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Connect-123 Shanghai Internships

Join Connect-123 for a professional internship in Shanghai, China! The center of economic development, Shanghai has much to offer international interns. Join interns from around the world in Shanghai for a chance to add valuable professional experience to your resume. Internships are available in a variety of fields, including business, economic development, finance, entrepreneurship, and medical and health care.

  • Tailored placements! Connect-123 staff works with every intern to secure a placement in the field of their choice. An international internship in Shanghai will open up doors for you in future job searches. A hot bed for international business, there is no
  • Extensive Network! Connect-123 works with top companies in Shanghai to bring you the best internship opportunities. You have the opportunity to work with healthcare organizations, NGO's as well as professional business organizations. Connect-123 staff wor
  • Service! The Connect-123 team in Shanghai provides all interns with pre-departure support, in-country support, as well as career development advice.
  • Flexibility! Whether you're looking to join a summer internship, or a longer opportunity, Connect 123 has flexible internship placements that can fit any schedule. Interns can choose to intern anywhere from 2-6 months in Shanghai.
  • Our program deposit is completely refundable! Most organizations require a non-refundable deposit, which they justify by pointing to the amount of work required to put together an internship or volunteer work placement. Connect-123's policy is different
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Program Reviews (9)

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22 years old
Dallas, TX
University of Texas- Austin

Medical Internship


My internship at Shanghai was undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my life. Firstly, a big thank you to Connect-123 for speedily setting everything up and allowing me to not have to worry about anything. At my request, Connect-123 arranged this internship for me within the short duration of 2 weeks. Everything was very satisfactory and they constantly kept in touch with me and checked in to see how I was doing (they still do now).

My internship was at an international private hospital in Shanghai. At first, I assumed this internship would just be a long shadowing experience with just shadowing day after day. However, at the hospital, they arranged for me jobs according to my skill and allowed me to learn a lot more than I would have in any other hospital. Everyone was so welcoming and open, and the doctors were all very patient with me (they would explain every case and have a discussion with me after every visit). I also was able to shadow some surgeries while I was there, which were also great to watch. But most of all, I think what is great about this hospital is that as long as you're eager to learn and show them your passion to learn more, they definitely will accommodate your desires. (Lunch was also super cheap, filling, and delicious.)

Outside of work, the Connect-123 team was also very helpful and would set up weekly trips and dinners. I got to know some of the other interns, and you would be surprised at the variety of people and internships you'll see there. Shanghai is a very vibrant and exhilarating city with lots to explore (and eat), so you definitely won't be bored as long as you're willing to get out there.

Thanks again for this invaluable opportunity, Connect-123!

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24 years old
United States
Franklin & Marshall College

Summer in Shanghai


As I stepped out of the van sent to pick me up from the Pu Dong airport and onto the streets of Shanghai for the first time, I was overwhelmed. It was so different from America in nearly every aspect! The people, the size, the noise, the commotion. Frankly, I wondered how I would ever survive here, in this vastly foreign city.

But with the safety-net of a tight-knit group of connect-123 interns behind me, along with the support of my gregarious host organization I've come to love this city and feel a deep sense of nostalgia now that I'm leaving.

From the difficult, yet rewarding work I did teaching English language to migrant Chinese children during the week, to the interesting and fun atmosphere created by connect-123 during their weekend events, I couldn't have asked for a more balanced experience.

Although at first I was nervous, I really am thankful for connect-123 for giving me this opportunity. I not only feel that I've really grown as a person, but that I have accomplished something of substance here in this city, as well

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19 years old
Greenville, South Carolina

Connecting with Connect-123


My time in Shanghai has been nothing short of marvelous! Everything has been beyond expectations. I've learned so much from the internship at the hospital, and the people there have been very good to me - always so patient, welcoming, and educating. I had feared that the doctors and nurses would find me a burden and be cold and distant at best, but they completely and constantly proved me wrong; in fact, many times they would come to me for questions and suggestions for improving their English, and would invite me to eat with them and go out. In addition to the amazing internship, though, Connect-123 has gone above and beyond for making my time here not only comfortable, but also thoroughly productive and enjoyable. In addition they found me opportunities to volunteer and tutor, allowing me to accomplish things that I love to do and that I had not believed I could also do here. Day trips and nightly social outings were also a part of the whole Shanghai deal, allowing everyone to see not only the working and daily aspect of the city, but also many of its tourist areas, glorious views, and nightlife. The program has been stunningly flexible, incredibly thorough, and to every extent helped make my stay here more memorable. With everything Connect-123 has done, I have sincerely been able to connect with the city of Shanghai and its people in a way that I never realized I could. (Excuse the pun!)

How can this program be improved?

Honestly, there is not much to change. Perhaps a little more organization for group trips or for having interns socialize with one another; but really, the program was very well done.

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32 years old
Beijing, China

Amazing Experience in China


Enrolling the Connect-123 internship program was probably one of the best decisions I took lately in both professional and personal aspect of the experience. I am completely satisfied with all what Connect-123 team provided me though all stages of the program.

Connect-123 is doesn’t only look for an internship but also with all the organization around the stay which I think is as important as the internship itself. They indeed provided a lot of support with arrival, housing, cultural immersion documentations. At the very beginning I was concerned about going to Beijing rather than Shanghai, and have not contact person there but Jimmy did a great job by providing me all the help I needed: Special thanks to him helping me at any time dealing with my housing agent.

Lea totally understood what kind of internship I was looking for and found the perfect match. My internship was in an environmental consulting company in Beijing. I had the chance to follow project from the beginning I did learn a lot from this internship about environment in China and about China itself. It gave me the opportunity to have a valuable professional experience.

After spending 3 months I am even more convinced that China is the place to be if you want to contribute improving the environment. Because my Chinese experience is that positive, I am extending it for 3 more months and considering staying a few years.

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24 years old
Sydney, Australia
University of New South Wales

Great Shanghai Experience with Connect-123


Allow me to start by stating simply that Connect-123 has been one of the best organisations I have had the pleasure of working with. From my very first e-mail, to the interview and their subsequent meticulous follow-up, the sheer effervescence of everybody involved made the application process an exciting, rather than overwhelming, experience. I knew if I sent an e-mail I would have a response the next day, and usually within the next hour, even though being Australian I live in one of the world’s most inconvenient time zones. It’s that kind of customer service that would bring me back, without hesitation, to Connect-123 again.

I worked (the use of the word “intern” is actively discouraged in my organisation) for a boutique management consultancy. That they are a small organisation means I had plenty of opportunity to get actively involved simultaneously in any number of projects, ensuring that I was learning new things all the time. The work they do is incredibly diverse, and saw us doing research for a global cable news channel one day, and helping plan an MBA seminar series the next. There is a real focus on professional development too, and my supervisor was very careful to ensure that I returned home having gained genuine value from the experience.

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24 years old
Pepperdine University

Great Internship with Connect-123!



As one of the cheapest internship programs in Shanghai, I was a little cautious at first. I need not have worried. Lea and her team are dedicated to finding the right internship for you! What I appreciated most about her approach is that you choose where you want to be and then you can have a whole range of businesses to choose from. Some other internship programs you don't know until you arrive, eek. Also if you're not satisfied with any of their selections then you can get your money back. wohoo

In regards to the internship, it was fantastic and I learned a ton. It has definitely been a crown jewel on my resume when applying to employers. I would say to the reviewer that "didn't" get a full time job out of their internship that you shouldn't expect a full time position out of the internship. The logistics of hiring someone full time out of an internship, with the respective visa, is extrodinarliy difficult. Rather you should expect some great international experience in a multinational office.

In regards to support in Shanghai, its a small operation, so I was a little disappointed on that front. I made more friends out of the program than within. The housing company they hook you up with is a little expensive for Shanghai, but worth it for convenience . It's a great location in the city!

All in all, I had a blast and would recommend Connect 123 looking for internship experience in another country.

How can this program be improved?

More events once in Shanghai. I know it is a small operation, we only had about 8 interns in the program when I was there but still could have been better organized & planned.

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24 years old
City University London

Shanghai Internship


My internship was in a lifestyle magazine, I worked there for 2 months as a photojournalist. I never expected the work to be so much fun: I went to interesting places, met different people, tried so many new dishes and drinks. This was a huge motivation for me to make good photos for the magazine, so I worked hard and I enjoyed it a lot. I could literally see the quality difference between my photos at the beginning and at the end of my internship so I can sincerely say that I grew professionally in those 2 months.

How can this program be improved?

I guess I'd rather live in one flat with other people from the program, although my flatmates were also very nice.
Maybe I'd prefer more opportunities to meet other people from the program.

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24 years old
Waterloo Ontario Canada
University of Waterloo

Shanghai, everything you need


I found that after talking to other interns here in Shanghai, Connect 123 provided me with everything I needed, and responded in a timely manner to all my concerns and questions with professionalism. While housing and location is nothing fancy, they do try their best to provide you with all the basic needs at a reasonable price. They were able to locate me a job that fit very well in my field of study, and continue to keep me updated. I would highly recommend Connect 123 to someone who has little experience traveling abroad.

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24 years old
Davis, CA
University of California- Davis

I will be back!!!


my experience this last 4 months in shanghai has been extremely awesome (and i dont think hyperboles exist in this description)
huge props to connect teams; lea, sherilyn, and jimmy for helping from the beginning to the end; start with the housing, offering so many options of intenships that fit in to you, creating social events, etc. this internship experience really helped me to explore and gain experience in some jobs in field of my competences that really valuable for my future career. Also through this internship, i have expend my networking and make life-time friends. Thank you so much connect 123! A+ (shanghai, i definitely will be back, watch out!! )

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