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  • Nepal
    • Kathmandu
    • Pokhara
    • Chitwan
  • India
    • Agra
    • Delhi
    • Kochi
4 - 12 weeks
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Animal Viewing Safari Surfing Trekking Yoga
Fall Spring
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Program fee inclusions:
✓ All in-program travel and transport, excluding flights
✓ All accommodation
✓ All meals
✓ All expeditions, activities, excursions, volunteer projects and entry fees as described in the itinerary
✓ Experienced Program Instructors and local guides
✓ Informal lectures from resident experts on conservation and eco-tourism
✓ Experiential core curriculum that pushes students to reflect and ask questions of themselves
✓ Certificate of Program Completion
*Nepal visa is issued on arrival at the airport in Kathmandu
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Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Equipment Meals Park Fees Tour Guide Transportation
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Airfare Travel Insurance Visa
May 15, 2024
Dec 25, 2016
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About Program

Join us on an epic journey of discovery through lands steeped in rich history, culture, diversity and changing landscapes!

On this gap year program around South Asia, we encourage our students to fully immerse themselves in the Indian and Nepali ways of life by living under the roof of host families, mastering the art of Indian cooking and Bollywood dancing, and practicing ancient meditation techniques that were taught by Lord Buddha. Apart from the culture, this program will also make your heart skip a beat with its diverse adventure activities and service-learning projects, ranging from trekking to Annapurna Base camp and community volunteering in the shadows of Himalayan giants to surfing on the Arabian Sea and catching the sunrise over the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world!

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

We understand that we have a long way to go in achieving the diversity we strive for among our students, staff, and partners. We are committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive organization, and we recognize that this requires time, effort, and resources. At Pacific Discovery, we deeply value diversity, equity, and social justice, and we are dedicated to creating educational experiences that reflect and promote these values. Our program curriculum incorporates social justice education and encourages students to explore their own identities. To further support these efforts, we offer a 'Diverse Voices' Scholarship.

LGBTQIA+ Support

All of our Pacific Discovery programs are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and our operations team have attended CIS Abroad's LGBTQ+ Allyship Training, to ensure we’re doing what we can to support this community. We provide an open and non judgemental space for students to explore who they are at this pivotal time of their life, and in our admissions process we seek information not only on a student's gender, but their pronouns and gender identity. We’re aware of the differing cultural perspectives of LQBTQIA in the countries that we visit, and can direct students to a semester location where they’ll feel the most comfortable. Operationally we ensure that our instructors use inclusive language and can facilitate conversations with students around their identity, and discuss the rooming situations with LGBTQIA+ students.

Neurodivergent Support

Our programs are designed to support students with a wide range of neurodiverse conditions while following our essential eligibility criteria. For students needing extra help, we provide personalized wellness plans . These plans include coping strategies, care protocols, and specific requirements to help them engage effectively in the program. Our instructors have access to mental health first aid resources and are well-prepared to offer strong support to students with these needs.

Accessibility Support

Our programs offer a variety of physical activities, including hiking, surfing, rafting, and mountain biking. We make sure to accommodate students with diverse needs such as asthma, diabetes, and chronic medical conditions, while working within the infrastructure of the host country and our program schedules. We're mindful of the varying levels of accessibility in the countries we visit and can help students choose a semester location where they feel most at ease.



Sustainability is one of the 6 core components of each Pacific Discovery program, where we educate students about the local and global environmental issues, how to travel sustainably, and have them think deeply about their impact and what they can do in their daily lives to affect change.

We recently embarked on a Net Positive Benefit project where we are qualifying what impacts our groups have on the local communities, taking into consideration carbon emissions +/- social impacts +/- conservation impacts +/- community impacts. On our programs, students engage with non-profit organisations such as Litter Intelligence, Scholars of Sustenance, Ulu Mau puanui, Llama Pack project where they directly work for a better future - planting trees, eradicating invasive weed species, helping local communities and food banks.

Ethical Impact

We make a conscious decision to partner with host communities and suppliers who are passionate about our students' participation and involvement with them being of a positive benefit to the community. We want our presence to enable positive sustainable growth for our partners and this mantra is ingrained in the fabric of our programs.

Program Highlights

  • Roll up your sleeves and learn about organic agriculture at a permaculture farm
  • Embark on a 10-day trek through the Himalayas to Annapurna Base Camp
  • Experience homestays with Nepali families and live like a local for two weeks
  • Search for rhinos, elephants and tigers on a jeep safari in Royal Chitwan National Park
  • Learn to use yoga, meditation, chanting and sound vibrations as tools to relax your mind and body

Program Reviews

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  • Housing 4.9
  • Support 5
  • Fun 5
  • Value 5
  • Safety 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best. Semester. Ever!

I was looking for a trip that was going to be a diverse and authentic experience. Without a doubt, I found it! Nepal and Tibet are truly incredible places, and coming home, I feel like I really got to connect with each of them and live like a Nepali. I can't even count the times that I ended up laughing and singing and discussing life with locals. I felt so lucky every day, and so grateful for every experience, from trekking to rafting to getting lost in the cities to paragliding to yoga to biking and every other wonderful moment.

The Pacific Discovery staff was knowledgeable to the greatest extent, teaching us everything from the very basics of travel to the pressing social and political issues in Nepal. Our leaders trusted us and supported us completely, and they were my friends above all.

I'm coming home with fantastic memories, a boatload of new friends, and a whole network of Nepali family that would accept me back with open arms if I ever decided to go back.

Before I left for Nepal, I was uncomfortable with ordering a pizza on the phone, and dying to find the self-confidence to change that. Yesterday, I spent an hour on the phone with my state Congressman. As cliche as it sounds, the confidence I found in Nepal will be life-changing.

Overall, the best decision I've ever made!

What would you improve about this program?
I've really got nothing here. Keep it up!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best decision I've ever made!

I was doing a 9-5 internship and I quickly became bored with sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours. During my breaks I would research different gap programs online because I knew I just needed a change. On my phone screen I had a quote that said "The three c's in life: choice, chance, change. You need to make a choice to take a chance if you want anything in life to change." That is how I would basically sum up my decision to go on the Nepal and Tibet program. It was completely out of my comfort zone but it made me a more confident person by showing me the strengths that I never knew I had. Every day was a different, and an exciting experience and I I woke up every day feeling so lucky. It's hard to pick a favorite experience, but a moment I truly appreciated was being able to attend a movie showing in a Nepali village up in the mountains where we sat on yak fur seats and were served tea and popcorn. Getting through that fourteen day trek was challenging but it was the most rewarding feeling when we reached the day of the pass. The people (leaders, students, guides, families in the village) made the experience so much more enjoyable. If you are thinking about going but aren't sure, I would definitely tell you to remember the three c's and go for it!!!

What would you improve about this program?
Keep on doing what you're doing!
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Yes, I recommend this program

This trip will change your life...

I couldn't have asked for a more authentic overseas adventure. It incorporated everything I was looking for - hiking, volunteering, biking, yoga, rafting, a canyon swing, paragliding and cultural immersion - all with the support, companionship and guidance of an amazing group and the PD team. I was lucky enough to be involved in the maiden voyage and the PD crew handled all hiccups with patience and professionalism. The experience was rewarding and educational, providing me with greater insight into myself and a deeper understanding of how others experience the world. This trip has definitely given me the travel bug and a strong desire to continue visiting and immersing myself in other cultures and countries. Thank you Rachel and Scott for a truly life changing experience x

What would you improve about this program?
Like any program, there are always hiccups along the way. I wouldn't change any of them, they were all learning experiences and gave me a greater understanding of what's involved in organising and executing a trip of this magnitude. My hat goes off to you Scott & Rachel!
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Yes, I recommend this program

For the Daring and Curious Ones

Through my time in Nepal and Tibet with PD I learned about foreign cultures, the lifestyle of travel, and my place in the world. Reading the itinerary before departing gave me the idea that this trip would be packed with new things to do, but I had no idea how well planned the whole experience was. The PD team had us working with the most well-traveled, friendly guides in the business, to the most interesting monasteries, holy sites, and monuments there were to see. Our adventure guides for the river rafting, trekking and (optional) bungee jump made me feel safe and educated about what I was doing.

As a travel destination, Nepal is definitely among the best. It's underrated, meaning that the tea houses you sleep at during the 2 week trek aren't packed with European tourists, they're a very honest portrayal of the local culture.

What would you improve about this program?
If I could change anything I'd lengthen the time we stayed in Tibet for. I know it is not guaranteed that all of the participants get visas, but once we were there I did not want to leave so soon! 10 days flew by.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing experience abroad

Day to day was different based on different parts of the country we were in but we always had upbeat and energetic staff that encouraged and participated in exciting activities. I loved my time in Nepal and Tibet with Pacific Discovery!

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that I can think of changing would be the amount of down time we had, I think that we had too much and I personally am someone that needs more structure to ensure every moment is taken advantage of.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Clever Bloody Kiwis

I participated in Pacific Discovery's maiden Tibet/Nepal trip.
The Crew themselves at Pacific Discovery are HUGELY experienced, capable and patient of any and all problems that can arise when you travel beyond the edge of your comfort zone.
The trip was pretty great, educational and as fulfilling an experience as I'd hoped it would be, for myself and the crew at Pacific Discovery as well. There were some hiccups, (everyone on the trip had a little trouble acclimating to the local cuisine, and we had to deal with the 'delightful' bureaucracy of the Tibetan [Chinese] Government at one point) but ironing out kinks is something I know the Pacific Discovery folks to be good at.
10/10 would do again.

What would you improve about this program?
The maiden program did suffer a few flaws; being at the whim of the Tibetan Government for our mid-trip flights, lacking variety of activities during the Tibetan leg of the trip.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Dream Come True

I can't say enough good things when it comes to Pacific Discovery. Now that I've gone through the whole process of looking into the program, signing up, getting ready, traveling through Nepal and Tibet!!! and coming home.. it is so hard to imagine any other way to see an area of our world. They were extremely helpful, knowledgable, personable throughout the process- there for you at any time, wanting nothing but the best experience for their participants. I take so much satisfaction in the knowledge I gained as a traveler, and about the countries I saw. I can honestly say that I KNOW Nepal, not that I saw it as a tourist, but that I experienced all that it has to offer as if a Nepali myself. The experiences we had on this trip would be impossible for someone to have without Pacific Discovery's planning, and connections to people in the area. Every day felt like a dream; I will forever remember my trip as one the best decisions I've made in my entire life, and am thankful beyond words that Rachel and Scott have created Pacific Discovery and continue to offer these life-changing opportunities.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience of a Lifetime!!

This trip was truly life changing. With just over two months of constant adventures and travel, it is truly impossible to imagine how many lasting memories and friendships can be made through this program.

After researching this program for over two years, I finally made it a reality and it still exceeded all my expectations. No other program incorporates so many different experiences into one program.

The Pacific Discovery team is committed to each participant and goes above and beyond again and again to create the the best experience to everyone involved. I would truly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a life changing experience.

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