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So you're sitting in a class room at University and think that once it is all over you will walk into the real world and get your dream job immediately....right? Well, this may happen, but it is increasingly unlikely.
The job market is extremely competitive and you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else applying for jobs. This is where an 'international internship' can give you the edge.

An internship in Australia will not only look great on your CV, and not only will you have the time of your life, but most importantly it will provide you with REAL world experience in your industry.

We will match you up with a company that is ready and able to provide you with a fantastic education experience and with get you involved in the day to day running of the company. It all sounds difficult, but we will help you arrange your internship, your visa, your accommodation, new friends and so much's easy!!!

  • You will DEFINITELY learn new skills relevant to your future career path
  • We will 'hold your hand' in arranging everything required
  • We have assisted THOUSANDS of interns before you
  • Our internships are focused on education...not on perfecting your coffee making skills
  • It is Australia.....

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We are the internship placement experts in Australia.
If you are looking for an internship in Australia then you are in the right place. Internships Down Under arranges placements in a wide range of fields with a focus on training & support to...