Global Experiences Internships in Sydney, Australia
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Global Experiences Internships in Sydney, Australia

Global Experiences provides students the chance to immerse themselves in Australian culture, and gain valuable professional level experience in their field of interest. We work with you one-on-one to place you into a customized internship, where you will sharpen your transferable skills under the guidance of industry professionals.

The Sydney internship program includes: a guaranteed internship, a range of social events and excursions, housing, local staff support, and so much more!

  • Personalized Attention: We work with you on a personal level to understand your career interests and internship goals. Starting from the first phone call to the end of your internship, we offer you individualized support to give you all the resources you
  • Centralized Housing: You'll be living in Sydney with other Global Experiences participants in a student-residence close to shopping, public transportation, and nightlife.
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your professional documents, prepare you for an interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Local Staff and Social Events: Our Location Coordinator lives in Sydney year-round and provide interns with an insider's glimpse of the Emerald City. The Location Coordinator is there to provide 24/7 emergency support and host all of the interns on a rang
  • Guaranteed Internship: That means not having to worry about your future plans for the summer, fall, or spring or the quality of the internship. With an internship with Global Experiences we will work on your behalf to find a high-quality internship that f
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Culinary Arts
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Program fee includes: Guaranteed internship, centralized housing, social events & excursions, visa assistance, personalized support before and during the internship program, career development, medical/travel insurance, and a mobile phone.

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Sydney Internship

Although my internship technically wasn't in Sydney, I was still able to enjoy my experience to just about the fullest extent. Working in Manly did leave about an hour and a half trip to and from work, and those three hours every day would have been great in terms of more fully engaging with Glebe, where my accommodations were, and Sydney. There was still ample time to do so, particularly on every free weekend. Taking the ferry through Sydney harbor twice a day was also nothing to complain about, and working at a small company really allowed me to engage in real and meaningful projects to my employer.

How can this program be improved?

The group activities within the budget were not managed efficiently. Either they should have been entirely up to individuals to decide either by majority or by splitting up, or scheduled in advance once given options that were rated preferentially. Input from so many people can be difficult to manage, especially when indecisiveness becomes a factor.

Response from Global Experiences

Hey Doug,
We're really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the meaningful work that you did with your placement company. I'm also glad to hear you found the silver lining in your daily trek to and from Manly.

Thank you for your comments on the social calendar events and budget. I have worked very hard on improving it for the current and future groups. Things are much more organised now, and hopefully the quality of the program will continue to improve as I gain more experience within my role as the Location Coordinator. I thank you very for your patience while you were Down Under, it was a pleasure to get to know you.

--- Manda

Yes, I recommend
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Working in Sydney

Overall I enjoyed my short time in Sydney. This was my first work experience opportunity and I did not know what to expect. The first couple of weeks of my internship were a little rocky until my manager and I sat down and talked. Once we matched goals and expectations, my worries went away and I started to look forward to working every day. By the end of my internship I realized how lucky I was to have such a great opportunity working in my field of study despite having no experience. I've learned that I'm more capable than I first thought and that I can succeed outside a classroom setting in the real world.

Living in Sydney was an incredible experience. 2 months was too short a time! There's just so much to do and the city is very easy to navigate. It's a great place for beginning travelers!

How can this program be improved?

Unfortunately the accommodations I stayed in were not to the standard I had expected based on how much I paid to GE. I would not recommend Jack's Place based on the level of cleanliness, the poor condition of the building, and on how the House Manager treated us GE interns. At one point during my stay I overheard her say that the other interns and I were worse than animals.

Also I would have appreciated more extracurricular activities available to choose from. Compared to the GE program in London we did very little in our 8 weeks in Sydney.

Response from Global Experiences

Hi Jason, glad you had a good time this summer! Goals and expectations between employer and intern are hugely important. As for housing, we're moving up and out to newly renovated housing elsewhere based on the feedback. We want you guys having the best experience possible, both at work and at home!

Keep in touch - Bali

Yes, I recommend
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Don't miss out!

The primary thing that I loved about GE's placement for me in Sydney, was that the staff really spent a lot of time trying to find some position that fit along with my career goals. There are some interns who were a bit unhappy with their placements but that is solely because the companies themselves failed to live up to what they had promised the interns. GE worked very hard and succeeded in making this experience phenomenal.

For reference, I worked with a company called 33 Talent that revolves around the recruiting industry. I worked with PR, webpage displays, and marketing strategies...all of which I hadn't really experienced before. For the most part, the employers in Sydney are great because they give you opportunities to participate in things you haven't experienced yet, and then go for it. I loved all of this for that reason.

If you combine this with the fun extra curricular activities like a bus tour to the Blue Mountains, a day at an Australian Football League game, and the Sydney Opera House tour, it's great.

How can this program be improved?

The one thing to change with the Sydney program is to have a more responsive input into what our "extra curricular budget" goes towards. In addition, the housing needs to be changed, Jack's Place isn't the best of places. However, we only stayed in Jack's due to our other accommodations being renovated. Just bad timing on my part.

Response from Global Experiences

Hey JRummy! We're glad you had a great time! We take great pride behind the scenes matching you up with the best possible employer, after we get to know you, and we're glad we were successful. Be sure to hop onto the alumni LinkedIn page to connect with fell alum and get continued career development. We will be getting more input from the interns on their social event preferences.

As for housing, fortunately we're moving to newly renovated housing for the upcoming groups, so the facilities will be much nicer moving forward. Keep in touch!

- The GE Team

Yes, I recommend
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A truly wholesome experience!

I wouldn't have been able to take this opportunity and overcome personal challenges before-hand without the support of the GE team. Once I arrived at my location abroad, I had an amazing time. My internship exposed me to many different aspects in my field. The accommodation was comfortable and modern and the staff was very responsive if something, like an appliance, needed to be fixed. I made amazing friends and I was able to experience a rich culture. Our location rep helped us to explore the city by taking us on really enjoyable day trips. I came away feeling empowered and I learned so much. I now feel in not only a much better position professionally, but also personally as I grew so much through this experience.

Response from Global Experiences

Hi Jess! We're so glad you had a great time. Going abroad for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but it sounds like you've come back a totally different person. Keep in touch and be sure to join the Global Experiences LinkedIn alumni group. We look forward to hearing all about the school year coming up!

- Global Experiences

Yes, I recommend
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Great overall experience. Can't speak enough about it. Learned a great deal, met some great people and experienced a great culture.

The weekdays revolved around work. I felt like I got an idea of what big city living is about. The weekends were spent exploring Sydney and seeing what it had to offer.

Great program!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I thought that could have been improved was Jack's Place. Poor management and inconsistent rules as well as poor cleaning standards. That is obviously not directly handled by GE, so I understand.

Yes, I recommend
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My experience with Global was wonderful! Bali was very helpful and very supportive! And he put up with a lot of unneeded situations and went beyond the call of help! I highly recommend not placing anyone at the company I was placed with again. They are a terrible company and I went into work everyday basically doing nothing and learning nothing! I think I might of talked to my supervisor a total of 5 times the whole summer. It's not an internship it's a secretary job, and for the amount we pay I was expecting to have the experience everyone else from GE Sydney walked out with. Other than that everything was wonderful. Location was perfect and so was everything else.

How can this program be improved?

Better GE activities. The Sydney activities sure seemed to not compare with how amazing the London GE activities were.

Yes, I recommend
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Rebecca Veenstra

I am so glad I decided to do an internship through a program instead of finding everything on my own. Though it seems expensive, you have to keep in mind how expensive things Sydney cost. GE gives you the opportunity to get to know people in the program from all over the world and share in this experience with them.

GE staff are very helpful in the preparations for the trip and were always there to answer questions and give advice.

How can this program be improved?

One thing I would suggest for future programs is to give options for the social events. Not everyone would be interested in the same activities but in some ways would feel obligated to participate because the events were already paid for.

Yes, I recommend
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Time of My Life!

I can not say enough good things about my experience in Sydney. I participated in the internship program in the summer of 2011, between my Sophomore and Junior year at IU. After completing a phone interview and preparing a mock public relations campaign, I was placed with a PR firm in Surry Hills. I was nervous about the position, because the firm was so small, but I soon found out that its' size was in no way indicative of what they were capable of. My coworkers were so fun and comfortable to be around, and they made me feel that my input was not only welcome, but really valued. I learned so much about how the PR industry works, and often draw from that experience with my schoolwork and in my career search.

Another aspect I really liked about this program was the size of it. It was a smaller program (I think about 30 kids?), so we were able to get to know everyone on some level, and everyone got along really well. It was big enough, however, that it included people from all over the world, with all different types of interests.

How can this program be improved?

I really wish I had stayed longer, and traveled more while I was there. Also (and this is really more of a reflection on the city, not the program), everything is expensive. I mean everything. Don't plan on doing a ton of shopping, bring all your toiletries, and learn how to cook for yourself.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing experience!

I enrolled in this program for summer 2012 and had the most incredible experience. The communication was great and received my placement shortly after being accepted into the program. The accommodation was in a nice area and support staff helped me out whenever I needed anything. I really enjoyed my job and gained a lot of real world experience in the marketing field. I highly recommend this program for a truly life changing experience, plus it's a good resume booster.

Yes, I recommend

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