Discovery Semester Program in Ecuador

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Great school
Great school


This program is highly relevant and topical for aspiring leaders, change agents, and social entrepreneurs. It offers a microcosmic look at the clash of world views that is occurring on stages large and small, all across the world, and across nationalities, ethnicities, races, religions, and socioeconomic groups. We will then examine and evaluate possible solutions to these tensions.

Your learning will take a variety of forms. From classroom instruction and informal discussion sessions, to travel and daily life in a culturally unfamiliar environment. From the people and places you visit, to fieldwork with local experts, to reflective moments as you absorb and process your experiences. The way you see the world and yourself will undoubtedly change as a result, deepening your understanding of your own passions, interests, abilities and capacities. But you will have the comfort and assurance at all times that your program leaders will be at hand to advise, guide and support you.

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