Mandarin Learning with Aupairia Program

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You have chance now to study Mandarin in university and explore Chinese culture with a low cost with Aupairia program in China if you are interested in Chinese culture and Language!

Aupairia offers you a high-quality support system including orientation courses, round-trip airline tickets and au pair insurance. In addition, you will have Mandarin lessons every week in the university and a cultural activity every month.

With Aupairia program, you will:
1. Provide English tutoring and childcare to Chinese host kids
2. Have Mandarin course provided by university and make friends with local students from different countries
3. Live in the local community speaking Chinese in daily life
4. Be able to take HSK exams easily in Beijing and have HSK test counseling
5. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture and explore the world's oldest civilization and visit traditional sites through our cultural activities such as visit to the Great Wall

  • We offer round-trip airline tickets
  • You will have weekly 4 Mandarin lessons in the university and a cultural activity every month
  • We provide you with orientation courses and high-quality support system
  • You can make friends with other au pairs, university students and local people
  • You will get to know a lovely Aupairia staff team

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Hi, yes we support you apply for the visa.


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  • Housing 8
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  • Fun 9
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  • Safety 10
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Mandarin Learning with Aupairia Program

During my 3 months with Aupairia, I was given many opportunities to improve my Mandarin skills. The program offers weekly Mandarin classes at Beijing Foreign Studies University, which are great for learning basic Mandarin conversational and reading skills. The classes also offer a taste of what university life is like in China. The Mandarin learnt in class is great to take home and practice with your host family! There are many opportunities in daily life in China to practice your Mandarin, such as ordering food at a restaursant and talking to your host family. Overall, a fantastic experience!

How can this program be improved?
Offering classes at different levels as not everyon in on the same page with their Mandarin.
Yes, I recommend this program

About Aupairia

Aupairia is based in Beijing, China which specializes in cultural and educational programs. The aim of our Au Pair China Program is to promote international cultural exchanges between China and other nations and traditions, so that youths from all...