Mindfulness and beyond!

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Are you looking to:
fast-track your growth?
deepen your spiritual practice?
learn to live and relate in conscious community?
reach new levels of freedom, by looking at patterns and views that limit you?
consider input and training offered by others?

We treat every action, task, and interaction as a practice in mindfulness, a meditation in action. We look to see what’s going on in each moment. We look with curiosity at why one task is more interesting to us than another. When something stirs up a reaction in us that we weren’t expecting, we see it, accept it, and begin to see the unconscious patterning, the preferences and habits that have been driving us.

Immersed in a community of people doing the same, you’ll experience a sense of connection and honest communication that you may not have experienced before. This happens because compassion and the wish to free ourselves and others from suffering is our main motivation.

  • helps us integrate our inner meditative work with our daily lives
  • strengthens and grows our capacity for greater generosity, discipline, patience, focus, wisdom and JOY.
  • develops skill and compassion in communication and relationships, and allows us to connect more deeply.
  • opens up new paths of exploration and discovery by taking us places we don’t usually go.
  • spend time in nature with animals, eating and growing organic food, while breathing clean fresh air

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Yes, I recommend this program

Karma Yoga Program Review

If you are thinking to stay at Clear Sky, congrats! This will be a real, down to earth transformative experience. If you are a spiritual seeker that want to understand yourself better to have bigger sense of fulfilment and happiness in your life, this could be the experience that your depth is seeking. The power of this place is all the transformations that people there have made and the commitment of the community to keep high standards of communication, commitment, trust and honesty. People there have made so much work on themselves and can really help you to see clearer and transcend your own unwholesome patterns and they are committed to your growth. That made my experience at Clear Sky the most transformational of all my explorative experiences. There are a bunch of people over there that are ready to shine the light where the darkness crept in. It is not the easiest and relax exploration, I must say, but if you really want to become what you are meant to be, looking at the limiting views of yourself and others is essential and Clear Sky is providing the container for you to see, understand, acknowledge, and heal the parts of you that contribute to suffering. A life time opportunity.
The natural setting is absolutely wonderful and the food is of high quality. You will be involved in a wide range of activities and will have the opportunity to understand better what are your strengths and areas of development. I personally found what I wanted to do for my career through my process at Clear Sky.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I did not think that meditation was so awesome. I discovered that this practice is essential to sustainable living and good mental health. Today, I can see how I am such in a better state and less victim of the ups and downs of life because of my meditation practice.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mindfulness and beyond!

There were many programs that I was looking at before attending the "Mindfulness and Beyond" program at Clear Sky, but what I resonated most with were the words "a challenge" and that this was NOT the program to do if I wanted a vacation or lots of free time. It really was like a modern day monastery and I LOVED it! We all helped cooked the meals during the week and I really felt like I was a part of the center while I was there. We not only studied Buddhism and various mindfulness techniques, we learned how to work better with others, which has greatly improved my career and relationships. I liked how we checked in everyday as a team, studied new things and reflected throughout the day. I really miss walking on the beautiful trails at the center, listening to the bird songs and I often saw elk, deer and the onsite horse. The food was local, organic and yummy! The onsite teachers ate with us almost every day and they and the team were so kind and answered any questions I had. I was impressed by their experience and sharing. I learned so much and it really did go beyond what I expected. It was "a challenge" as mentioned, but I really grew in just 3 months. Picking and eating fresh fruit in the food forest is a must! Thank you Clear Sky!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Walk the beautiful hiking trails when you have time! There are so many animals you will see like deer, elk, chipmunks and badgers. I loved the quiet as the bird songs resonate. There are sitting platforms all over the 310 acre property with amazing views. Also, make sure to walk up the mountain and check out Peter Creek.
Yes, I recommend this program

Diving deeper

This is so much more than farming and caring for a food forest. It is about learning to live in a mindful community and bringing buddhist meditation into everyday life.
Let's be clear though, there is some farming and at least half of each day was spent outdoors pruning, mowing, fixing irrigation, harvesting and keeping records of it all. There is also a decent size vegetable garden close to the main building.
The scenery at Clear Sky is absolutely breathtaking. It is ranch country with massive mountains all around with deer and elk often seen in large numbers.
The food is delicious and diverse. The residents are very helpful to help transition into what we could call the buddha mind set (buddhist teachings and daily meditation practice). If you are not seriously interested in questioning your asumptions, taking a closer look at your ego and changing your habits, then Clear Sky might not be your best bet. If you are though, I cannot think of a better container to go diving deeper.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be ready to meditate and do other daily chores (cooking, cleaning etc)
Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience

I travelled to Canada without a plan, and spending time at Clear Sky was an adventure in so many ways. I feel the impact of the Karma Yoga to this day, and the people I was able to spend time with are still so close to my heart. It sounds corny, but I really can't recommend the opportunity highly enough. If you know what you are looking for, go. If you are not sure what you are looking for, go. Transform your life and learn in a most beautiful place with beautiful people.
More specifically, I was at Clear Sky as a Karma Yogi during the building work on Sky Roots. One of the things that was so brilliant for me, which I think is true for all Karma Yoga tasks, was that I was supported in confronting my patterns of behaviour and thoughts through the "obvious" moments, like reflecting on meditation experiences, and also in the "less obvious" ones, such as preparing meals together and eating in the community. Being outside of my comfort zone and in a community of learners was so important for me. The people I met there were and are so strong in supporting each other in their personal growth, and have a lot of fun along the way.

What was your funniest moment?
Dancing without a care in the world. (I was terrified of dancing and being present in that way.) It was so freeing.


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