Stint Ireland: Working Holidays in Dublin, Ireland
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Stint Ireland: Working Holidays in Dublin, Ireland

If you've graduated from college and you have a burning desire to travel and live abroad, then a working holiday is an experience that will take you out of your comfort zone, showing you the wonders of the world, while, ultimately, letting you exert your independence.

The Working Holiday entitles citizens of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the USA to live and work in Ireland for up to two years. As a Stint Ireland participant, we’ll walk you through the entire process, from the visa applications and travel insurance to settling you into life in Dublin. This means awesome housing, a group of like minded Stinters to share the experience with, and help with everything from finding work, opening a bank account, and getting the best out of your time here in Dublin.

This is your chance to live and work abroad in a foreign city. Pack your bags! It's time to begin your adventures gallivanting around Europe!

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Europe » Ireland » Dublin
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We provide guidance through your working holiday visa authorization process, medical and travel insurance (a value of €500), airport transfer from Dublin airport to your Dublin accommodation, 8 weeks housing included with the option to extend, an orientation/settling in pack including local SIM card, travel card, and Stint swag, program support throughout the duration of your stay including resources and support sessions, help finding work in Ireland with recruitment and temp agency interviews, local discounts, community of fellow Stinters, and 24-hour emergency contact. We are here every step of the way to give you the best possible experience.

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Program Reviews (9)

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24 years old
Columbia College Chicago

First time abroad


I found out about Stint Ireland from a former classmate that had partaken in their intern program. I checked out their website and was immediately drawn to the gap year program. I was about done with school and had no idea what job I wanted. I didn't have the chance to study abroad while in school, so I knew that I was at a perfect time in my life to move and work for a year. And it was the best experience of my life. I had a million and one different questions throughout the visa process and the Stint team was incredibly helpful the entire time. It was comforting to know that I could stay in a Stint house upon my arrival and get to meet others that were going through the same adventure as me. The Stint team helped make my transition from America to Ireland seamless and the time flew by so quickly, I could barely believe it was time for me to leave after nearly a full year.

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24 years old
Loyola Marymount University

Stint for the win!


If you're thinking of doing a gap year I highly recommend Stint if you want the process to go stress free! Having never been to Europe before, it was so nice to have everything planned out for me and to know that I had a welcoming community waiting for me. Stint is always there if you have any questions and they're super helpful when it comes to finding a job, doing taxes and making friends. They always plan really fun weekend adventures and some weekday events to meet everyone and explore Ireland. Having Dublin as a base, I was also able to explore so many other countries because of cheap flights and Stint was always there with suggestions. This past year has helped me find some direction in life and I've met some lifelong friends. I was so sad to leave but I hope to come back to Ireland soon! I really recommend Stint if you want a life changing year!

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23 years old
San Diego State University

Gap Year in Ireland


If you are thinking about taking a Gap Year, do it! After graduation last year, I had no idea what I wanted to do until I came across Stint Ireland's website. Stint made it easy for me to move my entire life to Ireland in a matter of months. Stint helped me with everything - housing accommodations, taxes, jobs, travel and even friends. The community that Stint created made me feel like I was part of a family. If I was ever feeling homesick, someone was there to talk to me. If I wanted to go to Paris for the weekend, multiple people would show interest in coming with!

I learned a lot about myself in the past year and succeeded in everything I wanted to do while abroad, but I couldn't have done it without the help and guidance from Stint!!

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23 years old
Portland, Oregon USA
Butler University

Gap Year Participant


If you are considering interning or working abroad in Ireland, do it! You will not regret it. The support the Stint team provides is unparalleled. Each member of the team truly cares about each participant's wellbeing and goes above and beyond to make sure our experience is the best it can be.

Stint is a wonderful program and I highly recommend investing in this program if you're considering living and working in Dublin for any length of time! The support before arrival, the on-going support throughout your time, and even after you leave is truly one-of-a-kind.

Having never been to Ireland, let alone Europe, before moving to Dublin, Seana and the Stint Team were so helpful and always encouraged me to ask all the questions I might've had before arriving and walked me through each step of the process. Once I got to Dublin, the support of the Stint team and the other Stinter's I lived with made my experience even better than I expected. Living with other people who are going through or have already finished the visa process was invaluable.

If I were to do it again, I would definitely take more advantage of the team's knowledge and ask them for places to go see around Ireland and Europe. Each member has lived abroad in different places around the world and travel often so they not only have great stories but great advice! They are always willing to help and check in with you during your stay to make sure everything is going well.

How can this program be improved?

The Stint team is always looking for ways to improve the Gap Year program. They welcome all suggestions for improvement and do their best to implement it.

25 years old
Marquette, Michigan
University of Michigan

Gap Year in Ireland!


There are so many amazing things I could say about my experience in Ireland and more specifically with Stint Ireland. Having never been abroad I was definitely anxious to up and move to another country. However, Stint was so helpful throughout the whole experience.

Before I even arrived in Ireland the Stint crew was there to help me throughout the application process. It made it easy for me to board my flight knowing things would be taken care of upon my arrival. Having conversed with Aoife over the course of a few months before I got to Ireland, when I finally met her for the first time at the Stint house the day I landed, it was like meeting a friend I've known for forever! And honestly, that's truly what Stint friends!

They were so supportive while I tried to come to grips with being in a new country and not having a set date in which I would return home. It was definitely an adjustment for me, being very close with my family, and anytime I needed to talk their office door was open!

While I did run into a few bumps during my time as a working American citizen in Ireland, Stint immediately jumped into action and helped me resolve any issue straight away.

It was an honor to have been their first gap year participant and I fully recommend their program as I know it's only gotten better since I've left Ireland!

The gap year experience was an amazing opportunity because I got to truly integrate myself into the Irish way of life. Ireland is such a beautiful country with amazing people and Stint is no exception!

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26 years old
Allentown, PA
Liberty University

Current Gap Year Participant


I'm a current Gap Year participant with Stint on my third month (I'll be staying for a year!) it has been a fantastic experience so far. They have helped me immensely with visa information and prearrival paperwork then they walked me through searching for a job, housing and opening a bank account. Since this is my first time living abroad, having help settle in was so important for me.

Also, Stint housing and events are so much fun! There are weekly get togethers at pubs and restaurants and there are also longer trips too- I'll be headed off to a 2 day trip this weekend. What is also fantastic is the discount we get on bus tours and trips around the area.

It's been a fun and action packed 3 months and I look forward to enjoying the rest of my year here.

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24 years old
Deakin University

Internship in Ireland


My six month architecture internship found through Stint Ireland was something that I had always wanted to do and finally got the chance. The Stint crew are a group of very dedicated, involved and fun people who work hard to find the very best opportunities for their every client. They supply housing or help you find your own, organise regular events in Dublin and weekend trips, and hold private monthly meetings to catch up with you and make sure you are getting everything you hoped for through them.
As an Aussie interning in Ireland for six months I got a working holiday visa, same as gap year students. My internship was incredibly educational and has prepared me well for a future in architecture as the work I was doing was not menial intern tasks, but rather professional standard drawings and documentation.
Dublin is so much fun, and Ireland is incredible. I cannot recommend the Stint program high enough and look forward to the day when I can visit again and show them how much I benefitted through the internship they found for me.

Response from Stint Ireland

Mia, we miss you! Your parcel of books was so heartwarmingly wonderful, thank you!

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24 years old
Melbourne, Australia
Deakin University

A home away from home


By the end of my stay in Dublin I had moments where I forgot I was in another country altogether because it had become my home away from home!
Every step of my trip from start to finish was made easy with the help of Stint Ireland.
They had everything ready for me from arrival information to letting me in on the secretes about the best places to eat.
There welcoming arms waited for me when I arrived at my new house to show me around and get me settled.
From there I had monthly check-ins to make sure everything was working out well at my internship, in between there were group hikes, dinners, mystery trips (where we all became pro at hurling) and many more adventures!
There was always a helping hand there if you needed anything while also allowing you the space to explore Dublin and the rest of Ireland on your own terms!
It was an incredible experience that was made so much better by the team at Stint Ireland!!

Response from Stint Ireland

Peri, we can't thank you enough for your lovely parcel, and your great review!

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25 years old
Saratoga Springs, NY
Skidmore College

One Year in Ireland!


The decision to participate with Stint Ireland is one of the best decisions I made in my life. Shortly after leaving college, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to be doing combined with a yearning to go abroad. I didn't take advantage of any study abroad programs when I was in college, so I knew that I wanted to travel.
Stint not only matched me very well with my internship, they also provided full round-the-clock support and advice. I never felt alone, the staff were all incredibly lovely and supportive, even after my initial internship, and my participation with the program, ended. I stayed in Ireland for 11 months, and it was truly one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I met so many people who I now count as dear friends, who I still keep in regular contact with.

How can this program be improved?

I think if Stint could offer visa support for the working holiday visa, that would be amazing (so more students and post-grads can experience this country for longer periods of time!). I believe they either have added this or are in the process of adding it!

In conjunction with offering support for a longer visa, internships lasting longer than a few weeks would also be great for the participants as well.

Response from Stint Ireland

Sarabell, are you still here in sunny Dublin for icecreams!? Thanks so much for leaving us a review, and sorry it has taken me so long to thank you!

About The Provider


Stint Ireland operates on the belief that experiences abroad are valuable and worthwhile. Our dedicated team works hard to facilitate our program, where the focus is on you, and we pride ourselves on our diverse range of internship and work experiences in Dublin, Ireland.