our experience short.

That being said, I wish we'd had more time. The kids at Klong Yang Elementary were wonderful, full of energy and eager to learn. The teachers all gave us support and were able to help us when we started to feel overwhelmed. The entire community was very welcoming and made every effort to accommodate us.

The OMP personnel were also very helpful. Our coordinator gave us lots of help in the form of transportation, instruction and serving as a local guide at times. We were able to see the best of Krabi thanks to her knowledge of the area, including places we most likely would have overlooked on our own. She taught us some basic, practical Thai, such as how to greet locals, how to bargain in the language, and how to avoid making fools of ourselves (we did anyway). We were introduced to their circle of friends, including fellow volunteers and an amusing radio personality named Dtaa, who made us laugh ourselves silly several times.

The biggest difficulties we encountered were ones which we'd all expected: attempting to communicate and trying to teach English. Both of these were solved with trial and error; some lessons we taught were wonderfully received, while others elicited puzzled looks. We also had our share of miscommunications, some of them leading to very amusing results. These are things which any volunteer teacher should expect no matter where he or she goes, and rather than be embarrassed, embrace the experience and learn from it.

My verdict? Go. You won't regret it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

2 Time Volunteer

I have now volunteered on 2 separate occasions for OpenMind Projects and loved it both times! I was looking for a volunteer organization that did more than just find a volunteer placement for me and then I would spend my evenings in a nice hotel. I wanted an organization that offered support if I needed it, training in the culture and an honest experience that might take me a bit out of my comfort zone. OMP is all of those things.

They have the ability to match each volunteer with a placement, based on their needs and wants...and in some cases the volunteer didn't realize how the placement was so perfect for them until it was over and they realized how they had grown. OMP seems to tap into each volunteers unique gifts and match that with the needs of the villages... I have kept in touch with several of my volunteer friends and we all still beem with excitement when we speak about our experiences in Thailand with OMP.

I enjoyed it so much the first time that I returned with several students from my College and we all volunteered near Koh Lanta.

OMP is almost entirely Thai operated. They follow their mission statement and give back to the communities in many ways.

I can't wait to come back for a third time!