The High Desert Center Expeditionary Semester

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This semester is for those excited about life on the trail. Join us for ten weeks and over 800 miles of walking through some of the most spectacular landscapes Arizona has to offer. We’ll form a tight knit community as we meet the challenges, the rewards, and the unexpected turns of this rugged trail. On top of that, we’ll engage in a meaningful examination of immigration and border issues and learn how about the natural history of the area. This semester will shape your values and character while giving you the skills necessary for adventure planning, building and contributing to community, and being a great friend.
The Arizona Trail, a stretch of trail linking Mexico to Utah, was designated a National Scenic Trail in 2009 and completed on 2011—it’s relatively new. Over the 800+ miles, we’ll encounter both interesting communities and people as well as diverse ecosystems: deserts, mountains and canyons.

  • Hike almost every day for ten weeks. Discover the history of the South West from Native American migrations to the impacts of grazing. Sing in three-part harmony. Learn new skills like whittling, bird identification, or juggling. Live in community.
  • Understand immigration issues from all sides. Make lifelong friends. Get in great shape. Learn the night sky.
  • Watch sunrises. Cook outside. Meet other thru-hikers and hear their stories. Document your adventures. Check thru-hiking off your bucket list. Plan your next, great adventure.

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