Plant Fruit Trees with Families in Uganda

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Join FTPF every April to plant thousands of fruit trees in Uganda! Fruit trees provide sustainable nutrition, income to families in poverty, & help clean the air, water, & soil.

We will distribute trees directly to low-income areas & hold educational workshops on how to care for the orchards & most benefit from their harvest. Trees will be placed in schools, health clinics & orphanages to promote the health & healing of Uganda. This is a country facing the staggering problems of a rapidly changing world: erratic & less frequent monsoons, longer droughts, food instability, soil erosion, carbon emissions, water contamination, agricultural struggle & a growing population with little access to fresh food.

Volunteers with a deep sense of respect for the environment & local cultures will help FTPF to plant & distribute fruit trees, educate children & farmers on organic horticultural practices, & interact with the local communities in a profound and truly unique way.

  • Create orchards that will feed Uganda families and restore the environment for future generations
  • Work side by side with locals in their community and homes
  • Learn how to plant fruit trees and horticultural best practices
  • Take a river cruise down the Nile to see Murchinson Falls
  • See lions, elephants, chimpanzees, jackals, hippos, and more on a safari through the African bush

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Yes, I recommend this program

Uganda 2014

What an experience! This was my second trip with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation as a volunteer (my first trip was to El Salvador earlier in 2014), and now I am addicted.

There are several factors that make this such a unique experience -- 1) The access to the real Uganda and the day-to-day lives of the people is unmatched. Because these projects take place all over, and especially in areas that are more rural and in serious need of fresh food, you are more often than not the only traveler in the area. Sometimes the kids even get star-struck because they have never seen a "mzungu" before! I had so many real conversations with people, and felt like I gained a nice insight into the lives of people who live in a very different place than where I am from. I haven't experienced this kind of travel outside of when I lived long-term in South America -- and this was just a two week trip!

2) I really felt that I made a difference. Every tree that I helped plant will grow to bear hundreds of pounds of fruit and live for decades. Even if I only planted one tree, that is a big impact! Now think about the hundreds of trees I actually helped to put into the ground, and the environmental, local, and personal level of impact is simply amazing.

3) The safari at the end of the project was the perfect end to the week. Giraffes, warthogs, lions, chimps, hippos, elephants, just being on the Nile River, hanging out with the group of volunteers and staff for a few days. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Overall, I loved my time in Uganda. I'd recommend this trip to anyone who wants to get a feel for this country, and to really make an impact in an area that needs this kind of environmental work and education.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Uganda lovin

This trip was a really wonderful experience. It was a treat to find so much companionship between the volunteers of all ages here and be able to walk away with so much inspiration and experience. From relaxing after a long day of planting trees playing Uno and drinking a few beers with our NGO's, exploring the city, checking out quirky restaurants and street food stalls together, car rides with endless laughs... Even during the planting it was unbelievable the appreciation and support we received. Not to mention the enthusiasm of all the community members and children planting by our sides. I would highly recommend this trip. The only thing I would say that made me feel unsafe was the country's current ongoing debates on the legality of Uganda's LGBTQ rights. This is a serious issue in Uganda right now however I never felt in harms way (as a queer woman) wherever I was. There are some cultural differences to look out for as with traveling anywhere... But otherwise I would say this program ran very smoothly with very little complaints.

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