YFU High School Study Abroad Program in Italy

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Spend a year with YFU in Italy studying in one of four different education tracks: Liceo Scientifico, Liceo Classico, Liceo Liguistico or Istituto Tecnico e Commerciale. These high schools focus on subjects such as Sciences, the Classics, Languages, or Business. As you make friends and get to know your host family, you'll see Italian culture from an insider's perspective. Eat Italian food made in your home's kitchen, explore the old streets of your town, and see what daily life is like for Italian students. As your Italian improves and you connect with the people around you, you'll see why Italy is so beloved around the world. Students may also choose from IB, bilingual, art or music school options.

  • Enroll in a high school with a special concentration on science with YFU's special interest science program
  • Take dance classes, attend art classes, or explore music school in Italy in addition to your normal high school classes with YFU's special interest dance, art, or music program
  • Explore tourism and catering in Italy with YFU's special interest program
  • Attend an International Baccalaureate school or a Bilingual school with YFU's special interest programs

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