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Abbey Road Programs provides several summer programs for high school students. From study abroad, to language and cultural immersion, to student travel around Europe, Abbey Road is proud to offer it! With program locations currently in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada and the Czech Republic, high school students have the opportunity to see the world, experience life abroad, and learn about regional languages, art, history, and culture. Abbey Road even offers schools and education organizations the option to customize a program! Check out Abbey Road Programs' main site for more details.


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I'll admit to being a pretty serious "helicopter parent," with lots of involvement in my kids' lives on a daily basis. My first motivation in seeking a study-abroad program was sending them somewhere amazing, to do something other than be a tourist AND without me there to make it a vacation. At the same time, I wanted them to be safe, see interesting places, learn about food and language and culture, and be a part of a group of kids from all over the world.

After researching a number of programs, Abbey Road seemed to be the program that met all of these requirements for me. The itinerary seemed to have enough travel to see multiple locations but enough study time in each place for them to remember something. The rest of the decision was just blind faith in the unknown and an overall trust in testimonials on the web site.

The program itself accomplished everything I had hoped for. The boys came home talking about Florence and Paris like our own neighborhood. They add small, yet distinct references about Greek philosophy into their everyday conversations. They recognize exotic locations in movies and remember how they felt standing right there in person. They are more responsible with their belongings, and less critical of foreigners.

My oldest son is now at college, and the experience of keeping track of his own things in Europe was the perfect preparation for living in a dorm. Whenever I ask if he's ok, he replies that he made it through Europe alone, so he'll be fine. His month in Europe gave him the confidence and the skills to live away from home, and that's exactly what I wanted for him.

My younger son is a junior in High School and he gets himself up for early morning jazz band every day. He adds that doing homework in our kitchen is 100 times more comfortable than reading Plato at the Acropolis in 100 degree heat. I couldn't be happier that he understands the difference between the two.

There is nothing in the U.S. that could have given my boys the same type of experience they received from traveling with Abbey Road staff members and teachers. I'm a lucky dad to have Abbey Road contribute to the character development of my kids.

Yes, I recommend this program
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This was my first time studying abroad. When I signed up to take AP Spanish I knew that I wanted to improve my Spanish speaking skills and I knew I wanted to go to Spain. I wanted to really be immersed in the culture and learn the language and learn about where I was staying to make everything worthwhile. My friend Mark and I went together and our moms were really involved in the search. They had this convention with all these different summer programs and they got a lot of different information. We wanted to find a program that offered a good balance of independence, learning, excursions, and a homestay. Abbey Road seemed to have everything that we were looking for.

During the program my Spanish has definitely improved. Ever since the 9th grade there hasn’t been any English spoken in my Spanish classes and my experience this summer being so exposed to Spanish has really helped a lot. In the south of Spain they have these tough hard accents and I think exposure to that has really helped.

The classes we had during the program were quite different from what we have been doing back home, and this is another reason why I chose Abbey Road. I was able to spend an hour and a half in the classroom and an hour and a half talking to people and finding things, which was a more engaging way of learning. When you’re actually exposed to what you are learning it’s a totally different experience.

The teachers and the program coordinators were amazing, especially Chris [the program Director]. During summer programs there are always certain situations that happen and I think he handled them really well. The staff always had a positive attitude and was open to hearing suggestions. They taught us that you can have so much fun by learning the language or about the culture. The whole experience was just so personal that anything that I felt I needed people were always there to help out or if I wanted to do a certain thing they would make time to do it. And it wasn’t just during the program that the staff was really great, even before the program started the staff was helpful. I could contact anyone in the program and they were willing to talk to me.

Mark and I were staying with Rosa, an amazing and such a typical Spanish mother. Rosa had three sons and a granddaughter so there was always family around. It was never quiet which was perfect and exactly the experience we were looking for! It was such a great homestay experience. We always had the option to go out to eat, but we always ate at the house because we loved the food and we loved hanging out with the other boys at the house. Rosa mainly made Spanish food, but sometimes she would try to make something more American for us.

Experiential learning is something that Abbey Road really takes pride in. It’s a great thing because even though you sign up for classes you want to take you really just want to be spending time in the city and making friends. When you mix classroom learning with cultural immersion, it just makes the whole thing more enjoyable.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My latest journey to Boston for the Abbey Road College Prep Course was incredibly fulfilling for the particular time in my life that it came. It goes without saying that the majority of students approaching the fall semester of their senior year typically experience high anxiety with regard to college applications. This was especially true for me, and already by the end of my junior year a considerable amount of worry around admissions had set in. For this reason, I began to search for a way to receive adequate SAT preparation, information about colleges, and assistance with the application process. After completing my session with Abbey Road College Prep, I can honestly say that I believe it has been among the most effective and fun ways to complete all of those challenging tasks.

Immediately I appreciated the accommodating and caring staff that was always striving to ensure an enjoyable experience for students.

As a program, we were able to enjoy many outings, including a tour on the Duck Adventures Boat, an afternoon at Quincy Market, an outing at Revere Beach, and my personal favorite, a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art. As previously stated, the SAT preparation was a significant factor in my coming to Abbey Road. Initially, I was nervous that fitting the entire Princeton Review course into two weeks may not have been effective. That prejudgment could not have been further from the truth! Our Princeton Review professor was extremely thorough, continually dedicated to ensuring students’ comprehension of the material and to helping the students succeed. In fact, I would say the two-week course, compared to a longer school year or summer course, ended up as the most effective way for me to prepare for the SAT. With all of the stress surrounding college for the students, having a staff member so highly experienced and informed in the college search process was a key anxiety-reducing factor of the program. Through activities such as constructing a “Must Haves & Deal Breakers” list, drafting a résumé, and brainstorming essay topics, the writing elective course teacher effectively broke down the massive amounts of information about the college search.

Leaving Boston I had the peace of mind regarding my application essays, a more defined list of colleges that interested me, and a clear path to follow to my next SAT and to complete my application process. Not to mention, I left the program having made friends with students from all over the world that I continue to keep in touch with as we journey through the remainder of the application process. In these ways, the Abbey Road Program met all of my needs pertaining to my college search, and I could not be more satisfied with the results that Abbey Road helped me achieve! 

Yes, I recommend this program
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This was my first time participating in a study abroad program. I had heard about teen tours before, but my mom brought up the study abroad program with Abbey Road to help me improve my Spanish. Living in the residence in Barcelona was similar to college life and I wanted to be able to experience that and get a feel for what college might be like. I really liked the small group size because we all really got to know each other and could just hangout as a group. I’m actually going to see a few people from the Barcelona program in December!

I thought the teachers were great! They really encouraged us to speak more Spanish and helped us understand more. Thanks to them my Spanish improved significantly. After I came back home, I was standing in line at the store and the woman in front of me was holding a baby and speaking in Spanish and we ended up having a conversation completely in Spanish. I was able to understand her and actually hold a conversation.

The residential life was amazing. Every week the counselors gave us money for one trip to the grocery store. You would go to the store with the student that you shared your kitchen with. Together you would buy what food you wanted for the week. We did cooking every other night, which was really fun. Learning to cook new recipes and trying new foods was a completely new experience. My favorite recipe was tortilla, which is an egg and potato dish that can be used for tapas or as a whole dish. Simple tasks such as cooking for yourself, buying your own groceries, taking out the trash and doing your own laundry made me become very independent. I’ve been told I have become more adventurous and more spontaneous.

When I was looking at Abbey Road, four weeks seemed like a long time and when I first got there I was really nervous. It just seemed like a really long time to be living with all these people I didn’t know, but by the end I really wish the program had been longer!

I am definitely going to try and go on another study abroad trip during my next summer break or maybe my summer before college. I would definitely go to Spain again.

How can this program be improved?
The Mediterranean Sea was great for swimming, I wish we had more time on the beach.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Abbey Road provided my daughter with a top notch summer abroad program in Cadiz, Spain. This group is highly organized and focuses on a safe, enriching experience with lots of chances to soak in the culture. There was a nice balance of academic and free time.

The housing was excellent, day trips very rewarding, and she got to use her Spanish 100% of the time. As an educator and father I would absolutely recommend Abbey Road to anyone!!

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps more communication earlier about the final plans - this is a small detail though.
Yes, I recommend this program