Connect-123 develops and administers internship programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Dublin, Ireland; and Barcelona, Spain. In all countries, internship opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics. In South Africa, study abroad programs are offered through the University of Cape Town.

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Programs from Connect-123

  • Human rights interns in Buenos Aires
    Participate in this extraordinary international internship that is personalized and tailored to your interests and...
    19 reviews
  • Connect-123 Interns in Cape Town
    South Africa
    The Connect-123 internship program in Cape Town offers interns the opportunity to participate in a variety of internships in...
    17 reviews
  • El Poble Espanyol in Barcelona
    Intern abroad in one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Barcelona! Spain is one of the most traveled destinations,...
    17 reviews
  • China
    Join Connect-123 for a professional internship in Shanghai, China! The center of economic development, Shanghai has much to...
    8 reviews
  • Explore Dublin interning with Connect-123
    Intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Connect-123! This is your opportunity to intern abroad in one of the most popular...
    8 reviews
  • View of Cape Town, South Africa
    South Africa
    Volunteer abroad in Cape Town with Connect-123! Explore one of the most stunning cities in the world while giving back to...
    1 reviews

Program Reviews

  • Blake
    Buffalo, NY
    University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
    Just what you're looking for

    Connect 123 offers a great fit for someone looking for an experience that goes beyond the traditional study abroad program. Regardless your level of experience with traveling, living or working abroad, Connect can help you find your place, get acquainted with the local environment and culture and settle into an exciting new chapter in your life.

    I had been to Buenos Aires once before, and was looking for an experience that allowed me to use my previous knowledge of the place to live comfortably and authentically among the local population. Connect was crucial in helping me find a placement, filling me in with vital information I didn't know from previous experience (information about things like hospitals and the city layout) and offering weekly events where I could meet up with fellow travelers in a social setting. But they were also excellent about giving me the space I needed to find my own way. It really was the best of all possibilities with Connect, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough for someone looking for a unique experience that will set you apart.

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  • Vanessa
    Tampa, Florida
    University of Georgia
    Thankful for Connect-123

    It was a bit of a rash decision to intern in Barcelona with Connect-123. I was already spending two months in Spain, so I figured I mind as well round out my summer travels with an internship in Barcelona. Well, the month I spent in Barcelona did not "round out" my summer, it made my summer!

    It is impossible to summarize my experience in a testimonial. My internship placement was exactly what I was hoping for. It challenged me everyday as I produced marketing content and communicated in a spanish speaking business environment. I discovered new skills and gained self-confidence. It was exciting and invigorating... Now I feel I can take on the world (or at least my next job/internship).

    I cannot recommend Barcelona enough. I am mentally prepared to pack up and move to this amazing city for good! I lived in a great neighborhood with vibrant locals who often held live-concerts right outside my window. I lived close enough to run to the beach in the morning and watch the amazing sunrise. Barcelona feels like a big city because it has so much to offer. Yet, it's small enough to feel like home.

    And finally, Connect-123 lived up to the name by connecting me with other interns who are now lifelong friends. Coming from vastly different countries and cultures, my friends inspired me every day. We learned from each other's experiences and celebrated our differences. I truly believe that meeting people from around the world can broaden your perspective on life. We met in a paella cooking class organized by Connect, but soon we were inseparable and organizing our own adventures such as hiking Montserrat and exploring beaches of la Costa Brava. I am saddened to leave Barcelona behind, but I take solace in knowing that it is only goodbye for now. Thanks to my internship, my friends, and all the adventures, I have fallen in love with this city. I know I'll be back again one day!

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  • Nina
    San Francisco, California
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Barcelona is your next trip!

    Barcelona is your next trip! If it's not, change your travel plans immediately and get on a flight to Spain!
    Bursting with vibrant culture and nightlife as well as some of the kindest people in the world, Barcelona is the place to be. Not to visit, but to actually live, and with my internship through Connect 123, I had the opportunity to truly experience life as a real "Barcelonese." I was able to intertwine myself into the culture and the language for a full immersion experience filled with new friends, personal discovery, and unbelievably delicious food!

    However, while living abroad changes you (usually for the better!), I still felt like myself throughout the entire experience because my internship was so tailor-made to fit my personal interests and strengths. I believe I was able to get a lot out of this opportunity because my work was so closely tied and reflective of my personality that I could learn and grow in the areas I wished to improve upon in order to succeed. The internship was valuable to my future career because it allowed me to test the waters of what a life in this field would consist of and now after completing my program with Connect 123, I'm diving in headfirst!

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  • Isa
    New York, New York
    Choose Connect!

    Connect made my internship and trip abroad possible! I loved my time in Buenos Aires, and Connect provided support throughout my time there. Paula helped me explore the city and with any questions I had. I had a wonderful apartment, internship and made amazing friends through Connect. I traveled with Connect on my gap year and it was an incredible program. I would highly recommend Connect123 and Buenos Aires!

    How could this program be improved?

    The price of the program is very high. It is comparable to other programs, however, and I really appreciated all their help. It was the perfect program for me!

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  • Vei
    Age: 19-24
    Good and helpful organization, a bit pricey

    Connect-123 have done a good job in setting me up with an internship that matches my academic background. They were very helpful in making sure I got the chance to talk well with the host organization before taking the internship. For my internship I was working outside of Buenos Aires, so I did not get to spend a lot of time with other interns or participate in the activities, but whenever visiting BA they were keen to connect me with other interns.

    How could this program be improved?

    The internship itself was an enjoyable experience, but I'm not sure the skills I acquired there are very valuable for my future career. The internship felt more like volunteer work because of the focus on manual labor more than participation in the planning process. I would recommend accepting an internship that is certain to significantly improve your professional qualities.
    The program fee is quite significant, so I would make sure this is really the best fit for you before accepting the internship.
    One tip: try and learn to speak Spanish before coming to Argentina, and take Spanish classes in Buenos Aires. It'll make daily life much easier and more enjoyable!

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    Response from Connect-123
    Thank you for feedback and we're happy to hear that the internship was enjoyable and matched your academic background. We agree that it's important to research and ask questions and, as part of the placement process, we help by setting up an interview between you and your future supervisor. It's important to us -- and to the local organizations we work with -- that applicants have a full understanding of the role, before accepting an offer. If after asking questions you're still not sure, you can either ask us to keep looking for other options or request a full refund. Regarding costs, based on feedback from our university partners and other participants, while we're not the cheapest, we provide great value for those looking for career-related internships and professional support, at affordable cost. We work with each applicant to keep costs low, finding housing options for you that fit your budget. For example, as part of your placement, you received free housing, which we hope helped offset some costs. We also actively help program alumni, by providing references, advice and contacts to help with your future job search back home or around the world. Thank you again for your feedback and, as a new member of our alumni network, we look forward to continuing to help in the future!
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