Abbey Road Summer College/SAT Prep at Suffolk University Boston

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This program is designed for High School students from all over the world who are interested in improving their SAT/ACT scores, boosting their college applications. This is a very intensive academic program that is certain to help your students prepare for their academic future in the United States. Additionally, Abbey Road students will participate in weekend excursions, recreational activities, and visit some of New England's most prestigious Universities, such as Boston College, Harvard, Tufts, Northeastern, Boston University, and more! stay at the dorms at Suffolk University on Beacon Hill in the heart of Boston, directly across the street from the John Adams Courthouse.

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Great summer in Boston

I had an amazing time at Suffolk with Abbey Road! The classes were a bit demanding, but the practice really came in handy when I tested this fall. The outings we went on were great!... especially when we toured my dream school, MIT. The staff saw to it that we had a good amount of free time to explore and get to know the other students. I’m glad I was able to make friends from so many different parts of the world during my stay. Before I arrived I wasn’t expecting such a diverse crowd! I wish I could go back!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Thank you Abbey Road for an unforgettable summer!

Abbey Road was an amazing experience that far exceeded my expectations! Abby Road's staff was enthusiastic, encouraging and always available to show me a new aspect of the city. I have always loved studying languages, and there was no better way to learn French and experience the culture than with Abbey Road.
Humbled and inspired by polyglots, Abbey Road gave me the opportunity to practice my French with fellow students and residents. The students came from as far as El Salvador and were enthusiastic about learning French and experiencing Nice authentically. I was amazed by the individual attention I got from every staff member, including the program director . The staff was always encouraging me to learn more about French history, venture into the world of high speed French conversation, learn new ways of creating arts, and perfect my writing. I loved debating about history in French, discussing cinematography, and learning light-painting for the first time. I loved being able to read short stories in French from the local bookstore. The accommodations were superb - close to the beach, small cafes, and restaurants - giving me a fantastic look into French daily culture and even the economy.
Traveling to different towns, including a trip to Italy as well as the state of Monaco, and spending time on the Cote' d'Azur engaging in cultural and athletic activities provided the ideal environment to learn, explore, and enjoy Nice and the surrounding areas. Abbey Road went above and beyond in making my summer unforgettable. Thank you Abbey Road! I would love to have another summer with Abbey Road.

How can this program be improved?
It should be longer!
Yes, I recommend this program
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I am going to miss Abbey Road and I wish time had not flown so quickly!

My favorite trick for the SAT math section was learning to draw diagrams called the Average Pie and the Ratio Box. When I learned how to incorporate these two techniques into the test, I was able to answer all of the average and ratio question with ease. My SAT scores improved because of my participation in this program.
Besides all the academic benefits we were also treated to wonderful experiences, like visiting Boston University!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I learned so MUCH on Abbey Road's College Prep in Boston!

I was on the College Prep Session 1 and 2. I learned so much on this program. It helped me understand what a college is looking for in an applicant and how I should organize my thoughts in an essay to get the reader's attention. I also learned a lot about the application process, which used to be a huge blur to me. I am really happy I did this program and that I learned many useful things during my time here on Abbey Road's College Prep program in Boston!

I was sad when the second session ended. I had gotten used to living in Boston, and I met great people to who I grew close. We formed lasting friendships!

Yes, I recommend this program

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