High School Volunteer Program in Costa Rica
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High School Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

Global Routes offers summer community service trips for high school students who are looking for adventure travel and community service along with cultural and language immersion. Students can be part of a two week program or a 4-week program in Costa Rica.

Both programs start with in orientation where you explore the rainforest on an adventure, ziplining, rapelling, and climbing in a pristine rainforest preserve. You'll bond with your group and prepare for a life-changing immersion experience in the rolling hills near San Isidro de El General for the service and homestay portion of your program.

In this gorgeous coffee-farming region, your group will live with host families and work on a construction-based service project. With your mornings spent on the work site and your afternoons spent volunteering in schools, teaching English, or playing soccer, you will have countless opportunities to learn about your tico hosts.

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North America » Costa Rica
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Program Reviews (4)

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49 years old
United States
Mills College

Costa Rica 4 week Immersion


My daughter spent 4 weeks in Costa Rica with Global Routes in 2017. She came back home with a lot more maturity and perspective about her life and the world. She really enjoyed the group of teens that went on the trip and her leaders and learned from everyone. It was a rewarding and special experience for her. This was my second experience as a parent with Global Routes. What they don't tell you is how much they support the kids. The leaders and Adam knew where every teen was every day. When the kids get into different flights to go home, it doesn't end there. Adam tracks every flight and confirms that every child gets home safely. They provide a detailed written assessment of your teen's strengths and development areas. I would recommend Global Routes without hesitation - both for the experience and for the safety aspect. My daughter loved the trip. Over and over she would say, I just had SO MUCH FUN! She especially enjoyed the homestay which she was initially a bit nervous about. It turned out to be a very interesting family and the perspective she gained about her own American family was priceless. She would love to go on another trip with Global Routes - I'm on board, too!

How can this program be improved?

I can't think of anything. Every situation was handled by the leaders and Adam in an outstanding way. I was very impressed. My daughter loved the breadth of activities and the people she met. It was a spectacular trip.

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21 years old

really nice!!


I chose this program in my freshman year of high school because of its safety. I wanted to learn spanish in Latin America in a stress-free environment. The very pleasurable group that I went to CR with was small, only about 14 people and 2 counselors, both who spoke Spanish very well. I really enjoyed working on a small village project at the local school and I am still in touch with my host family today.

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19 years old
New Jersey

An Unforgettable Experience


Making the decision to go to a foreign country for a whole month with a group of people I had never met was not easy. However, looking back on my experience in Costa Rica with Global Routes, it was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. My experience has affected me so profoundly, that I've had trouble describing it in a way that others will understand, but what I can say is that Global Routes provided the perfect environment for personal development. Opportunities to reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses seemed to naturally present themselves throughout the duration of the trip, and by the end I felt that I had a deeper understanding of myself than ever before. I feel as though the group I was a part of could have been anywhere in the world and had just as meaningful of an experience. That being said, Costa Rica was absolutely beautiful and there is no other place I would have rather been, and connections we all made with the locals we encountered were truly precious (and for me personally, completely unexpected). Also, the bond among the members of my group was the strongest I've ever witnessed in such a setting. Working daily on the construction of a communal kitchen for San Antonio, the community we stayed in for the majority of the trip, taught us about the value of working hard and as a team, and also gave us the opportunity to connect with those who welcomed us into their homes. Before arriving in Costa Rica, I expected my role to be one of giving, but there turned out to be just as much receiving on my part. Overall, I found there to be a perfect balance of fun (in the waterfall rappel, daily soccer games with the community, zip lining, surf lessons, white water rafting, and group bonding in general), and growth (in the responsible risks we were encouraged to take, the adjustment required to live in such a new setting, the roles of leadership we frequently took on, and the beautiful cultural exchange that occurred). If I had to pick a favorite part of the trip, it would be the home stay, although the time spent in the rainforest and at the beach was spectacular as well. I would highly recommend going to Costa Rica with Global Routes - I would definitely do it again if given the opportunity!

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24 years old
Wilmington, NC
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Best Experience of My Life


I would definitely recommend this program to anyone! The home-stay and the trip to the beach at the end of the trip were by far my favorite. During the home-stay I stayed with an amazing family who I still talk to on Facebook. None of the families in the community spoke English which helped me improve on my Spanish tremendously. It was so sad to leave the families at the end of the week, but when we finished building the medical outpost for them we felt so accomplished. The end of the trip was so much fun at the beach which is where our group really bonded. I have made life long friends that I still keep in touch with. Overall, I loved the structure of the trip and I would go again in a heart beat!

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