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Founded in 2014, we are a non-profit organization for educational development, cultural exchange, and charity based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We specialize in helping Vietnamese students of all ages improve their English language skills. We aim to provide our students with the opportunity to improve their conversational English and learn the correct pronunciation of English words. Additionally, through our classes and activities we hope to improve our student's overall well-being by increasing their confidence and creativity with the English language and opening doors for them to find well-paid jobs.

Our English teaching programs target local communities, specifically the disadvantaged, in an effort to give everyone a chance to learn English. Our mission is to build a sustainable community through cultural exchanges and improved education for all; especially for the disadvantaged, young people and women. This allows everyone involved to gain more confidence, creativity and skills.

  • A great chance for you to integrate into local people’s lives and traditions (the real Vietnamese life). Discovering Vietnamese culture, traditions all whilst sampling traditional Vietnamese foods.
  • Gaining more and deeper knowledge about teaching experiences.
  • Make a life-changing experience at students' lives by enabling them learning English.
  • Have lots of meaningful time to meet many amazing people.
  • Comfort, convenience, happiness, friendly, and family-like environment.


VCV's mission is to build a sustainable community through cultural exchanges and improved education for all; especially for the disadvantaged, young people and women. This is unlike many other English centers where the focus is strictly on teaching English, VCV allows everyone involved to gain more confidence, creativity, and skills through social activities that we do . VCV does this by providing non-profit classes and free activities for everyone who doesn’t have the chance to learn English in the more expensive centers.

We are humbled by the fact that since opening in 2014, we have hosted over a hundred volunteers per year as well as helped over a thousand students to improve their English skills through English education and cultural exchange. We are proud of the positive impact that we have made in the community. We are excited to continue enhancing the lives of both the volunteers and the students who participate!

We strive to make English language education available to all students without regard for their economic status or background. Additionally, we provide classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English. All of our students are people of varying ages who love English and cultural exchanges.

They include toddlers who are very cute but are shy and lacking in confidence. There are also high school and university students who are full of enthusiasm but who have to be encouraged to develop their confidence and aim high with their English. And there are also adults, who work for large companies or organizations, and are eager to improve their listening and speaking skills to enhance their work opportunities. Lastly, we have single/expecting mothers. The fact that they are women is disadvantageous in our male-dominated society. Enhancing their English skills will allow them more opportunities to get a new job after a long time off to care for their baby at home.

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Vietnam Volunteering

From the minute I arrived at VCV I felt welcomed and like part of the family. Everyone at VCV is so kind and caring. The apartment we stay in is very homey, clean and spacious so you feel like you have your own space. I loved all of the classes I taught, my students were so enthusiastic about learning English which made teaching them amazing. I was lucky enough to build a good relationship with my adult class so we would often go out for dinner and drinks after class. The food provided at VCV is incredible, I would say some healthiest and delicious food I’ve ever eaten. At the weekends lots of us tended to go on little trips, I visited Sapa, Cat Ba, Ninh Binh and some of the Vietnamese helpers home towns. All in all my experience at VCV was incredible and out of my 7 months traveling teaching english in Hanoi with this amazing organisation was a huge highlight of my entire trip. I would highly recommend VCV to everyone!

Yes, I recommend this program


This was my first experience volunteering/teaching overseas and it was an amazing one! The teaching is well organised and everyone is provided with books to follow and help with lesson planning. Theres also always Vietnamese teaching assistant in class to help you out which is really helpful so it was a lot easier to teach than I expected.

I particularly loved living with 10-12 other volunteers; it means theres always company and some one to show you around Hanoi. Its also a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world and I'm so grateful for the friends I made there and as the lessons are predominantly in the evening theres plenty of free time in the day to explore the area together. Ms Hay and all the other Vietnamese teaching assistants and students are very welcoming and happy to help you with anything and recommend places in and around Hanoi. The food on offer is so delicious and also they catered very well for a vegetarian diet which was great for me.

VCV allowed me to gain a very genuine experience of Vietnam and I'm very grateful for the 8 weeks I spent there:) Would recommend it to anyone!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A Place of Wonderful Community!

“I spent six fabulous months with VCV and became part of an international community that gifted me with friends all over the world! Ms. Hay has an incredible vision for lifting up the Vietnamese people and she runs a wonderful program. The teaching time commitment is extremely manageable and you will most likely have the chance to teach both the kid and adult classes. Ms Hay has curriculum available that makes it easy to dive right in even if you have never taught English before. In my experience, the other volunteers are always willing to lend a hand as well. Not only do you get to hang out with the students during class, Ms Hay facilitates day trips every Saturday with the adult students! These were great opportunities to get to know the students on a more personal level as well as get some sightseeing in.
If you're considering how long to stay, I 100% recommend going longer to really give yourself the chance to become enveloped by this wonderful community!"

Yes, I recommend this program
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Look no further!

Ms Hay and I have become long term friends after my initial volunteering with VCV in 2014.

I started to work with VCV as volunteer when they had just started - I chose them because it seemed it would be a personal experience and I hoped I could help in some way. I'm unsure if I had helped in anyway but I am sure that VCV was the perfect choice, a great experience and definitely one of the reasons why I decided to move to Vietnam to live my life.

My volunteer experience was only meant to last one month, I stayed nearly 6 months and have now been living here for 2yrs already.

Hay and the students really made me experience Hanoi and I hopefully helped them develop the students language skills. I know some of them have become my long term friends and can see how some have gone from not being able to communicate to fluent conversations.

The experience at VCV is great. Teach for on a fair schedule, be easily assisted with your class room planning and activities and someone will always help. Engage with locals, the community, get a real feel and enjoy local places. Look no further, volunteering in Vietnam? VCV.

How can this program be improved?
I have personally seen it improve over the years, specifically I can't say how as this is adaptive.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Vietnam Volunteering

From the minute I arrived at VCV the atmosphere felt so warm and welcoming. In the VCV apartment everyone helps each other and looks out for each other it’s like one big family. I loved all the classes I taught, all of my students were so lovely and enthusiastic about learning English. I became good friends with my adult classes and would often go out for dinner and drinks with them after class which was fun. Besides teaching, at the weekends we would go on trips to different places in Vietnam. Me and some other volunteers went trekking in Sapa, to ninh Binh, Cat Ba and lots of other places for weekend trips. The food provided at VCV is incredible. Honestly some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and so healthy. All in all, I think if you’re wanting to teach English in Vietnam you should go for VCV. You will leave with a second family and feeling extremely happy.

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience!

Ms Hay and the whole vcv family made my time here truly so enjoyable and interesting. The students are so welcoming and you attend a social outing every week, you get to immerse yourself in true Vietnamese lifestyle, eating in local places and experiencing things you never would if you just visited vietnam as a tourist. Teaching the children and the adults was a great experience, challenging at times but so rewarding and it was great to build rapport with the students. You eat amazing food together every day as a group, giving you the chance to discuss the day and share tips with each other. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending VCV and if you're thinking of applying to volunteer... do it! I will always remember my time at VCV, Thank you Ms Hay, Tony and Linh.

Yes, I recommend this program

VCV is a great way to see the real Hanoi

I stayed at VCV for six weeks in the summer of 2018. While I had previously spent time in Hanoi, mostly in the city's famous old quarter, staying at VCV allowed me to see a different side of the city.
Situated outside of the city center, the organisation is in a firmly 'Vietnamese' area, meaning that interaction with locals is both easy and receptive.
The team at VCV did everything they could to make my stay as pleasant as possible. Miss Hay runs a solid operation, and knows exactly what she is doing - something that was lacking in other organisations I've previously volunteered with.
Also George, or Lion, makes amazing food every day for the volunteers including Vietnamese family food, curry, and occasional western treats.
The group regularly goes out together, and the staff are excited to show you their local knowledge of the city.
The accommodation is more than adequate - you're guaranteed a comfortable bed, sharing a room with other volunteers.
The atmosphere is great for those with teaching experience, or those who are new to teaching English. The classes are patient, and everyone is happy to share knowledge.
I made some lifelong friends here and intend to return when I'm next in the city. Overall, absolute 10/10!

Yes, I recommend this program

About Vietnam Volunteering

Founded in 2014. We are a non-profit organization for educational development, cultural exchange, and charity based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our mission is to build a sustainable community through cultural exchanges and improved education for all;...