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For the adventurous soul, who's craving something out of the box, who wants to climb mountains or try dumpster diving with a group of fun loving friends. We offer the chance to be seen and accepted for who you already are and the chance to see the world for what it is and what it could be. We inspire rather than coerce. We dumpster dive, skinny dip and challenge you to be real. We get dirty & think big.

We work on organic farms, build using sustainable materials, make our own bread and hike our brains out. In the process you learn the skills of self-sufficiency, community and quality living. We also travel around the South West and Mexico to immerse ourselves in border issues, & see first hand how we are connected to the people of Sonora not only by a river and water issues but also by trade, food, migratory fish and birds, politics and the human experience. By the end, you will be a new person, with new options for living the good life & experiencing the richness of the world.

  • Live the good life while climbing mountains and hiking canyons, baking your own bread, learning community living skills, and exploring sustainable living.
  • Experience small town, off the beaten path Mexican culture and learn about pressing border and environmental issues.
  • Be part of a homespun family that challenges you to deeply understand and experience your inner self, your world, and your options.
  • Adventure with fellow participants who are creative innovators, young people in charge of their own education already making things happen in the world.
  • Imagine sleeping on top of the van under the stars, listening to coyotes, being with best friends, knowing that the next day anything could happen.

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The current High Desert Center Gap Year Programs represent our best efforts to take the most successful strategies and components and link them together into the kind of long programs that support participants in discovering who they are and what...