Work and Travel New Zealand on a Working Holiday for Canadians

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Stepabroad's New Zealand Working Holiday programs help Canadians aged 18 - 35 begin living, working and traveling around beautiful New Zealand.

We guide you through how Canadians apply for the New Zealand Working Holiday visa, set up your New Zealand bank account and help you move money from your Canadian bank to New Zealand, transfer your Canadian phone, claim your foreign income on your Canadian taxes, decide which travel insurance provider is right for you, and much more! All of this is available in our Send Off Package for just $249 CAD.

Our Discovery Experience includes the Send Off Pack PLUS airport pickup in Auckland, 3 nights accommodation and a welcome orientation where you'll meet other travellers and have tons of fun as you explore the city together.

Our Adventure Experience includes the Send Off Pack PLUS airport pickup, 7 nights accommodation AND an epic weeklong trip around the North Island to kick off your trip with a bang before finishing in Wellington.

  • A step-by-step guide and personal support while applying for the working holiday visa
  • One-on-one pre-departure orientation with everything you need to know for living and working in New Zealand as a foreigner
  • Auckland arrival orientation OR an 8-day North Island adventure experience
  • Assistance with finding accommodation, setting up bank account & phone number
  • Resume revisions and job search resources for finding a job anywhere in New Zealand

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Adventure is around every corner on our New Zealand Adventure Experience

Kick-off your New Zealand working holiday with a bang. Experience the best that the North Island has to offer on this 8-day adventure experience. Swim at pristine beaches, explore caves and go tubing on underground rivers. Explore a geothermal reserve, hike a volcano, attend a traditional Maori ceremony, relax in natural hot springs and maybe even go sky diving! All of this before settling down, finding a job, and experiencing life like a local living and working in New Zealand.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I stepped abroad to new zealand for 6 months

Step abroad is a great program for people who have never gotten a working holiday Visa and have never moved to another country as part of a gap year. They were very helpful by sending a very detailed document about living in Auckland, and they also video chat with you to explain everything. They give you information on housing, getting a phone, banks, average living costs, etc. They also set you up for 2 nights in a really great hostel that I have been living in long term. The agency that I have found work through was great too because they go out and find jobs for you. My only complaint is that they say they provide assistance with finding a place to live but they really just give you a couple websites and that's it, I ended up doing it all myself which I haven't done before.

If you have traveled before or done a working holiday Visa I would not recommend spending the money on the program as I have traveled before and I probably would have not done the program if Iknew exactly what it would be.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
To be honest since I have experience travelling I wouldnt do the program because I didnt need it, it's more for complete beginners
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