Work and Play in Australia

What is the Working Holiday Visa?

This visa is for 18-30 year olds who want to work and travel in Australia for up to 12 months. The visa application costs $460 CAD and takes about 6 days to be approved. Once you arrive in Australia, you can choose from a wide variety of jobs, and minimum wage is CAD $18.

  • Be 18-30 at the time of application
  • Have a valid passport
  • May not be accompanied by dependent children

Choose from these Working Holiday Packages

Jumpstart your adventure: the packages below will help you find a job, make friends, and get to know Australia.

Everything you need to start your working holiday in Australia: reliable support, jobs paying $22/hr or more, and a week of fun with new friends in Sydney! Our program helps with the tedious details (like bank accounts, job assistance, and housing advice), so you can focus on better things - like exploring Australia! (Visa cost not included). View all details

Start your Australia working holiday experience in style with our exclusive Work Abroad Traveller package! Get the work abroad induction pieces that come with our Work Abroad Plus trip over the first two days, then travel around some of the East Coast of Australia's top destinations. What's not to love? (Visa cost not included). View all details

Going for a working holiday can be the most exciting time of your life. Meet new people, challenge yourself, and explore the world. Spend a year in Australia surfing, exploring, and living the dream! Our package helps get you set up to make money, make friends, and have an adventure. (Visa cost included). View all details

SWAP Australia + 7 Day program is the best way to start off your working holiday in Australia. You’ll learn all of the basics you’ll need to live and work in Australia and you’ll be part of a group enjoying fun activities, getting to see some of the highlights of Australian life, all while meeting new lifelong friends. (Visa cost included). View all details

Explore Jobs in Australia

Map of Australia States

What jobs are available?

Below are just a few of the job opportunities you'll have in Australia

If you enjoy interacting with all kinds of people, a job in hospitality is perfect for you. You can serve food, drinks, or even live with a family as a temporary au pair.
Server, Bartender, Hostel, Au Pair, Tour Guide
Get your hands dirty in one of Australia’s many agricultural positions. Planting, digging, picking, harvesting - take your pick! You can also work with farm animals or be a ranch hand.
Agriculture, Working with Horses, Wineries
Can’t be bothered to stay inside? Choose from an array of jobs that involve the great outdoors! Whether you love the water, animals, or beautiful parks, Australia will provide the right job for you.
Scuba Diving Instructor, Wildlife Conservationist
For a more professional experience, why not consider taking an internship? You can build your resume and professional skills, then continue on your travels around Australia.
PR & Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, Fashion, Startups

Places to Work

Australia has job openings in a variety of interesting places

With over 500 national parks, you'll have plenty of location options to choose from. You can help protect state forests, conservation reserves, marine parks, as well as the native flora and fauna.
National Parks
Freycinent, Kakadu, Royal, Flinders Ranges
If water, sand and sunshine are your cup of tea, find work along one of Australia's many beaches! Embrace the beach culture as you make enough money to take off and travel some more!
Noosa, Burleigh, Main Beach, Surfer's Paradise
For the true adventure, look no further than the Australian bush. You can work on a sheep station (ranch), learn how to handle a tractor, or round up cattle on horseback!
Uluru, Kalgoorlie, Alice Springs, Kimberley Region
More metropolitan oriented? Head to one of Australia's fantastic cities for your work experience. Work and save up in a hotel or restaurant before heading out on an adventure to the outback.
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide

Things to Do

You'll have many adventurous activities to choose from during your time off

Australia is definitely in favor of the adventurous spirit. If you're keen on quenching that adrenaline rush craving, there is no shortage of high intensity activities available.
Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Kayaking
For lovers of the great outdoors, there are incredible sights from coast to coast. You can also visit zoos and conservations with kangaroos, koalas, sharks, or even a Tasmanian devil.
Nature & Wildlife
Great Barrier Reef, The Twelve Apostles
Take the time to learn about the aboriginal history of this island nation. You can also experience the cultural influences post colonization.
Sydney Opera House, Music Festivals, Aboriginal Tours
The best way to see as much of Australia as possible is to take a long trip. After working and saving for a few months, pick a mode of transportation (or several) and get out there!
Train Rides, Road Trips, Surf Camps, Wine Country