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Connect-123 Virtual Internship Orientation
Connect-123 Virtual Internship Orientation
remote internship student at work
remote internship student at work
Connect-123 Online Barcelona Group Social
Connect-123 Online Barcelona Group Social


Apply for a remote, virtual internship and get all the benefits of international work experience, while staying at home. Since 2006, Connect-123 has helped thousands of students find career-related, international internships at top companies. We’re now offering this program virtually, where you'll receive expert support, professional development and mentoring, at an affordable cost.

What's Included:
1) Pre-internship consultations, defining an ideal role and helping with resumes & interview skills
2) Customized placement providing real work experience with vetted companies, related to your interests and career goals
3) Online orientation, providing tips about remote work and local culture
4) On-going mentorship, feedback and advice
5) Group seminars related to new cultures, communication, and remote working
6) Post-internship career counseling, to help you communicate the value of the experience to future employers

  • Improve your resumé and job opportunities
  • Develop important skills related to new cultures and remote work
  • Build your network, within your program cohort and across the globe
  • Dedicated program coordinator, personally guiding you through the process
  • Flexible hours, durations and start dates

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Yes, I recommend this program

Connect-123 Remote Internship

When I first discovered I could no longer travel abroad to Cape Town due to COVID-19, I was incredibly disappointed. But the Connect-123 program handled the situation better than I could’ve hoped for, still providing me with a highly valuable and challenging internship! I was able to connect with a research division and have an amazing opportunity to apply myself and learn new skills while developing a research proposal -- I also gained valuable experience that will help guide me in my future academic and career pathways. While miles apart, I still felt highly connected and welcomed by the coordinators, other interns, and my supervisor. The program coordinators were always positive and available to help us during these uncertain times, and I am more than grateful for this virtual experience. Hopefully I will get the chance to travel to Cape Town in the future!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Instead of interning remotely due to COVID-19, I would actually travel to Cape Town!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

This was the best decision of my life!

In May of 2020, my dreams of interning in a different country were shattered when COVID-19 hit. All study abroad programs were cancelled and many in-person internships in my hometown were postponed. When my school reached out about the Connect-123 virtual internship program, I jumped at the chance to work for an international company. Eight weeks later, I can confidently say that interning for a company in Dublin, Ireland was the best decision of my life. It can be intimidating to work for a company overseas all online but can also provide you skills many interns don’t have the opportunity to learn

What would you improve about this program?
I would make sure to communicate with the intern's employer the best way to communicate with their intern (such as the WhatsUp app) because I noticed it differs in every country.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Pandemic Pivoting in Cape Town (Virtual Internship)

CONNECT 1-2-3 Experience

I have enjoyed my internship experience with Connect 1-2-3 immensely. I was paired with an organization that was really a great fit. The virtual aspect of my internship was unexpected. I had made plans to spend two months in Cape Town, South Africa. The pandemic changed those plans rather abruptly. However, everyone at Connect 1-2-3 was very helpful, and worked with me to coordinate a virtual internship. I feel that I would not have been able to pivot from an in person traditional internship experience to a virtual one without the responsiveness of the Connect 1-2-3 team.

I have returned to graduate study after many years of experience working professionally and volunteering all over the world. I have more than fifteen years of work experience in Human Resources, Program and Volunteer Management. The internship is a requirement for completing a master’s degree at Penn State University School of International Affairs. The host organization I have been paired with has challenged me to use all of my talents and develop a few more. Every day during my assignment I am amazed at the breadth and scope of skills I use to complete tasks for the organization. It has been a great experience and I feel like I am a part of the host organization’s team. We meet almost daily and there are general staff meetings that I participate in from the United States.

It’s equally beneficial to be a part of Connect 1-2-3 intern group. The organization provided virtual tours of Cape Town and Barcelona that were memorable. I have visited both countries before and I learned something new. The opportunity to listen to the achievements and talents of other Connect 1-23 participants has been invaluable and motivating. This has been an experience I will not soon forget. I will always have something positive and very interesting to share about my days during this life altering pandemic and I am very grateful.