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    Nestled on the east coast of Africa sits Kenya; one of the continent's most quintessential destinations. From stunning natural areas such as Masai Mara and the Great Rift Valley, to friendly locals and bustling urban markets, Kenya won't disappoint visitors with its beauty, openness, and warm personality.

    But beyond what's marketed in travel magazines, Kenya is a rapidly developing and growing its economy and middle class. Additionally, its relative stability has allowed for several industries to take hold and develop further, and has made travel to the area fairly safe (though, we still recommend checking the U.S. State Departments travel warnings frequently).

    What this means for you is that your internship won't just introduce you to a new industry. It'll also give you context of what it means to work in this industry -- be it architecture, tourism, environmental protection, healthcare, marketing, IT, or international relations -- within a growing economy and a culture totally unlike your own.

    Intern in Kenya, and we promise you'll fall in love.

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